• Abigail Adams

    No mention of just how much we are spending on the rush to set this up? Mac Middleton needs to wake up and realize that business is already abandoning MD in droves. The rapid embrace of a potentially unconstitutional law is a political ploy to appeal to the Democratic base. Just wait until taxpayers get their new bills for health insurance. The silent majority will be voting with their feet as they abandon MD for a less progressive and costly state to call home.

    • Libertarianism-101

      You couldn’t be on the money more so than you are Abigail. We must abandon this government system of health care, and transition into a HSA system as Whole Foods and other individual health care plans. Whenever gov’t subsidize anything that particular area WILL experience greater costs E.G. Education.

      Also, the Founders’ intended process of legislating is suppose to be Deliberative and Slow not fast and for one reason: “politicians have LITTLE power to do immense good, but they have GREAT power to do immense harm”-Walter E. Williams

      p.s. I agree Abigail people will start to leave, because if MD gets any more Progressive I will not live here once done with college I WILL move so get that through your head Senator!

      • Libertarianism-101

        Also, to the Senator and Big Gov’t Dems remember that the ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS

  • Charlie Himmler

    There is no sound track with this video please correct. thank you