General Assembly races: January update on candidates, filings

State House as sun setsThis monthly roundup covers Maryland election news in December and lists every candidate who has filed and most who have announced. Each district is listed by county and, in most cases, incumbents (in parentheses) with their status. The districts reflect new district lines, which have placed some incumbents into a different district. If we have missed any candidates who have announced and have a website, but have not officially filed, please email

Maryland General Assembly

District 1A: One delegate, Garrett and Allegany (Edwards filed; Beitzel filed) Sen. George Edwards filed for re-election Sept. 12.

District 1B: One delegate, Allegany (Kelly filed)

District 1C: One delegate, Allegany and Washington (Myers is running for Washington County Board of

Commissioners) Running: Republicans Michael McKay president of the Allegany County

Ray Givens, a Republican, is running for delegate in District 1C.

Ray Givens

Commissioners and Hancock resident Ray Givens.

District 2: (Shank filed) Sen. Chris Shank filed for re-election Sept. 9.

District 2A: Two delegates, Washington (Parrott, Serafini both filed)

District 2B: One delegate, Washington (Donoghue filed)

Del. John Donoghue filed on Dec. 17.

District 3A: Two delegates, Frederick (Del. Patrick Hogan. retiring)

Republican Chris Huckenpoehler filed Sept. 3.

Paul Smith, a Republican, is running for delegate in District 3A.

Paul Smith, a Republican, is running for delegate in District 3A.

Republican Paul Smith filed Nov. 13, but declined to comment on his candidacy prior to a Dec. 19 campaign announcement, reports Bethany Rodgers in the Frederick News-Post. A photo from the announcement appeared on the newspaper’s website.

District 3B: One delegate, Frederick

Running for delegate: Republican Darren Wigfield.

District 4: Three delegates, Frederick, Carroll (Brinkley, Afzali, Hough; Schulz filed)

Running for delegate: Republican former Mount Airy town councilwoman Wendi Peters.

Jason Miller, a Republican, filed Nov. 26 for Senate.

District 5: Three delegates (four incumbents), Carroll (Getty; Krebs filed; Ready filed, Elliott filed; Stocksdale )

Running for delegate: Republican County Commissioner Haven Shoemaker has filed, as has Joshua Stonko.

Eric Washington

Eric Washington

Democrat Zachary Hands filed Dec. 27.

District 6: Three delegates (two open delegate seats, open Senate seat), Baltimore County (Stone retiring, Minnick retiring; Olszewski filed for Senate, Weir filed)

Running for Senate: Johnny Ray Salling, a Republican

Running for delegate: Republican Robin Grammer has announced he is running for delegate, as has Bob Long, who was the top Republican candidate in the 2010 General Election. Dan Liberatore, a Republican, has filed in the delegate race, as has Ric Metzgar, an Essex Republican, Democrats: Marcus Foreman, Jonathan Campbell, Eric Washington, Del. Mike Weir Jr.

Democrat former delegate Jake Mohorovic filed Dec. 18.

District 7: Three delegates, Baltimore County and Harford (Jennings filed, Impallaria, McDonough; Szeliga filed.)

David Seman, a Republican, is running for delegate in District 7.

David Seman, a Republican, is running for delegate in District 7.

Running: Incumbent Del. Kathy Szeliga, a Republican, has filed, as has Democrat Norman Gifford filed in June for the delegate seat.

David Seman, a Republican, filed Dec. 12.

District 8: Three delegates, Baltimore County (Klausmeier filed, Bromwell, Cluster filed) Running for delegate (one open seat): Republican Christian Miele, who filed Dec. 27, Republican Del. John Cluster filed Oct. 16.

Sen. Kathy Klausmeier filed Nov. 6.

District 9: Carroll, Howard (Kittleman runs for executive; Bates for Senate, Miller filed for reelection) Running: Del. Gail Bates, a West Friendship Republican, is seeking the open Senate seat. Democrat Dan Medinger filed Dec. 9 for Senate.

