Chesapeake debris cleanup presses on, months after storms

A small crew from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources is making the Bay safe for boating after a summer of epic rains flushed untold amounts of debris into its waters. As of Sept. 27, DNR crews had removed 140,680 pounds of storm-related debris from navigable waters in the Bay. But the work was far from done.

Commentary: Opioid epidemic started with the Civil War

Most of us don’t realize the first American opioid epidemic started in the Civil-war era with the invention of the hypodermic needle to administer morphine to injured soldiers. By the end of the conflict, the term “soldier’s disease” came into existence to describe post-war addicts.

OPINION: To Protect Maryland’s health, defend clean car standards

The Trump administration just announced its plans to roll back the nation’s clean car standards that cut tailpipe emissions and reduce air pollution. Attempting to withdraw these lifesaving health protections from every American will only exacerbate the health burdens faced by the people of Maryland, putting our health and the health of our children at risk.