Are office meeting pods a good choice for coworking offices?

Are office meeting pods a good choice for coworking offices?

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Interest in coworking spaces continues to grow. This is largely driven by the dynamic growth of start-up businesses. At the early stages of development, young firms often look to save money, while renting classic offices can be expensive. Freelancers, at the same time, find such spaces ideal for working efficiently, allowing them to leave the comfort of their homes in order to network professionally. But, arranging a functional coworking office requires expert use of space and proper handling of the issue of noise. Will, therefore, office pods work well in a place where many different people are working at the same time? Read on to find out.

Evolution of coworking offices and noise challenges

Coworking businesses have grown in popularity over the last decade, transforming the concept of the classic office into a more dynamic and flexible coworking space. They are designed to foster the exchange of ideas, to inspire, and to allow free interaction between different professionals. However, these benefits are countered by some issues, including sound.

While they might appeal to many and promote collaboration, open-plan offices are often a source of unwanted noise and distraction. Background conversations, phones ringing, device noises, it all can ruin your focus and result in a drop in efficiency. As a result, we need to find a balance for coworking offices between openness and privacy, interaction, and the ability to focus on individual tasks.

Hushoffice office pods are the answer to the problems of lack of privacy and noise interrupting your work requiring deep concentration. Solutions are available to accommodate from one to several people, providing a comfortable environment in which to perform tasks.

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The large range of office pods on the market  

The market for office pods has developed significantly in recent years. This opened a wide range of solutions now available to suit the diverse needs of professionals. You can easily use office booths that take up less than one square meter or larger models that create mini conference rooms. In addition, office pods offer useful features, from integrated lighting systems to advanced ventilation technologies.

Focused work in a coworking office? Yes, it is possible  

For those who need more focus on sophisticated problems in coworking offices, compact office pods are the ideal solution. These modern sanctuaries of quiet have been designed to grant users protection for deep focus, undisturbed by the hustle and bustle on the floor.

One solution, two applications – office pods for individual work and video calls 

Today, we have moved many of our meetings to the virtual world, so we cannot overlook the need for spaces that support these in coworking offices. With their dedicated insulation, hushHybrid office pods are suitable for both individual work and having video calls, training sessions, or webinars with no interruptions whatsoever. Comfortable seating, a depth-adjustable desk, a functional monitor mount, plus optimized LED lighting will enhance the quality of online calls. For coworking offices, this is an investment that upgrades the workspaces available, thus attracting talent looking for a comfortable environment to carry out their projects.

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Multi-person office pods – working together in comfort 

In order for teams in a coworking office to collaborate effectively, a well-suited environment that allows efficient communication during meetings while not disrupting the work of others is essential. The hushAccess.L office pod allows you to arrange a space for meetings, discussions or video calls in a smaller team, without a need for renovation or building new rooms. With independent, manual controls for lighting and ventilation, users can adjust the conditions to suit their own needs for maximum comfort.

Advantages of using office pods in coworking offices

Using office pods in coworking offices ensures numerous benefits for employees and managers of these spaces. This significantly improves acoustic comfort, which immediately boosts the performance and focus of a user. Thanks to sound insulation, employees are spared disturbances from the floor. This seems an important advantage in open coworking spaces, where many different tasks are completed simultaneously.

The office pods also promote privacy during important conversations. This is essential when having confidential discussions or video calls with clients. Last but not least, the use of the pods can significantly increase the attractiveness of a coworking office in the office space rental market, by guaranteeing coworking companies and freelancers the highest standard of working conditions.

Are office pods the future of coworking offices?

Given the rapid growth of the coworking market and the constant search for innovative solutions that improve the user experience, office pods are likely to become an indispensable component of the shared offices of the future. They divide spaces into separate work zones to increase user comfort. Using them means having video calls, which are so common in the age of remote working, with high-quality audio and video. On top of that, when you can create zones for teamwork, the team will manage their project better.

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