9A: Two delegates (one open seat), Carroll, Howard;

Incumbent Del. Warren Miller has filed for delegate, as has Republican Trent Kittleman in April, and former Republican congressional nominee Frank Mirabile filed for delegate in July; Eric Bouchat is also in the running, as is Kyle Lorton, a Republican.

Christian Miele, a Republican, files his candidacy for delegate in District 8.

Christian Miele, a Republican, files his candidacy for delegate in District 8.

James Ward Morrow, a Democrat, is filed.

9B: One delegate (open seat), Howard

Republican Carol Loveless has announced and filed, Democrat Tom Coale announced in June and filed Dec. 17. Republican Bob Flanagan, a former delegate and secretary of transportation, has announced. Retired teacher Rich Corkran, a Democrat, filed Oct. 1.

District 10: Three delegates, Baltimore County (two open seats)

(Kelley filed, Burns retiring, Jones filed, Nathan-Pulliam running for Senate in redrawn district 44) Sen. Delores Kelley filed for re-election in May. Stephanie Boston who ran against Kelley last time is running again. Much of the district is new. Running for delegate: Democrats Rob Johnson  and Frederick Strickland have filed.

Democrats running include Benjamin Brooks and Carin Smith.

Democrat Jay Jalisi also filed Dec. 5 for delegate.

Shelly Hettleman, a Democrat, is running for delegate in District 11.

Shelly Hettleman, a Democrat, is running for delegate in District 11.

District 11: Three delegates, Baltimore County (Zirkin; Cardin runs for AG, Morhaim, Stein) Democratic incumbents Sen. Robert Zirkin, Del. Dan Morhaim and Del. Dana Stein are running as a slate. Del. Jon Cardin is running for attorney general instead of seeking re-election.

Running for delegate: Democrat Don Engel is the only candidate who has filed.

Democrat Shelly Hettleman kicked off her campaign mid-December.

Former Del. Ted Levin filed Jan. 2.

District 12: Three delegates (three open seats), Baltimore County and Howard

(Kasemeyer filed; DeBoy, Malone, Bobo all three retiring)

Sen. Ed Kasemeyer, a Democrat, filed for reelection in July.

Joe Hooe, a Republican, is running for delegate in District 12.

Joe Hooe, a Republican, is running for delegate in District 12.

Democrats filed for delegate: Rebecca Dongarra, Brian Bailey, Terri Hill, Eric Ebersole, Clarence Lam, Renee McGuirk-Spence, Mike Gisriel, Nick Stewart and Adam Sachs. Republican Joe Hooe filed Nov. 20 for delegate.

Republican Gordon Bull filed Dec. 6 for delegate.

District 13: Three delegates, Howard (Robey retiring, Guzzone filed for Senate, Pendergrass filed, Turner filed)

Del. Guy Guzzone is seeking the open Senate seat.

Running for delegate: Columbia resident Fred Eiland, school board member Janet Siddiqui has announced she will seek a delegate seat, and has been included on the incumbents’ ticket, Republican Danny Eaton filed for delegate in April.

District 14: Three delegates, Montgomery Co. (Montgomery, Kaiser, Luedtke, Zucker all filed for re-election)

Running for delegate: Democrat John Paul Evans of Gaithersburg, along with the incumbents listed above.

Bennett Rushkoff, a Democrat, is running for delegate in District 15.

Bennett Rushkoff, a Democrat, is running for delegate in District 15.

District 15: Three delegates, Montgomery Co. (Feldman now a senator and filed for election, Dumais filed, Miller filed)

Del. David Fraser-Hidalgo has filed for election to the seat to which he was recently appointed.

Former Del. Saqib Ali, a Democrat who formerly represented District 39 before re-districting, withdrew his candidacy on Dec. 2. He had filed in September.

