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State Roundup, April 23, 2014

April 23, 2014

Planning secretary says city living the greener way to go; take-home craft brew awaiting governor's signature; Gov. O'Malley leaves for five-day, 50-person congresssional trip to Ireland, Amsterdam; Del. George measuring the curtains in the governor's residence; Lt. Gov. Brown fights back after Gansler attacks leadership abilities; vendor seeks payment from Lollar; and Rawlings-Blake collects, spends war chest donations. [...more]

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State Roundup, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

Netflix chief tells Wall Street that fight between 'House of Cards,' state of Maryland “overcomeable;” following 2010 state law, Carroll commission considering new ethics ordinance covering candidates, elected officials and certain county employees; Washington County legislators lead citizen forum on Annapolis session; Sen. Jones-Rodwell announces retirement; gubernatorial candidates go before tech leaders to tout business chops; Gansler inserts foot in mouth over Brown's military service, walks back comments following veterans group criticism; building trades org. backs Brown; Brown fixes resume; and Maryland’s highest court finds for Montgomery Council over retired police benefits. [...more]

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State Roundup, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

$90 million of $130 million was spent on tech expenses for Maryland's problematic health exchange; O’Malley won't automatically comply with federal requests to hold jailed immigrants; Washington County lawmakers see a 25%+ passage rate on proposed legislation; state targets invasive species, seeks citizen help in effort; police reports in Del. Swain beating/carjacking contain suspects' allegations of drug use, solicitation, delegate denies it; Sen. Currie's challenger Del. Griffith vows to hold a “nice” campaign; gubernatorial campaign ads take a negative turn; candidates agree on need for change in business climate, but not on the solutions; and feds praise Arundel police use of OD reversal drug. [...more]

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State Roundup, April 18, 2014

April 18, 2014

Gov. O'Malley continues to weigh Somerset County windmill moratorium in face of jobs needs; House bill to test concussion sensors in football helmets for high school athletes died in subcommittee; Braveboy picks up labor, firefighters union endorsements in run for Attorney General; most gubernatorial candidates agree on one thing: Lt. Gov. Brown did a poor job overseeing health care reform; Gansler picks up backing of Asian Pacific coalition; CASA backs Brown; Hogan is his biggest single donor; Brown knocks Gansler over former death penalty stand; new Annapolis Mayor Pantelides thought winning as a Republican would be hard but that was just the beginning; and Annapolis police crack down on distracted drivers. [...more]

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State Roundup, April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014

Gov. O’Malley has said he may issue an executive order creating a pilot program for reforms to criminal bail procedures, Comptroller Franchot urges O'Malley to veto delay in Shore wind project; Franchot dons a deerstalker to tout unclaimed property; in new ad, gubernatorial candidate Gansler calls health care a right; O'Malley took a fund-raising hiatus during session, hired political consultants West Wing Writers; and Arundel exec candidate Schuh gets into shouting match with former exploratory committee member at Lincoln-Reagan Dinner. [...more]

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State Roundup, April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014

Bill adds another layer of protection to patient privacy; Del. Serafini warns that continued state budget challenges will affect local jurisdictions; state Public Service Commission extends period in which utilities are restricted from terminating service to customers behind in bill payments; gubernatorial candidates all over the place when it comes to marijuana laws; Gansler gains in new internal poll; Hogan leads in GOP fund-raising; Gansler proposes $1.5 billion in cuts, including eliminating State Prosecutor's office; and Mizeur backs physician-assisted suicide, state-run retirement plan. [...more]

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State Roundup, April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014

Among many bills signed Tuesday, Gov. O'Malley signs off on Jake's Law, to raise penalties for distracted drivers, and pot decriminalization bill; O'Malley cautions against complete legalization of pot while prosecutor ponders a tracking dilemma; passed bill would create task force to study effects of acidification on Bay and other waterways, but it's unknown if O'Malley will sign it; Equality Maryland endorses Sen. Frosh for attorney general; Dem gubernatorial hopefuls all back alternative energy, but Gansler and Mizeur push for bigger state program; Brown proposes 10-fold increase in annual funding for a state-run affordable housing grant program; O'Malley to play Vegas; and Ehrlich, Bentley back different candidates in race for Arundel County exec. [...more]

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State Roundup, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Police begin evaluating the impact of medical marijuana and pot decriminalization laws while some prosecutors ask O'Malley to veto decriminalization law; state study will delay new Howard-Arundel transit agency, but jurisdictions say they'll move forward; lawmakers hope new legislation will add more transparency to government; plenty of new rules for the road include distracted driving and move-over law expansion; state election officials stop enforcing law that imposes an overall limit of $10,000 on campaign contributions; Bongino, George to rally in Annapolis, and the reason is …; Hogan outshines GOP gubernatorial competitors in fund-raising; Mizeur confident she can win Democratic nomination; and as O'Malley's final year in the State House winds down, he begins crafting a future while opinionators assess his legacy. [...more]

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State Roundup, April 11, 2014

April 11, 2014

State's drug prosecutors say marijuana decriminalization law has critical omissions, police say it won't reduce their workload; boost in tax credits for biotech, research and cyber-security will benefit business; Cato report says that education spending has skyrocketed but SAT scores remain flat; Del. Afzali grabs the limelight, for a second; a second confrontation occurred at Lowe building on Monday night; state grants Frederick $577,000 in bond funds for building projects; after a snowy winter, FEMA gives Maryland financial aid; and gubernatorial candidate Gansler takes a turn with a negative ad. [...more]

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State Roundup, April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014

Frederick County's state's attorney questions the wisdom of the marijuana decriminalization law and its affect on policing; more than 300 people banned for gun buying have purchased firearms thanks to the backlog; Washington County businesses and lawmakers are concerned about impact of minimum-wage hike; two laws loosen vehicle restrictions for farmers and give milk haulers time to upgrade their trucks to carry more weight on state roads; Arundel gets $9.6 million for capital improvements; FBI probes former UM contract worker who said he wanted to draw attention to computer security flaws; anti-smoking groups seek to make $1 a pack tax hike a campaign issue; and gubernatorial candidate Gansler picks up another endorsement while Brown touts adoption and foster care in new ad. [...more]

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