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Montgomery Republicans striving to turn county purple in 2014

With the help of state party leaders and a lot of data, the Montgomery County Republican Party – which boasts the largest number of registered Republicans in the state – launched an all out ground game Saturday at their annual convention in Rockville. Their goal in this targeted effort is to change Montgomery County from blue to purple by the 2014 election.

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Democrats consolidate power in Maryland with victories for Obama, Congress, questions

In a state already dominated by Democrats, Maryland voters further consolidated the party’s power Tuesday.

The voters defeated the longest serving Republican congressman, clobbered congressional challengers to six Democratic incumbents, and approved all the ballot measures the great majority of Republican legislators had opposed, including same-sex marriage and expanded gambling.

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Republicans emboldened by budget mess and tax hikes: Hogan, Madden, Craig

The budget mess that has led to plans for a special legislative session has further emboldened Republicans to seek fiscally conservative solutions to what they see as failed policies of the Democratic monopoly. Larry Hogan has 12,000 people in his Change Maryland group; Marty Madden has an exploratory committee for governor and would seek public financing; and David Craig seems the best organized.

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Blog: Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels in Baltimore, and still not a candidate

Mitch Daniels did not come to Baltimore on Tuesday to announce he was running for president, but the governor of Indiana also did not come to the Pikesville Hilton to say he wasn’t running for president.

“I’m not a candidate for anything yet,” Daniels told a small audience as he accepted the Governor Reagan Award from the Harbour League, a four-year-old Baltimore-based organization of free-market conservatives, which some in the audience of about 60 had never heard of before the event.

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