CeaseFire Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

CeaseFire Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

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Pre-engineered fire suppression systems are ideal for companies that rely on expensive electronics and delicate mechanics that cannot be damaged by water. These fire suppression systems are designed to operate automatically during an incident without needing human intervention during firefighting efforts.

Ceiling-mounted and effective against all classes of fire. Packed with 90% Mono Ammonium Phosphate for maximum firefighting effectiveness. Cease Fire’s suppression systems are specifically designed to combat fires quickly and effectively, providing quick response times, total coverage of hazard areas, and reliable discharge.

Fastest Acting

Pre-engineered systems offer faster fire fighting than fire extinguishers by quickly detecting and extinguishing fires before fuel sources can reignite them; furthermore, they have been rigorously tested to ensure they operate at maximum speed and effectiveness.

Ceasefire’s LPCB-certified kitchen hood fire suppression system was specifically created to meet the unique requirements of commercial kitchens, with state-of-the-art Heat Sensing Tube detection and powerful Watermist or Wet Chemical-based suppression technologies. Discharge nozzles are strategically positioned around the entire kitchen area for uniform coverage essential for effective kitchen fire suppression.

Ceasefire’s Micro-Environment Watermist Generator Auto-Quell System utilizes advanced detection and clean agent technology to combat fires in generator rooms, transformers and more. Watermist is non-damaging to equipment or people and combined with special nozzles connected directly to water tanks or cylinders can quickly extinguish fires within seconds.

Safest and Easiest

CeaseFire’s Kitchen Suppression System utilizes technologically advanced Heat Sensing Tube detection for uniform protection across an entire hood compared to point-based conventional systems. Furthermore, it includes powerful Watermist or Wet Chemical extinguishing agents as extinguishing agents, in order to deal with any fire outbreak that might arise in the kitchen.

Wet chemical fire suppression agent works to quickly extinguish the fire by turning any oil that contacts it into thick foam, cutting off oxygen to the flames instantly and killing them instantly. Furthermore, its cooling effect prevents any further outbreaks.

Dry chemical fire suppression systems are an easy and cost-effective solution that are simple to implement. Their agent is non-conductive and safe, making it suitable for areas containing expensive electronics or intricate mechanics. Furthermore, this system operates autonomously without human involvement reducing the risk of injuries or property damage.

Most Economical

Clean agent fire suppression systems offer an alternative to Carbon Dioxide fire suppression systems that displace oxygen and can harm equipment; using an odorless, colorless and electrically nonconductive agent they extinguish fires without leaving behind damaging residue or costly clean-up costs; they’re therefore ideal for server rooms, records storage areas and cleanrooms.

Our Watermist and wet chemical-based Kitchen Suppression System employs cutting-edge heat sensing tube technology for superior, uniform detection. Additionally, powerful Watermist discharge nozzles rapidly extinguish any type of kitchen fire. It is a fully intelligent and automatic system comprised of detection devices connected with special Watermist discharge nozzles connected to generator areas or tanks/cylinders and an inbuilt control panel.

This ceiling-mounted system requires minimal piping and fittings, making installation quick and hassle-free for businesses that demand speedy setup with zero downtime. Utilizing world-class HFC 227ea clean agent – safe for occupied areas and offering maximum protection of assets -, this revolutionary total flooding system uses its full flooding capacity.

Simple to Operate

Fire suppression systems differ from fire extinguishers in that they can activate on their own without human involvement. A sensor detects heat or the smoke presence or air quality changes and alerts the control panel; fire extinguishers typically require some kind of human action before activation.

The system then deploys its selected agent and deploys inert gas technology to eliminate the fire. Nitrogen, argon and CO2 reduce oxygen in the fire zone to extinguish or suffocate it quickly and permanently.

BlazeCut T Series tube devices provide easy installation in smaller spaces; while for larger applications the more sophisticated C Series cylinder-based system provides sophisticated detection and suppression technologies. Both use combination detection devices with dual agent fire suppression technologies: water mist generator and DuPont’s FE-227 EPA-approved clean agent (for C Series).

Ceiling-mounted fire extinguishers provide greater coverage in areas that might otherwise be outside the range of traditional extinguishers. Produced according to world-class standards with ISO 9001 and CE certifications, Cease Fire’s products come with a six-year warranty.

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