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Blog: Parole for those with life sentences would be harder

An amendment that passed by a single vote in the House of Delegates Tuesday morning takes the teeth out of a bill that gives the governor a deadline to act on a recommendation to parole an inmate serving a life sentence. The bill, already passed by both House and Senate in slightly different form, would give the governor a time limit to take action on a recommendation from the Parole Commission to parole an inmate serving a life sentence.

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Democratic delegate quits Tea Party Caucus under pressure from Baltimore Democrats

Democratic Del. Curt Anderson, chairman of the Baltimore City delegation, resigned from the Tea Party Caucus in the Maryland House of Delegates after his fellow city delegates threatened to remove him as chair. Anderson kept the city delegation chair post he has held for four years after he apologized profusely and got a tongue-lashing from his fellow Democrats, who said they were disappointed and disrespected by his action.

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