Security Tips for Renters: Protecting Your Apartment or Rental Home 

Security Tips for Renters: Protecting Your Apartment or Rental Home 

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Moving into a new apartment causes a rush of emotions accompanied by fears about security issues and how safe the place will be for you and your family. That could reside in the fact that we constantly see information about various property offenses despite statistics about crime trends in the US showing a steady decline. Property crime is at its lowest in decades, and still, wondering about the safety of a rental home is a valid concern.

Renters are in a specific situation that does not allow them full control over security measures and equipment, but there are certain steps you can take to fortify your home against intruders and enjoy your rented space with peace of mind. In this article, we’ll explore security tips for renters, looking into practical strategies like befriending neighbors, reinforcing door and window locks, and installing a rental-friendly smart home security system.  

Assess Neighborhood Safety Before Renting

Before deciding on a rental property, visiting the neighborhood at various times of the day and night is one of the best strategies to get insight into the safety and quality of life it provides. You might also ask current occupants, nearby companies, or community organizations about their thoughts, worries, and experiences about living and working in the area. 

Utilizing internet tools and resources will further help you assess your surroundings. You can access crime data, safety ratings, neighborhood reviews, and notifications for the community, such as AreaVibes, Neighbors App, or the FBI Crime Data Explorer.

Become Friends with Neighbors

One of the best security precautions for renters is to become friends with your neighbors. A close-knit community promotes trust and collaboration in the neighborhood. You can exchange contact information, arrange to watch each other’s belongings, and notify everyone of any questionable conduct or possible threats.   

Upgrade the Door and Window Locks

One way to secure your home is with portable locks, smart locks, or deadbolts. Smart locks are what people are aiming for these days. These are locks that you can talk to, use a keypad, or operate with your smartphone.

Renters can choose from a variety of window locks as well, including sash locks, sliding locks, and pin locks. They are all effective and simple to install. 

Choose a Rental-Friendly Smart Tools

Choosing a smart security system that can be easily disassembled for transport is a perfect option for renters. Peel-and-stick motion detectors and door and window sensors track movement and notify you or the police of any unusual activities. When you’re not at home, a smart lighting system can be employed to provide the appearance of occupancy, which will discourage possible intruders. 

Renters might consider security cameras that don’t require complicated wiring. Look for motion detection, night vision, and high-definition video quality cameras. The number of households with security cameras worldwide is predicted to reach 180 million in the coming years, making them an indispensable part of any home security system.

Some Old-School Techniques For Increasing Security

Some old but solid bits of advice for increasing your rental home security include:

  • Place a fake security firm sign on the front door or window or a fake security camera above your front door. It will give any would-be burglars the impression that your rental is well-secured.
  • Invest in blinds and curtains. Make sure to keep the blinds drawn while you’re away to deter any possible invader from trying to get a closer look.  
  • Consider a safe for storing valuables. Choose an option with a digital or biometric lock and keep it behind a bed or inside a closet for extra protection. 
  • Get renters insurance, as it may cover items taken from your apartment. If you already have an auto policy, you can combine it with your current insurance company. 

Final Words

Ideally, tenants should have the freedom to take care of their security on rental property. However, usually, they are limited and must use security systems that can be easily removed when moving out of the property. That’s why it is best to apply a mix of safety measures. 

The first step should always be researching, assessing the neighborhood, and meeting the neighbors. Renters must also be prepared to invest in door and window locks, and the most convenient solution is setting up smart home equipment like motion detectors, security cameras, smart locks, and smart lighting. And it’s always a good idea to keep it old school and invest in blinds.

Use these safety tips for renters when moving to your new home to ensure your safety and much-needed peace of mind. You may find out more about home security in articles by David Todva, a tech expert in the field of smart home security solutions.

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