Is the Shapiro Negotiations Institute worth it?

Is the Shapiro Negotiations Institute worth it?

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Shapiro Negotiations Institute (SNI) is the world’s leading source of coaching and consultancy in sales, impact, and negotiating. SNI is the frontrunner in training, consulting, and seminars in these three topic areas, having taught over 250,000 people since our inception in 1995. They concentrate on the bottom line, the individuals, and the resources that propel the world’s most outstanding enterprises to prosperity.

SNI’s material is built on decades of teachings and four best-selling books and was founded by Ron Shapiro, a New York Times Bestseller Writer, Lawyer, Educator, Sports Agent, and Civic Advocate. Finally, the clients believe SNI gives them a competitive advantage by enhancing their capacity to develop mutually beneficial and lucrative long-term relationships with colleagues, partners, and consumers. SNI does this by developing a systematic strategy, offering challenger sales model steps, as well as client-specific tools and processes that can be employed instantly and precisely reproduced.

Negotiating Through the Use of Challenger Sales Model

One of the most prominent and influential services offered by Shapiro Negotiations Institute (SNI) is the steps on how to negotiate using the Challenger Sales Model effectively. 

Before making use of the model, of course, it is required to reflect and investigate the whereabouts and factors of the case or sale status. Here is the first step in starting to reflect and digest the aspects to consider in negotiating through this model:

Know if the Relationship Sale is still pertinent or applicable.

There is a growing tendency indicating that relationship sales are wasting away. In an era of funding cuts and broad commoditization of formerly prized relationships, items, and offerings, the old method of cultivating loyal consumers through golf trips, dinner gatherings, and ballgames appears to be slipping by the wind. Consumers must obtain items and offerings at the most significant feasible proportion of worth, durability, and cost, regardless of who sells them. 

SNI has always attracted clients that wished to improve their customer relationships by identifying a mutually beneficial process and conclusion while keeping the relationship for potential sales. This is where we completely fit with the Challenger Sales Model – by providing tools and expertise to optimize results while using this new method, strategy, and approach to selling.

The Challenger Sale (Dixon and Adamson, 2011) is a landmark book on influencing individuals’ purchasing habits and choices. Dixon and Adamson turned relationship selling on its head, sending a new breed of salespeople out to drive outcomes instead of activities.

The Challenger Sales Model was a perfect fit for SNI’s systematic approach to Negotiation (Prepare, Probe, Propose) and Influence, and SNI states that they feel more than privileged to work with the Corporate Executive Board for over a decade, including that of the gestation period from 2008 to 2011.

For their bespoke Commercial Sales program for intermediate sales agents and representatives, SNI collaborated closely with the CEB. CEB chose SNI to create capabilities to support their sales strategy, which we accomplished by tailoring our systematic approach to sales, negotiating, and shaping the growing Challenger model.

The Challenger Sell defines five sorts of salespeople, and the study indicated that the “Challenger” profile surpassed the others by a wide margin. As the Challenger Model was being created, SNI was requested to assist in teaching skills that ANY of the five kinds might utilize to improve performance. 

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