The Beauty and Convenience of Bulk Roses for Weddings and Events

The Beauty and Convenience of Bulk Roses for Weddings and Events

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Are you choosing flowers to decorate the holiday? Take a look at wholesale roses from FiftyFlowers. They are suitable for any holiday and will keep a festive look for up to 8 days.

5 Reasons to Buy Wholesale Roses for a Wedding or Another Event

The rose is a classic holiday flower, and this belief arose for good reason. Here are some reasons you should choose these flowers for your event.

  1. Roses are suitable for any color scheme of the event. The variety of flower colors is limited only by your imagination: there are natural shades of pink, red, yellow, white, lilac, etc. And if desired, you can use roses painted in blue, gold, silver, etc. On FiftyFlowers, specify the color scheme of your event, and the site will offer you suitable flowers.
  2. They store well. Roses keep fresh for a long time. Even if for some reason, they remain without water for several hours, they easily restore freshness after absorbing some water. For the flowers to last longer, we recommend adding the floral antibacterial powder to the vase.
  3. Roses can be preserved. Preserved flowers are durable, do not need water, and can be painted in any color.
  4. Rose petals can be made of them. Like the flowers themselves, the petals remain fresh for a long time and do not wither or acquire an unpleasant brown color. They are perfect for decorating the photo zone, tables, or floor in the festive hall.
  5. They smell delicate. Even if the room is filled with bouquets, the smell won’t be too pungent.

FiftyFlowers: How to Get Beautiful Wholesale Roses?

Wholesale roses are sold in bunches of 25 pieces. Each flower has one bud, and the length of the stem is usually 40 cm (unless the other is stated in the description). Order flowers for your event, follow the rules of care, and your bouquet will stay fresh for 8 days or more!

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