• ksteve

    If Republican Gov. Hogan, Republican Lt. Gov. Rutherford, and the groups that are supporting their redistricting arguments are truly interested in a fair redistricting process, why don’t they push for federal action requiring that it be done in the same manner in every state? It’s obvious that the two Republicans have partisan gains in mind if they restrict their push to one of the very few states where Democrats control the process. Overall, Republicans would lose members of Congress and legislators if all states were required to redistrict via an independent or non-partisan commission process. If gerrymandering is done by Democrats for the purpose of partisan advantage in Maryland (and it is), it is also done for the same purpose by Republicans where they have the power to do so in such states as North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan (to name a few). If the congressional district lines in Maryland look horrible, so do the lines in some of those other states. The bill labelled “phony” by Rutherford that the legislature enacted and which was vetoed by the governor was far more fair than the truly partisan one proposed by Hogan that was defeated in committee. Fairness in redistricting is not something that can be accomplished voluntarily on a state by state basis. Some states just won’t do it unless required to do so by federal dictate or the courts. At any rate, I can understand why Republicans Hogan and Rutherford are doing their partisan thing on this matter, but what does a group like Common Cause get out of helping them on this?