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Analysis: Five-and-dime tax talk

The families of the developmentally disabled have been making a compelling case for what has seemed impossible. They want to raise the alcohol taxes that haven’t been touched in decades in order to fund services to more than 40,000 people in Maryland who are retarded, autistic, and brain-injured.

More than 2,000 people have attended eight town meetings across the state, and dozens have put a human face on the disabled needing services, many in wheelchairs.

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Hospitality industry says “dime-a-drink” tax hike could be devastating

Despite the deceptively simple catch phrase, bars, restaurants, wineries and alcohol wholesalers think that the “dime-a-drink” proposal to increase the state tax rate on alcoholic beverages will cost them a lot more.

“They can call it 10 cents a drink. I call it $3 a case of beer,” said Jack Milani, a partner in Monaghan’s Pub in Baltimore County. Milani is legislative co-chair of the Maryland State Licensed Beverage Association.

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Liquor discounts on the way as BPW approves settlement

A federal court decision to toss Maryland’s system of alcohol price regulation became final Wednesday, as the Board of Public Works agreed to pay $200,000 to put a decade-old dispute to rest.

The decision means liquor wholesalers will likely begin offering volume discounts to larger retailers, which some smaller stores believe will undercut their prices.

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Unseen firearms legislation stirs gun-owner concern

Gun rights advocates were upset about a bill strengthening state gun-control laws even before anyone had seen the legislation introduced Tuesday.

Sen. Brian Frosh, D-Montgomery, Senate sponsor of the bill, called the it “comprehensive” in scope. It includes a requirement for gun license applicants to provide fingerprints to the Maryland State Police for a background check.

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