What should you know before making a wet room?

What should you know before making a wet room?

Image by Barry D from Pixabay

Wet rooms are currently an extremely popular choice. Among the possible solutions for the organization of bathroom space, it is a real hit. Still, many people do not fully understand what the concept of a wet room is and why it has so many advantages. Let’s try to learn a little more about this modern, comfortable solution.

  1. What is a wet room?
  2. For whom is a wet room the best solution?
  3. Wet room ideas – what can’t be missing in any wet room?
  4. Where to buy the best products to prepare your own wet room?

What do you need to create your wet room and what ideas for organizing the space are worth considering? Let’s check.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is a solution that involves the use of the currently very fashionable open space concept. In simplest terms, it is a special shower area where the shower is open. Usually there is no visible shower tray and doors. On the floor there is only the drain, and the whole thing is usually covered with tiles the same as the entire bathroom floor. This way you can give the illusion of open space and create a unique place, resembling your own private spa. Wet room can be organized in many different ways. The name refers to the fact that in a space without a shower door, all of the room can be exposed to water. Therefore, special architectural and construction solutions are undertaken to guarantee the safety of the entire structure.

For whom is a wet room the best solution?

When it comes to wet rooms, they can actually work well in any space. Although they are usually associated more with larger spaces, in large luxury villas or spas, wet room can also be made in small spaces. The truth is that a small wet room can definitely improve the functionality of a room. After all, a shower stall takes up a lot of space, and its door must have an empty space to open. However, all this space can remain open in the wet room, so a better sense of space is created. The whole room seems more spacious and larger, and you can also move around more easily. In addition, it is worth noting that the wet room is also an ideal choice for the elderly. At a certain age, it is already more difficult to move around, so that even a step to the shower or bath requires effort. Wet rooms eliminate this problem by providing simple and convenient access to the shower area. As a result, residents are able to use the wet room with no assistance and in maximum safety and comfort.

Wet room ideas – what can’t be missing in any wet room?

Proper wetroom design guarantees the highest functionality of the room and the comfort of daily use. However, in order for this to actually happen, it is necessary to properly organize the space. First of all, the size of the room should be taken into account. After all, a small space requires much better organization, while in a larger bathroom you can afford a little more crazy ideas. After all, larger space offers many possibilities. However, it is worth keeping in mind some interesting solutions that can help to organize the space well and aesthetically. For example, many people appreciate the shower screen. With this solution, the shower can be somewhat separated, while remaining open. It is also worth paying attention to the selection of appropriate tiles, both on the floor and on the walls. They must not only be aesthetically well chosen, but also solidly installed to guarantee waterproof protection. Another important consideration is wall hung furnishings. They allow for a much easier cleaning process and allow you to create an extremely aesthetically pleasing space. Moreover, for many people it is also a good choice to use a shower tray. Although it is not usually used in wet rooms, it allows you to slightly separate the shower area and can be both a practical and aesthetic solution.

Where to buy the best products to prepare your own wet room?

To make your wet room design complete and solid, it is essential to use stores that provide the most convenient solutions. Undeniably, the best solution in this regard is the Internet. It is on the web that you can find retailers such as Wetroom Design, which offer their customers, in fact, everything they need to create their own wet room. Of course, this also comes with the most favorable prices. It is also a great convenience to be able to buy many different products in one place. This way, once you receive your shipment, you can basically start working, since all the necessary products are already purchased. And don’t forget that online stores also provide professional advice from qualified specialists. Very often on their sites you can also find useful tips and ideas that make making your own wet room much easier.

Your own wet room is a space of daily comfort and relaxation, a place where you can move to your own spa for a while. It is also the ultimate in functionality and modern aesthetics. It is definitely worth considering this solution for your home. Hundreds of inspirations and ideas, as well as support from professionals can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.