House aide, brother arrested after fight in delegates’ building

By Margaret Sessa-Hawkins

Capitol Police detain unidentified House aide involved in fight.

Capitol Police detain unidentified House aide involved in fight. (Photo by

An altercation on the fourth floor of the House of Delegates office building left an aide to a Harford County delegate in a bloodied suit being taken to the hospital Monday on the last day of session.

The altercation was apparently between the aide and his brother, according to a Maryland Capitol Police officer who was on the scene.

According to the officer, the victim of the assault was an as yet unnamed aide to Del. Mary-Dulany James and the assailant was his brother. Both men were placed under arrest.

The officer said that it was very obvious that alcohol played a role.

Other witnesses described a fair amount of blood at the scene, but there was no weapon.

An official statement released by Chief Michael Wilson of the Maryland Capitol Police stated that no elected officials were involved, and that the investigation is ongoing.

It became clear that something was wrong in the House of Delegates office at around  6:30 p.m., when security guards in the building began sprinting for an office on the fourth floor. Subsequently, the fourth floor was placed on lockdown, and an ambulance and two police cruisers pulled up outside of the building.

Prior to being barred from the fourth floor, reporters spotted a white male with blood on his suit being led away in handcuffs by police. Roughly a half an hour after this incident an ambulance containing another white male pulled out of the garage of the office building. Neither man was identified.

Jeremy Bauer-Wolf contributed to this story

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