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PlanMaryland Part 4: Not a done deal, and legislature wants a say

The public comment period on the second draft plan ended last week. The 1974 enacting legislation that required the plan to be written makes PlanMaryland an executive issue, meaning it does not need approval from the General Assembly to take effect. But Senate President Mike Miller, under pressure from rural Republicans and perhaps more importantly, county officials from across the state, has asked for a Senate hearing in January.

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PlanMaryland Part 3: How it would work is still unclear

Most of the draft PlanMaryland document focuses on statistics that show how Maryland has grown and changed in the last several decades, and why a comprehensive development plan is needed. It spends less time going through the nuts and bolts of how land use planning would be done if the plan were put into place – the most significant part of the plan.

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PlanMaryland Part 2: Framework for smart growth or dramatic policy shift?

To listen to the Department of Planning talk about PlanMaryland, the long-term development plan being drafted for the state, it does not represent a major policy change. “With PlanMaryland, we’re just trying to carry out what the whole state has said it wanted,” said Andrew Ratner of the Maryland Department of Planning. But Senate Minority Leader E.J. Pipkin said, “This represents a dramatic policy shift.”

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