Commenting on a commentary: The Maryland legislature has spoken on abortion; other states have as well

Commenting on a commentary: The Maryland legislature has spoken on abortion; other states have as well

The State House in Annapolis ( photo)

In Maryland Reporter’s daily State Roundup on Wednesday, there was an opinion piece from the Baltimore Banner headlined “Abortion access remains a priority in Maryland even with more restrictions across the country” written by Drs. Rachel Jensen, Jessica K. Lee and Diana Carvajal.

The headline caught my attention and so I read the entire piece … twice. I did this to make sure I was not missing something regarding access to abortion in the State of Maryland.

The piece starts out criticizing the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion saying: “Nearly a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion after almost 50 years.” While I am sure the three doctors believe that there is a constitutional right to have an abortion a thorough reading of the Constitution would find that there is no such “right” explicitly stated or implied in that document.

I also found it interesting that the three doctors who apparently practice in the state of Maryland are somehow upset by the Supreme Courts decision to give the decision to allow the practice of abortion back to the state legislatures. Clearly the Maryland legislature has taken what the Dobbs decision allows them to do, and they have stated that abortion is available on demand in the State of Maryland.

Certainly there are some states that have decided to make the rules more difficult to seek an abortion on demand. The doctors note with the example they offer of the woman from Florida that had to seek her abortion by these doctors in Maryland.

In the specific case of the Florida woman, the hardship of getting to Maryland to have an abortion is understood. However, rather than complain about it, there should be an organization created that will take donations from across America from those who want to support the necessary travel to a state that keeps abortion available on demand. A “Go Fund Me” type of organization could amass millions for just that kind of support.

As for those states that have chosen to limit access to abortion on demand and have placed specific time
limits and health consideration before an abortion can be obtained … well that is democracy in action.
The legislature is elected by the people, and they vote and establish laws that reflect the will of the
people who elected them and the majority rules.

That’s the way the system works. It can be seen in the State of Maryland where these doctors are free to ply their trade. As for America — well abortion HAS NOT been banned, it is available to some degree in most states, even the “Red” states. So, if you live in a state that has not adopted abortion rules that you like, then change what you like or by all means Vote With Your Feet– it’s the democratic thing to do.

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Marc King

Marc A. King was a 2018 Republican nominee for delegate in the Maryland Legislature from Legislative District 15. Marc has continued his political activism by providing blogs related to a variety of political activities at the federal, state and local level. A retired Army lieutenant colonel, he transitioned from the position of President, Ceradyne Armor Systems, Inc., and provides advice and assistance to defense contractors as the President and CEO of KGV Enterprises, LLC, a defense strategies consultancy.

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