In final hours, Bartlett and Delaney work a district with sharp contrasts

In the final hours of Maryland’s most closely contested congressional race on Sunday, 6th district incumbent Republican Roscoe Bartlett was marching in a veterans parade and then phoning voters for hours, while Democratic challenger John Delaney was knocking on doors in Hagerstown and urging on volunteers at his own phone banks.

Maryland has least compact congressional districts in nation

Maryland is still the undisputed U.S. champion when it comes to drawing sprawling, weirdly shaped congressional districts, according to a soon-to-be-released national study. Maryland has the least compact congressional districts in the nation, based on four mathematical tools for compactness, Azavea, a geographic information services firm in Philadelphia, plans to report in a white paper.

New Democratic poll shows tight Bartlett-Delaney contest

For some analysts, the 6th Congressional District race is all but over for incumbent Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett. Last week, several national, independent political reporting firms moved the race from “leans” Democratic to “likely” Democratic. But also last week, Bartlett’s campaign began to show a pulse.

Delaney out raised Bartlett in 6th District 2-to-1, but starts out even for the general; FEC questions Bartlett’s filings

Even without the $1.7 million Democratic congressional candidate John Delaney loaned himself to defeat party establishment favorite Rob Garagiola, Delaney managed to raise twice as much money during the primary election as Republican incumbent Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, now his general election opponent.

But heading into the fall campaign, both candidates started with about $300,000 cash on hand. And Delaney’s campaign says the wealthy commercial banker from Potomac will not be financing himself, as he did for much his primary expenses.

Bartlett supporters attack Brinkley over marital problems

After weeks of a relatively subdued campaign, a group allegedly aligned with 10-term Republican Roscoe Bartlett sent a bombshell of an email on Saturday to registered Republicans in Montgomery County’s newly drawn 6th Congressional District attacking Sen. David Brinkley.