State Roundup, October 2, 2012

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GAY MARRIAGE OPPOSITION: Ravens center Matt Birk is expected to film a video this week opposing Maryland’s new same-sex marriage law, pressing a view opposite that of teammate Brendon Ayanbadejo, the Ravens linebacker who is supporting the new law, write Annie Linskey and Aaron Wilson of the Sun. You can also view a video Birk made opposing same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

WBFF-TV also reports on Birk’s stand.

A group opposing Maryland’s new same-sex marriage law is explicitly targeting the state’s black voters, invoking the civil rights movement to argue against marriage rights for gay families, writes Daniel Leaderman of the Gazette.

Catholic schoolteacher Eric Lee, in an op-ed for the Sun, writes: “I am planning on voting against Question 6 this November … I am planning on doing so because I believe marriage is a special relationship that biology, human history and our identities as man or woman tell us is reserved for one man and one woman. I believe this without animosity or hatred.”

CHEFS JOIN PROPONENTS: More than 60 Washington-area chefs and at least a dozen “mixologists” are joining forces for a “Chefs for Equality” event sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay rights lobby, blogs John Wagner in the Post.

GAMBLING OPPOSITION: “Grassroots” movements in politics, by definition, are supposed to be natural and spontaneous. So an ad that hit Craigslist on Monday certainly stood out since it sought participants for a “grassroots rally” today in Prince George’s County against Maryland’s ballot measure on expanded gambling — and promised pay between $25 and $40 per person.

Writing in a column headlined “On casino expansion, we’ll hold noses and vote no,” Dan Rodricks of the Sun says there’s a good reason that a majority of Marylanders in a recent Sun poll said they opposed the expansion of casino gambling in the state: We’re pretty much grossed out by the whole thing.

John Wagner of the Post is reporting that Gov. Martin O’Malley contends that if voters reject a Prince George’s County casino in November, the issue is most likely dead for the remainder of his tenure.

UM VOTERS: Registering to vote is now as simple as having a University of Maryland ID and password, reports Jennie Hottle for the Diamondback. UM students are the first in the country to be able to register on campus through an in-house online voter registration system. Rather than having to mail in a form and wait several weeks, students can simply use their directory IDs and passwords to register through a website launched yesterday.

$150M MORE IN BONDS: Len Lazarick of writes that the Capital Debt Affordability Committee Monday recommended that the state could afford to float an additional $150 million bonds in fiscal 2014, bringing the total of $1.075 billion – but not the extra $750 million over five years the O’Malley administration had requested.

NEW JUVIE FACILITY: Gov. O’Malley said that plans for a new youth detention facility in Baltimore are “moving forward” and described the current building as “a very old and decrepit facility,” writes Justin Fenton and Annie Linskey in the Sun.

BAY POLLUTION: While the population in Maryland continues to grow and new developments dot the landscape, Gov. O’Malley is looking into ways to keep them from contributing pollution to the Chesapeake Bay, writes Holly Nunn in the Gazette.

O’M ATTACKS VIRGINIA: Fresh off his latest round of attacking Republicans on the Sunday morning talk show circuit, writes Aaron Davis in the Post, O’Malley did not tread lightly on Monday when a questioner on a call-in radio program began comparing the economies of Maryland and Virginia.

JUDICIAL WATCH ON O’MALLEY: Last week, conservative government watchdog Judicial Watch sent a letter to the Maryland State Ethics Commission requesting an investigation of O’Malley for violating a state law prohibiting the intentional “use the prestige of office or public position” for “private gain,” reports Mark Newgent of Red Maryland.

SOBHANI CONSULTANTS: Mark Newgent of Red Maryland goes after independent U.S. Senate candidate Rob Sobhani, who is running against Republican Dan Bongino and incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin, writing, “Add shady political consultants to the list of “independent” U.S. Senate candidate Rob Sobhani’s growing list of questionable relationships. According to Sobhani’s July FEC filing, his campaign paid California-based Arno Political Consultants over $47,000 for signature gathering fees and expenses.”

JUDGE BELL: Chief Judge Robert Bell’s first experience with the court system didn’t come during his studies at Harvard Law School nor when he opened his legal practice in 1969. Bell was introduced to the court system as a junior at Dunbar High School, in 1960, when he was arrested for his involvement in a sit-in at a restaurant in downtown Baltimore, writes Sam Smith of

AA’s 15 CHARTER AMENDMENTS: Allison Bourg of the Capital-Gazette writes about the 15 charter amendments that Anne Arundel County voters will have to vote on next month, including ones governing removing a county executive or a county council member from office.

MORE SAY ON SETTLEMENTS: Erin Cox of the Sun reports that Anne Arundel County lawmakers passed legislation Monday night to give themselves more authority over large legal settlements, one of two pending bills related to losing lawsuits filed against the county government.

PHONEGATE: Mark Reutter of Baltimore Brew looks at “Phonegate,” which is plaguing Baltimore City Hall.

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  1. Mustang Sally

    A bit disappointing that you are reporting “news” from a dishonest conservative blog with known ties to the Republican party who’s sole purpose in the campaign is to destroy at all costs, even with dishonesty, both the Republican party’s opponents credibility without the slight criticism towards their own. Not the best source of information. You should put a disclaimer.

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