Former Del. Robin Ficker, 70, and his son Flynn Ficker, 31, have formed a “Fickers for District 15? slate, with the senior Ficker running for Senate and the younger running for delegate.

Democrat Bennett Rushkoff, chief of the public advocacy section in Washington D.C.’s Attorney General’s Office, is seeking the delegate seat, reports Sylvia Carigan in the Gazette. The North Potomac resident is also a lay minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockville. He filed Dec. 4.

CMPNON_BannerAds_320x250District 16: Three delegates, Montgomery (Frosh and Frick running for AG, Lee filed for Senate, Kelly) Aspirations for higher office have produced an open Senate seat and two open delegate seats.

Bethesda resident Jordan Cooper has announced for delegate, as has Kevin Walling, former communications director for Equality Maryland, Marc Korman, a Democrat, is also running for delegate, as Hrant Jamgochian has filed for delegate. He also ran in 2010. Former Del. Gareth Murray, a Democrat, filed Oct. 1 for delegate.

Karen Kuker-Kihl wants to put children first if elected through proposals like school construction projects and feeding the children, reports Agnes Blum in the Gazette. Kuker-Kihl taught special needs children for more than 25 years before a car accident left her unable to do so, the article states.

The same article mentions Meyer Marks, a Republican, as declared in the race.

District 17: Three delegates, Montgomery County (Forehand retiring, Barve filed, Gilchrist, Simmons)

Democrat Andrew Platt filed for delegate and Democrat Laurie-Anne Sayles has announced for delegate.

Del. Luiz Simmons has announced he will seek the Senate seat held by Sen. Jennie Forehand, who has announced she will not again.

Former Delegate Cheryl Kagan is running against Simmons.

Del. Luiz Simmons, a Democrat, is running for District 17 Senate.

Del. Luiz Simmons, a Democrat, is running for District 17 Senate.

Simmons is ignoring tweets posted by @FakeLuizSimmons, an anonymous Twitter account making fun of him, reports Kate S. Alexander in the Gazette Reporter’s Notebook.

Del. Kumar Barve, a Democrat, filed for re-election on Dec. 17.

Democrat Laurie-Anne Sayles filed Dec. 5 for the delegate seat.

District 18: Three delegates, Montgomery (Madaleno, Carr, Guitierrez, Waldstreciher all have filed for reelection)

Filed for Delegate: Democrat Al Carr.

Democrat Elizabeth Matory filed Nov. 20.

Democrat Jeff Waldstreicher filed Nov. 13. Democrat Emily Shetty, an attorney, announced for delegate Dec. 2.

Sen. Richard Madaleno filed for re-election Oct. 24.

Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez filed for delegate Dec. 16.

2014 Calendar AD PHOTODistrict 19: Three delegates, Montgomery (Manno running, Arora retiring, Cullison running, Kramer running) Filed for delegate: Democrats Marice Morales, an aide to Sen. Roger Manno, Democrat Melodye Berry who had run in 2006. Sen. Roger Manno and Dels. Bonnie Cullison and Ben Kramer are running as a slate.

District 20: Three delegates (one open delegate seat), Montgomery (Raskin filed, Hixson filed, Hucker filed ; Mizeur is running for governor)

Incumbent Sen. Jamie Raskin filed for re-election on Oct. 4 as did Dels. Sheila Hixson and Tom Hucker. But Hucker is considering a run for County Council.

Running for delegate: Democrat Justin Chappell, Silver Spring resident Will Smith, David Moon of Maryland Juice, George Zokle, a Democrat, and Democrat Darian Unger.

December was a busy filing month for the race, with the following candidates joining the race: D’Jaun Hopewell, a Democrat who filed Dec. 10; William Jawando, also a Democrat, who filed Dec. 9; Democrat Jonathan Shurberg, who filed Dec. 3.

