How do you start a source of passive income with the help of the BitIq app?

How do you start a source of passive income with the help of the BitIq app?

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The crypto market is becoming the new place for a safe investment for investors from all over the world. This digital currency gains its value from a peer-to-peer system and there is no record of transactions available. The crypto market was ignored by traders due to its volatile and unpredictable nature for a long time.

But from the day automated trading platforms such as the BitIq app have been invented, this market has become the first priority for traders. This AI support has helped a lot in winning the confidence of those investors who keep a distance from this marketplace. A daily trading volume of more than $30 billion is enough to tell that the investors are thinking positively about this market.

The BitIq app is designed to make the complex crypto market an easy-to-trade market and to earn maximum profit with a very low-risk factor. This platform is assisted by a set of advanced AI tools and complex algorithms to solve complicated market patterns and predict accurate trading signals. All this process is done in a matter of seconds and the platform is always a second ahead of the actual market. This is why the signals generated by its robot are always profitable if utilize smartly. The accuracy of signals generated by this platform is claimed 90%. This is a huge accuracy claim whichis not verified by any third-party platform or authority. But the reviews show that this claim is true which is and the signals are highly accurate.

How to create an account with the BitIq app?

The BitIq app is designed with the simplest interface so that a person with no trading experience can also take this app like a pro and earn daily confirm profits. Everything is clearly described and you do not need to learn its basics before using it, the platform itself teaches you how to use it.

To create your account with BitIq, follow the simple process mentioned below.


For registration, go to the official website of the BitIq app and fill out a registration form with your basic information. The registration form is available at the top of the main page. Then you have to add your full name, your contact number, the country where you are currently living, and an active email address for further communications. Create a strong password at the end and hit the “start trading” button.

The platform would verify your given details and will let you know about the activation of the account through an email. That is what you need to do to create your account with this handy AI platform. It would never take more than 10 minutes to complete this process.

Do I start a source of passive income with the help of the BitIq app?

In the present time where inflation is hitting the “ever-highest” trademark, everyone feels a need of having a source of passive income to meet this issue without any stress. But as you better know, starting a business to have a source of passive income demands huge investments. Moreover, you cannot ignore the business where you have invested your money and thus you will feel frustrated due to focus diversion.

The BitIq app allows you to have a source of consistent passive income with very little investment. You can start your account with this handy app only investing $250. This is the amount you need to maintain in your account vault to execute trades and quin profits.

You can go for the auto trading mode where your input is almost zero. You only have to invest money and set some risk parameters for your robot and the rest of the work will be done automatically.

The bot will analyze the market and create predicted patterns in real time. If that predicted pattern is profitable according to the settings customized by you, the bot will lock trade without wasting a moment and the profit will be transferred into your account instantly. You only need to spare 15 minutes daily to check the market situations and make changes in the settings if needed.

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