Are Coffee Lovers Safer Drivers?

Are Coffee Lovers Safer Drivers?

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Most people like coffee and drink one in the morning to wake and forget about it. And some crave for it and want to have one in hand all day long. Again, some drink cups and cups of it during the day while others sip from the same cup all day long. Everyone has their own way and today there are tens of choices.

It is common knowledge that coffee contains caffeine which keeps the mind awake. So, it is believed to be helping people study, concentrate and stay alert when driving. Also, many people would avoid having any of it after certain hours claiming that it prevents them from going to sleep.

There have been several studies on the subject. According to them, motorists do a better job on the roads when they drive a little coffee in comparison to the ones who don’t. They stay in their lanes and they don’t sway on the road. However, it is something that is difficult to carry out a substantial survey. In the meantime, we may just need to believe that it helps.

It may be time that auto insurance companies do a study on it and see if it improves driving. Probably, they would have done it already if they could figure out a way to determine if someone had a coffee prior to and during the journey. Everything that prevents accidents must be a good thing for them.

They are looking at every aspect of our lives to determine the risk levels. So, why not offer lower car insurance prices for coffee drinkers. Here is an advertising campaign idea in partnership with a coffee brand. It would probably drum up a lot of business.

In the past, vehicle insurers were happy to give a small discount for even gimmicks as part of a business drive. For example, at some point you could get 10% savings on your policy premium by just following the company on Facebook. Those times are over for the time being as they are facing a serious vehicle insurance price pressure due to increased costs.

Night Time Driving Tips

As mentioned earlier, drinking coffee or similar products can only help up to a point. In some parts of the world, some long-distance drivers chew leaves of certain plants to help them remain alert and prevent falling to sleep. But there are a few other things you could do to prevent accidents and avoid hefty automobile insurance premium increases, as well as injuries and loss of earnings.

1. Take a Quick Nap

At times, nothing would help and a driver would keep getting drowsy. The best thing to do at such times is to pull over to a rest area and shut your eyes for a few minutes. An hour of sleep would help a lot. Then, you can wash your face, have a coffee and get back on the road when you are on a tight schedule. You can easily make up the time later on.

2. Keep a Wider Distance

It does help to travel with the traffic at night. Empty roads are more likely to make people complacent and sleepy. But, don’t follow tightly as your reflexes may not be as good. Also, mind your headlights so as to not to disturb other drivers. As soon as you realize there is a vehicle approaching you should dim your lights.

3. Get Yourself and Equipment Checked

If you are driving long distances regularly you should get your eyesight checked. A blurred vision would be dangerous, especially at night. Also, get your wipers checked and replaced regularly. You don’t want to get caught with rain and bad wipers that make things worse.

4. Never Ever Drink and Drive

Alcohol does the opposite of coffee and impairs people’s vision and awareness. There is no excuse for drunk driving. The chances of having an accident significantly increases when you take a mind altering substance or alcohol.

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