District 21: Three delegates, Anne Arundel, Prince George’s (Rosapepe filed, Barnes filed, Frush filed, Pena-Melnyk filed)

State House in snow (Photo by Matt Proud)

State House in snow (Photo by Matt Proud)

Incumbents Del. Barbara Frush and Joseline Pena-Melnyk both filed Dec. 20.

District 22: Three delegates, Prince George’s (Pinsky; Gaines filed, Healey filed, Washington filed) Rushern L. Baker IV filed for delegate. He is the son of the Prince George‘s County executive.

District 23: Prince George’s (Peters, 23A Vallentino-Smith, Hubbard; 23B Holmes filed, Vallario filed)

District 23A: One delegate, Prince George’s (Both Democrats Hubbard, Vallentino-Smith were put in this district.)

District 23B: Two delegates, Prince George’s (Holmes, Vallario have both filed)

District 24: Three delegates, Prince George’s (Benson; Howard and Vaughn filed, Swain filed)

Erek Barron, a Prince George‘s Democrat, filed for delegate Oct. 10.

Greg Hall, a Democrat, filed for delegate Nov. 6. He was nominated for the seat now held by Del. Darren Swain, but Gov. O’Malley rejected the nomination, and asked for another name, eventually appointing Swain.

Swain filed for election as well on Dec. 27.

State seal in stone on the State House.

State seal in stone on the State House.

District 25: Three delegates, Prince George’s (Currie, Braveboy running for AG, Davis, Griffith running for Senate) Two open delegate seats.

Filed for delegate: Democrat Tony Jones, who lives in Upper Marlboro, Democrat Stanley Onye and Nick Charles II, a Democrat who filed Dec. 13.

Del. Melony Griffith has announced her challenge against incumbent Sen. Ulysses Currie. She filed Dec. 26.

District 26: Three delegates, Prince George’s (Muse, Turner, Valderrama, Walker)

Del. Veronica Turner is challenging Muse for Senate. Attorney Brian Woolfolk filed July 25 for Senate.

Filed for delegate: Democrats Vernon Holmes and Keith Gary, who filed Sept. 19. David Sloan, an O’Malley communications aide, is planning to run for delegate.

District 27: Charles, Calvert (Miller)

District 27A: One delegate, Charles, Calvert (Proctor filed)

Democratic Del. James E. Proctor Jr. filed Nov. 6.

District 27B: One delegate, Calvert, Prince George’s

District 27C: One delegate, Calvert (Fisher)

Running for delegate: Former Democratic Del. Sue Kullen

Sen. Mac Middleton, a Democrat, is running for Senate in District 28.

Sen. Mac Middleton, a Democrat, is running for Senate in District 28.

District 28: Three delegates, Charles (Middleton filed, Jameson filed, Murphy, Wilson filed)

Democrat Larry Green withdrew his candidacy on Nov. 13.

Sen. Mac Middleton, a Democrat, filed Nov. 6.

Democratic Dels. Sally Jameson and C.T. Wilson both filed in November.

District 29: St. Mary’s, Calvert (Dyson announced)

Running for Senate: Republican Steve Waugh, a Lusby resident, St. Mary’s County Commissioner Cindy Jones, a Republican.

District 29A: One delegate, St. Mary’s (Wood)

Bryan Barthelme, a Republican, filed for the delegate seat on Oct. 4.

Republican Matt Morgan filed Dec. 6 for delegate. The Southern Maryland News Net reported that it will be a rematch for a close vote between Morgan and Del. John Wood, who won by only 283 votes.

District 29B: One delegate, St. Mary’s (Bohanan) Filed: Retired Air Force officer Deb Rey, a Republican.

District 29C: One delegate, St. Mary’s, Calvert (O’Donnell)

District 30: Anne Arundel (Astle filed, Busch filed, George runs for governor, McMillan announced)

Running for Senate: Former Republican congressional candidate Eric Delano Knowles.

