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University of Maryland investigating fraternities and sororities, suspending activities pending results

he University of Maryland issued a cease and desist letter Friday to all Interfraternity and Panhellenic Council groups after a series of misconduct allegations. The university is launching an investigation into the claims but has halted any recruitment activities or events involving alcohol. This is the latest incident in a series of reports across the country where Greek life has been alleged of misconduct.    

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University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University send desperately needed supplies to Ukraine

Nearly two weeks after Russia’s military forces descended upon its western neighbor, leaving many parts of Ukraine in ruin and thousands of its citizens in need of medical care, the University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Medicine are sending more than $4 million in medical supplies to the country, the institutions announced in a statement Tuesday.

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State Roundup, February 13, 2020

County, city leaders urge General Assembly to provide more funding for balanced transportation spending statewide; transit panel hears testimony on bill to ban state from acquiring residential property for toll lanes for I-270, I-495; Darryll Pines, longtime engineering dean, is named new president of University of Maryland, replacing Wallace Loh; advocates push to update state’s 50-year-old open records laws; some minors would be allowed to get vaccines without parental consent; bill would reinstate capital punishment for mass murder; on a tip, state auditors question grant to buy country club/golf course with opioid funds; and resolution to set up panel to rename Western Maryland mountain.

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5,139 state employees made made more than $100,000; most worked for the University of Maryland

UPDATE: See the top earners here.

Out of 148,362 people who were paid any sort of salary by the state of Maryland in fiscal 2010, about 3% of them made six-figure salaries. According to a list from the Comptroller’s Office, 5,139 government employees were paid more than $100,000 in the last fiscal year. Almost two-thirds of them – or 3,310 – worked for the University of Maryland.

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New system lets Md. absentee voters print out their ballots, even overseas

A new system launched last week by the University of Maryland’s Center for American Politics and Citizenship will allow Maryland voters, even those overseas or in the military, to access and print out absentee ballots online. The topic became a small side issue in the race for governor last week.

Maryland has been e-mailing absentee ballots to people who requested them since 2006, said Nikki Trella, election reform director for the State Board of Elections. “What we wanted to do was to integrate this new system into the voter look-up site, and allow them to use it to securely get their absentee ballots,” Trella said.

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Most of Medicaid’s $829 million in savings comes from taxes on insurance premiums

Most of the state’s estimated $829 million in “savings” on Medicaid spending from federal health care reform comes not from reduced costs, but from taxes on new insurance coverage generated by the new law.

A study by the Hilltop Institute found that the state government would come out $829 million ahead over the next 10 years because the new law would help cover 358,000 uninsured people, and this would produce $576 million in new premium assessments.

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Big Spenders: Who’s the biggest of them all?

The fete for former Gov. Marvin Mandel’s 90th birthday was like “Jurassic Park,” columnist Blair Lee IV quipped to me last week.

The political dinosaurs roamed the University of Maryland’s alumni center in College Park, and there was lots of reminiscing about the good old days.

“Marvin Mandel is the best governor I have seen,” said Rep. Steny Hoyer, who was the youngest Senate president in Maryland history when Mandel reigned upstairs at the State House. “His vision was so clear. His vision was ahead of his time.”

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