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Opinion: Baseless attacks on the restaurant industry

The Restaurant Association of Maryland responds to Progressive Maryland’s commentary attacking its polling and credibility. When Larry Stafford of Progressive Maryland implies that the Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM) is deceptive with regard to the arguments we make to policymakers, writes Melvin Thompson, I have to draw the line. His attack is baseless, unwarranted and shows he has little understanding of business economics.

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Opinion: Responding to the restaurant poll — the truth about raising Maryland’s minimum wage

Progressive Maryland responds to polling about increasing Maryland’s minimum wage to $15 by the Restaurant Association of Maryland. When you ask a fake question, you get a fake answer, Larry Stafford says.. The poll is presented as if it were unbiased and scientific, rather than informed by misleading questions designed by lobbyists to deliver the results they want.

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Opinion: It’s time to create a Prescription Drug Affordability Board

Across Maryland, people struggle to pay for the prescription drugs they need to lead healthy lives or even stay alive. Prices keep going up, while drug companies spend more on marketing and reap enormous profits. That’s why we are sponsoring legislation to create a Prescription Drug Affordability Board that will have the authority to review and set fair and affordable maximum drug costs in the state.

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