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Md. Labor Department overpays unemployment claims, auditors find

The Maryland Labor Department’s Division of Unemployment Insurance overpaid millions in benefits to people who were actually working and shelled out unemployment benefits to people who were dead or in prison. The division also certified job stimulus tax credits for employers hiring the unemployed for some workers who weren’t actually receiving unemployment benefits.

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Unemployment bill to get final vote after GOP changes fail

House lawmakers took a step toward passing Gov. Martin O’Malley’s unemployment insurance reform package Monday, despite Republican efforts to scale back coverage and reduce taxes.

Proponents said the bill puts Maryland in line with federal guidelines, making the state eligible for $127 million in federal money. Unemployment Insurance Subcommittee Chair Herman Taylor said that if the body doesn’t act now, the federal government can require the state to enact these guidelines in the future, without the monetary reward.

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Analysis: Big hole in jobless fund created legislative battle

Two numbers illustrate why changing unemployment insurance is such an important part of the legislative agenda for business, labor and Gov. Martin O’Malley this session.

Last February, Maryland’s unemployment insurance trust fund had $680 million in it. A year later it holds just $50 million, and is paying out $20 million a week to the jobless.

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