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State election official wants to set record straight on Hogan ruling

State Elections Board Vice Chairman David McManus wants to set the record straight. The board did not find a campaign violation had occurred when it investigated a finance complaint filed against Larry Hogan Jr., the Republican nominee for governor, he said.
The state elections board voted Thursday to waive a $50 fine in the case. McManus, one of two Republicans serving on the five-member state election board, said he wanted to set the record straight after reading several media reports indicating Hogan and his grassroots organization Change Maryland had run afoul of campaign finance regulations.

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‘Change Maryland’ looks for middle ground

Annapolis developer Larry Hogan says his month-old organization, Change Maryland, was “born out of frustration.” “A lot of people are not happy with the direction of this state. Some businesses have closed and left the state. Others have just given up,” Hogan said in an interview about his new group.

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