OPINION: Pugh’s ‘squeegee kid’ solution doesn’t solve the problem

Mayor Pugh’s $2 million initiative to transition so-called Squeegee kids from street corners to viable employment provides insight into why government is ineffective at creating sustainable productive jobs. First, the training she mentioned providing would be for a skill set that is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Second, she is creating a young adult job training program. Isn’t that what high school should be?

OPINION: To Protect Maryland’s health, defend clean car standards

The Trump administration just announced its plans to roll back the nation’s clean car standards that cut tailpipe emissions and reduce air pollution. Attempting to withdraw these lifesaving health protections from every American will only exacerbate the health burdens faced by the people of Maryland, putting our health and the health of our children at risk. 

Commentary: Maryland’s clean energy industry has made great strides

National Clean Energy Week, happening now, provides a good opportunity to shine a light on our state’s significant achievements. The growth of Maryland’s clean energy sector is creating well-paying job opportunities, increasing the resiliency of our grid and facilitating rate stability – and improving our air quality, which benefits human and environmental health.

Commentary: Jealous attacks MarylandReporter.com as ‘right-wing blog’

In a public radio interview Tuesday, Ben Jealous, the Democratic nominee for governor, attacked MarylandReporter.com as “a right-wing blog that’s funded by right-wing donors that like to scare people.” Jealous’ claim came toward the end of a rambling response to a question from WYPR’s Tom Hall on his “Midday” program that referred to a MarylandReporter.com story shooting holes in his plan to save $660 million from the prison budget Jealous got his facts wrong about the story, about the prison savings, and about the funding for MarylandReporter.com.