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Schulz, Perez spar over the Hogan administration’s handling of pandemic UI

Schulz, 52, served as state labor secretary from 2015-2019, when she was succeeded by Tiffany Robinson.  That means that Schulz was no longer in charge of the state’s UI program when the pandemic began and the program attracted widespread criticism for being so badly mismanaged compared with that of other states in the nation that the General Assembly convened a series of oversight hearings.

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How will the end of enhanced UI benefits affect the state’s labor market?

Republicans long argued that the enhanced unemployment insurance benefits that were made available to claimants under the CARES Act discouraged people from returning work, while Democrats often countered that the extra benefits had little or no effect on the job market and were necessary due to the economic devastation brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Can the state’s unemployment system be fixed? If so, how?

The Maryland Department of Labor’s distribution of unemployment insurance benefits has been so badly mismanaged that state lawmakers and the state’s entire congressional delegation are still baffled as to why 18 months into the coronavirus pandemic thousands have yet to be paid and some cannot even get a claims representative on the phone despite having made repeated calls.

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Democrat and Republican lawmakers praise Labor Secretary Tiffany Robinson for doing ‘her best’ handling record-number of unemployment claims

The Maryland Department of Labor has processed about 95% of the completed unemployment claims it has received since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in mid-March and about 80% of those claims have been paid, according to data the department recently provided to MarylandReporter.com.

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Maryland’s Labor Report: 349,300 jobs lost in April

The numbers in Maryland’s latest labor report are troubling with 349,300 jobs lost and business leaders say it’s going to be a long road to recovery.

“The numbers are quite sobering. I believe it speaks to the tailspin our economy has been in due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” Howard County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Leonardo McClarty told MarylandReporter.com in an email on Friday.

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