State Roundup, October 26, 2012

Lots of coverage of the gay marriage issue today starting with a profile of two women who are ardently for marriage – one backing gay marriage, the other opposing and interviews with clergy whose views also diverge; President Obama appears in a pro-gay marriage commercial; New York Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. O’Malley write a pro-gay marriage opinion piece; and a rally at Gallaudet that began with the gay marriage petition; O’Malley hopes to keep tuition hikes to 3%; liability a sticking point as legislators look at pit bull ruling; candidate Douglas Rae drops out of 1st District race; and strong opinion pieces for and against expanded gambling.

Commentary: Redistricting map is a stain on the political process

When Del. Neil Parrott was gathering petition signatures to put congressional redistricting on the ballot so voters could overturn it, he found that all he needed to do was show people the map itself and they were ready to sign on.

That’s the same appalled reaction I found last week when I made a presentation on Question 5 to students and staff at the University of Maryland Baltimore. All they had to do was look at the map, particularly the lines for the 3rd Congressional District, to realize there was something very wrong.