Del. Herb McMillan

Del. Herb McMillan

District 30A: Two delegates, Anne Arundel (Busch filed, McMillan)

Del. Herb McMillan, a Republican, reported more than 165 people attended his campaign kickoff, according to a statement mentioned in the Capital-Gazette’s Political Notes column by Rema Rahman.

Filed for delegate: Democrat Maria Triandos, Democrat and Laurie Sears Deppa.

Democrat Chuck Ferrar, who served a partial term on the County Council, filed Dec. 27 for delegate.

District 30B: One delegate, Anne Arundel

Democrat Michelle Stephenson is running and plans to focus on education, health care, the environment and small business owner issues, reports Rema Rahman in Political Notes for The Capital-Gazette. Stephenson, a longtime PTA leader, is also a small business owner and was founding editor of the Edgewater Patch.

District 31: Anne Arundel (Simonaire filed, Dwyer, Kipke filed; Schuh runs for executive)

Filed for Senate: Democrat Anthony Scott Harman.

Del. Nic Kipke

Del. Nic Kipke

Sen. Bryan Simonaire announced his candidacy alongside House Minority Leader Nic Kipke in a show of unity. Both Republicans were elected in Nov. 2006, reports Rema Rahman in Political Notes for the Capital-Gazette.

The Frederick News-Post called on Del. Don Dwyer to resign since he will be serving a 60-day jail sentence on the weekends during the Maryland General Assembly session following two alcohol-related incidents.

31A: One delegate, Anne Arundel

Democrat Ned Carey filed Sept. 3 for delegate.

Republican Terry Lynn DeGraw filed Dec. 5.

31B: Two delegates, Anne Arundel (Kipke filed)

Filed for delegate: Republican Gus Kurtz and Democrat Stan Janor who ran for delegate in 2010. Republican Meagan Simonaire, daughter of state Sen. Bryan Simonaire, filed for delegate Dec. 16. Del. Nic Kipke filed.

District 32: Three delegates, Anne Arundel (DeGrange filed, Beidle filed, Love retiring, Sophocleus filed)

Del. Mary Ann Love has not officially announced her plans, but she has been telling people privately that she will not seek another term.

Del. Cathy Vitale, a Republican, is running in District 33 for delegate.

Del. Cathy Vitale

Running for delegate: Republican Jesse Mayer, Republican Josh Kiracofe, Democrat Tonja McCoy, Steven Wyatt, a Democrat.

District 33: Three delegates, Anne Arundel (Reilly filed; Costa is retiring; McConkey, Vitale filed)

Filed: Republican Jeff Gauges, Republican Nora Keenan, Republican Jeff Ferguson, and Republican Sid Saab, who also ran in 2010.

Republican incumbent Del. Cathy Vitale filed Dec. 18.

District 34: Harford: Open Senate seat, open House seat; (Jacobs is retiring, James running for Senate, Glass, Rudolph)

Filed for Senate: Republican Derek Howell, chairman of the Harford County Republican Central Committee and Bob Cassilly, a Republican.

Longtime Democratic Del. Mary-Dulany James is running for the Senate seat.

34A: Two delegates, Harford (two members, Glass, James):

Filed for delegate: Republican Mike Blizzard, Democrat Marla Posey-Moss

Derek Howell, a Republican, is running for delegate in District 34. He is pictured here with his family.

Derek Howell, a Republican, is running for delegate in District 34. He is pictured here with his family.

34B: One delegate, Harford (McComas filed)

District 35: Harford, Cecil; Open Senate seat, two open House seats (Glassman runs for executive, Norman runs for Senate, Stifler retiring)

Filed for Senate: Thomas J. Wilson, who filed Sept. 9. Del. Wayne Norman announced for Senate.

District 35A: One delegate, Cecil (Rudolph, Stifler retiring)

District 35B: Two delegates, Harford, Cecil

Filed: Republicans Andrew Cassilly, and Teresa Reilly.

