TV Schedule for Orioles

TV Schedule for Orioles

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The Baltimore Orioles is one of the most iconic professional sports teams in Maryland, with both a passionate fan base and rich history. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, catching their games live is always an exciting experience. 

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Orioles head into a new season

The Orioles went into last season as major underdogs, having been slated by the experts and analysts to barely make it over their win projection of 62.5 wins. A team without leaders who was lacking the star players needed in order to proceed from a tough division was how the experts saw the Orioles.

A full season later the Orioles had not only managed to get away with 62.5 wins, they absolutely smashed it. With 83 wins they were only three games behind the Rays and a spot in the playoffs. Whether this is a sign of what Orioles we are going to see this season or not is left to be seen but one thing is for sure, you should never underestimate the Orioles. With a number of interesting reinforcements during the offseason, we believe they got all the chances in the world to finally snap that playoff spot they have been waiting for so long.

The Orioles begin their campaign with an interesting three-game series away against the Red Sox. Following their trip to Boston, the focus turns to Texas for another three-game series.The first game at Camden Yards will be played on April 6 when the Yankees come over. Not an easy start for the Orioles, though if they manage to pick up a few surprising scores it can give them a good push for the rest of the season.

Make sure you are ready when the MLB 2023 season kicks off on March 30.

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  1. richard t naldrett

    Why are the Oriole games not on local TV stations? Opening games were always televised locally. The team owners are not building a fan base. Many people are dumping cable TV , those who still have it, cannot afford the extra cost of MASN.

    While I understand that not all games can be put on local TV , surely opening day should be. Games on local TV will create more interest and let the fans know the names of players.