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Commission recommends overhaul of state government, streamlining regulations and improved customer service

Gov. Larry Hogan’s Regulatory Reform Commission is recommending a massive overhaul of Maryland’s “convoluted” governmental structure along with a host of small and medium-size changes to streamline regulations and focus state employees on helping businesses and citizens.

“We have to fundamentally change the mindset of the state’s regulatory mission from one of glaring bureaucracy looking to punish and change it into a customer service base,” Hogan said as he touted the commission’s initial 30-page report.

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Maryland needs to improve its regulatory climate

Not all regulations are bad, of course. Many serve important purposes, most especially those directly related to protecting public health and safety in carefully targeted ways. But all regulations impose costs upon those they affect, be they ordinary citizens or business. And, this is the important point: these regulatory costs — although ‘off-budget’ — have the same economic effect as taxes.”
So, just as reducing unnecessary spending is important to improving Maryland’s fiscal health, so too is eliminating unnecessary or unduly burdensome regulations.

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