District 36: Three delegates, Cecil, Kent, Caroline, Queen Anne’s (Hershey, J. Jacobs filed, SmigielArentz filed)

Sen. Stephen Hershey filed for election to the seat on Dec. 30. The former delegate was recently sworn into the Senate Oct. 1, filling the seat left by Sen. E.J. Pipkin.

Filed for delegate: Republican J.D. Uhler, Republican Jeff Ghrist, Republican Del. Jay Jacobs.

Del. Steven Arentz, a Republican, is running for delegate in District 36.

Del. Steven Arentz

Republican Del. Steven Arentz, former Queen Anne’s County commissioner and recently appointed to the

House of Delegates to replace Hershey, filed for election on Dec. 18.

Republican Rod Heinze filed on Dec. 23.

District 37: Dorchester, Talbot, Wicomico (Colburn filed)

Filed for Senate: Democrat Cheryl Everman and Republican incumbent Sen. Richard Colburn.

37A: One delegate (Cane filed), Wicomico County Councilwoman Sheree Sample-Hughes, a Democrat, is running for delegate.

Keasha Haythe, a Democrat, is running for delegate in District 37B.

Keasha Haythe

District 37B: Two delegates (one open seat), Talbot, Dorchester, Caroline, Wicomico

(Colburn, Eckardt filed, Haddaway-Riccio runs for lieutenant governor)

Attorney Philip Cronan dropped out of the race for delegate because his father has a worsening health condition, reports Josh Bollinger in the Easton Star-Democrat.

Still running are St. Michael’s resident Johnny Mautz, a Republican, and Wicomico County businessman Christopher T. Adams, a Republican.

And recently announced candidates in December include Dorchester County Economic Development Director Keasha Haythe, a Democrat, and southern Eastern Shore cardiologist Dr. Rene Desmarais, a Republican, reports Josh Bollinger in the Easton Star-Democrat. Desmarais focused on health policy in his interview, saying that the General Assembly needs more doctors to help shape the major policy changes that are to come in healthcare. Haythe, the granddaughter of an Eastern Shore waterman, said she would be an advocate for business in the region.

Sen. Jim Mathias is running for re-election in District 38.

Sen. Jim Mathias

District 38: Somerset, Worcester (Mathias, Otto filed, McDermott filed for Senate)

Del. Mike McDermott, a Republican, filed Sept. 16 for District 38 Senate after being drawn into the same district as another Republican, Del. Charles Otto.

Sen. Jim Mathias is running for re-election and plans to run on a record of helping improve roads and schools and sponsoring bills such as one to help reduce the estate tax for farms, reports Jennifer Shutt in the Salisbury Daily Times. He filed Dec. 11.

District 38A: One delegate Del. Charles James Otto filed July 16 to run in the new single-member District 38A.

District 38B: One delegate, Wicomico (Conway filed)

Delmar Mayor Carl Anderton has announced he will challenge Del. Norman Conway. Anderton, a Republican, is president of the Maryland Municipal League and wants to represent the urban core of Wicomico County, reports Jennifer Shutt in the Salisbury Daily Times.

Norman Conway

Del. Norman Conway

Conway filed on Dec. 20.

38C: One delegate, Worcester Filed: Democrat Mike Hindi and Republican Mary Beth Carozza.

Judy Davis, a Democrat, filed Nov. 12.

District 39: Three delegates, Montgomery (King , Barkley, Reznik, Robinson; all filed for reelection)

Filed for delegate: Republican Xiangfei Cheng

Del. Charles Barkley, a Democrat, will run again and hopes to continue his work on education and alcohol policy, reports Jenn Davis in the Gazette.

District 40: Three delegates, Baltimore City (Pugh filed, Conaway filed, Robinson filed, Tarrant filed)

Running for delegate: Marvin “Doc” Cheatham, a longtime civil rights leader in Baltimore. Democrats Rob “Bobby” LaPin, a former Baltimore City teacher and U.S. Army veteran, Quianna Cooke. Del. Barbara Robinson, a Democrat.

