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Common Questions on Common Core Part 1: About the new school standards

This year, in a major shift in public education, states across the nation have been implementing a new set of standards known as the Common Core. Common Core still remains a confusing topic for many people. In this three-part series MarylandReporter.com answers some basic questions about Common Core. The first part will focus on the Common Core itself and how it was developed, while parts 2 and 3 will look at the standards, how they are working in Maryland and what they will cost.

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Maryland institute hopes for Gates grant to test AIDS vaccine

The Institute of Human Virology in Baltimore hopes to find out in the next few weeks whether it will get a $25 million grant from the Gates Foundation to begin testing the AIDS vaccine it has developed, with clinical trials in Maryland.

Dr. Robert Gallo, who led the discovery of the virus that caused AIDS, told the state Board of Public Works that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation asked them to come to Seattle to discuss the grant application. In 2007, the foundation gave $15 million to Gallo’s institute, part of the University of Maryland Medical School, to develop a vaccine to prevent AIDS.

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