Different Types of Smart Home Technology Options

Different Types of Smart Home Technology Options

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There is no denying the fact that smart home technology has revolutionized our homes. The interconnected devices have completely changed how we live, making our lives simpler and more efficient. This is the reason that the revenue from smart home technology is projected to reach US $52.19 billion in 2027.

No one can imagine that what once was a luxury upgrade has now become mainstream for many homeowners. It refers to a convenient home setup where appliances are controlled remotely with an internet connection.

If you want to know more about smart devices, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we have listed some of the incredible devices that you can use to make your life easier.

How Smart Homes Work?

Before we talk about the different types of smart home technology, let’s discuss how smart home technology works.

Smart homes use connected devices that use the internet to function. All the smart home technology can be accessed through one central point and controlled through one home automation system, sometimes also called smart home hubs. The devices have simple and easy-to-use features, so operating them is not a challenge.

With smart home devices, you can access high-tech functionality and easily improve the quality of your life. Thus, the devices have become quite popular today. And according to the latest home statistics, today 60.4 million households in America are actively using smart home devices.

7 Incredible Types of Smart Home Technology

We have prepared a list of some incredible smart home technology below.

Smart lighting solutions


With smart lighting solutions, you can remotely control the lights of your house through one single application.
Smart plugs


It allows the user to control the flow of electricity to the connected devices.
Smart thermostats


It adjusts your entire house’s cooling and heating temperature for optimal performance.
Smart cookers


With smart cookers, users can prepare food by blending all the ingredients in one pot and then monitoring and controlling it via an application.
Smart showers


Smart showers have control panels that allow you to preset the temperature and flow of water.
Smart Refrigerators


It is another high-tech device that allows the user to recognize and manage items in the refrigerator.
Smart Hubs Smart hubs act as the central point of your smart home and allow you to operate all your smart devices.


Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting is an advanced way to light your house. The smart bulbs contain software that you can operate with a mobile app. They do not need any extra fittings and you can simply plug them into your wall socket. With such advanced technology, you can automatically control your light bulbs remotely. In addition, smart lighting solutions can be programmed to shine different colors during different times of the day.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs look like normal plugs that can be fitted into your existing wall outlets. They can be easily connected to your Wi-Fi devices or Bluetooth network, so you can control your smart devices.

Once you have set up the smart plug, you can use several smart appliances and even schedule them at a particular time. For instance, you could set up your water heater so that you can have warm water for a bath when you wake up. Or you can turn off or on the cooker when the cooking time is over.

Smart Thermostats

This is another great smart device that you can use if you want to control the energy of your home. Smart thermostat programs themselves to give you maximum comfort while ensuring energy efficiency. You can adjust the temperate as per the weather conditions. Thus, they have algorithms that allow you to create heating or cooling schedules through their application.

Smart Cookers

Smart pressure cookers let you cook food with minimal effort as several features are blended into one. You can easily mince and blend ingredients in one single pot and preheat the cooker from your phone. Many advanced cookers also have the sauté feature, so you can easily cook your food.

Please note that smart cookers also need a steady internet connection to function.  Otherwise, you will end up with overcooked, or undercooked food. So, ensure you have a good internet connection. If you are looking for a better internet connection, we suggest you subscribe to Windstream Internet. It offers incredible internet services and great plans with different speed tiers to meet the demands of internet users. In addition, the provider does not even throttle your internet connection, so you can easily cook your food through the application. You can visit its website for more information if you are interested in knowing more about its services.

Smart Refrigerators

Now your refrigerator is also connected to your smartphone and you can easily control its functions. It has a built-in touchscreen, via which you can view recipes and even use the screen to display video. These advanced refrigerators can provide both hot and cold water and as a user, you just have to set the temperature and get a notification when it is done. In addition, a smart refrigerator can also read out recipes for you so you can continue to cook with ease.

Smart Showers

Smart showers are compatible with virtual assistants and are specially designed to help people save water. You can set a particular temperature, and it will notify you as soon as the water reaches the particular temperature. Furthermore, it comes with a Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to your favorite songs.

Smart Hubs

If you have several devices in your home, then purchasing a smart hub for controlling all of them is an incredible idea. The hub is usually directly connected to the router, so you can use your Wi-Fi network to connect it to the internet. This device works as a unifying interface, so you access and control all the devices from one place, and make your life more convenient and comfortable. For instance, once you adjust the lighting applications, the hub controls all the functions on your behalf. You can always adjust the settings to ensure your smart devices function as per your preferences.

To Conclude

We have listed some of the brilliant smart home devices you can use to make your life more comfortable and easier. So, if you have not upgraded your home with smart home technology, then now is the time to do so.