Democrat Antonio Hayes filed Dec. 9.

District 41: Three delegates, Baltimore City (Gladden filed, Carter filed, Oaks, Rosenberg filed)

Will Hanna announced for Senate. Hassan Giordano’s DMV Daily reports Hanna was arrested for failure to appear in court for traffic violations.

Filed for delegate: Michael Pearson and Joyce Smith

Chris Cavey

Chris Cavey

District 42: Baltimore County (Brochin, 42A Lafferty, new 42B, Aumann; Frank retiring, Boteler, Kach runs for council)

Republican Chris Cavey filed for Senate on Nov. 14.

42A: One delegate, Baltimore County

42B: Two delegates, Baltimore County (Boteler filed) Del. Susan Aumann filed Aug. 21 for District 42B delegate. Running for delegate: Republican Chris West is running for delegate.

Del. Joseph C. Boteler III, a Republican, filed Oct. 16.

Republican Jesse Filamor filed for delegate Oct. 24.

District 43: Three delegates, Baltimore City (Conway filed, Anderson filed, McIntosh filed, Washington filed)

Democrat Bill Henry filed Dec. 30 for the Senate seat, challenging Sen. Joan Carter Conway, chairman of the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee. The Baltimore City councilman said he

Bill Henry, pictured here with his family, is a Democrat running for Senate in District 43.

Bill Henry, pictured here with his family, is a Democrat running for Senate in District 43.

loves the job he has now but wants to be able to address some important issues at the state level, he stated in a press release on his website.

Filed for delegate: Del. Maggie McIntosh, a Democrat and Del. Mary Washington, a Democrat.

District 44: Baltimore City and County (Jones-Rodwell filed, Haynes, Mitchell, Stukes all filed for the same single-member district, 44A)

Del. Emmett Burns, now in the redrawn District 44 but formerly of District 10, is retiring. Sen. Verna Jones-Rodwell, a Democrat, filed for Senate Sept. 10, pitting her against Del. Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, who has filed for Senate. Nathan-Pulliam is formerly of District 10.

44A: One delegate, Baltimore City

Three incumbent delegates have filed for what has been redrawn to a single-member district: Del. Keiffer Mitchell Jr., Del. Melvin Stukes, Del. Keith Haynes, a Baltimore Democrat, filed Aug. 28.

44B: Two delegates, Baltimore County (two open seats)

Filed for delegate: Rainier Harvey, Charles E. Sydnor, III, Woodlawn resident Aaron Barnett and Pat Young. More information is on Young’s campaign website.

Frederick Ware-Newsome, a Democrat, filed Oct. 2.

District 45: Three delegates, Baltimore City (McFadden filed, Branch, Glenn, Harper ) Running for delegate: Cory McCray and Larry O. Wardlow, a Republican.

The Washington Post profiles the race between incumbent Sen. Nathaniel McFadden and political operative Julius Henson, notorious for a conviction in the robocall scandal, in an article by Paul Schwartzman.

Democrat Harry Spikes filed for delegate Nov. 18.

District 46: Three delegates, Baltimore City (Ferguson, Clippinger, Hammen, McHale)

Running for delegate: Civil rights lawyer Brooke Lierman, a Fells Point Democrat (Speculation is that Del. Brian McHale is retiring.)

District 47: Three delegates, Prince George’s, two open delegate seats (Ramirez, Ivey running for lieutenant governor, Niemann running for council, Summers)

District 47A: Two delegates,

Filed for delegate: Prince George’s Jimmy Tarlau, a Democrat, Diana Fennell, a Democrat.

Malcolm Augustine filed Nov. 15.

District 47B: One delegate, Prince George’s

Will Campos, a Democratic County Council member, filed Oct. 15.

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    It’s even possible I will vote for a Democratic governor for the first time in my life if no Republican can step up to end this destructive practice.

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