Rebranding: Go-2-market engine for crypto projects

Rebranding: Go-2-market engine for crypto projects

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P2B cryptocurrency exchange rebranding

Every successful project needs a space for improvement, particularly worthwhile transformation. We are pleased to announce that P2PB2B is now P2B crypto exchange — after looking back on our journey, hearing out the local community, and analyzing the most recent developments in the crypto sector, we wanted to step on a larger scale.

Here’s what you can call it now: Place-2-Be. In addition to expanding our cryptocurrency exchange, our company was seeking solutions that would help community members and cryptocurrency initiatives grow not only in numbers but also in quality.

Over the previous five years, our service has launched over a thousand cryptocurrency projects of all sizes and goals. Our team strongly thinks there is a space for each individual who wants to express their enthusiasm through crypto initiatives, and we always work to be receptive to everyone’s brilliant ideas.

Introducing P2B

Beneficial developments were only a matter of time. Our rebranding turns out to be even more. It’s a big change of narrative ? from being just a cryptocurrency exchange and launchpad to a community-centered network of crypto-enthusiasts.

P2B is a strong engine to grow your crypto projects with, trade successfully, and become a part of the global crypto community. We consult, advise, and, what’s more important, support. We believe that everyone has a right for a decent Place 2 Be in the world of cryptocurrency.

P2B for traders

Your entry into the crypto market will never go smoother than with us. We ensure your first steps in crypto trading are safe, using high-end security technologies and KYC policies.

P2B can be your best insights provider, supplying you with relevant news about crypto and a constant supply of new listings. We analyze, evaluate, and share ? everything for your best crypto trading ideas and strategies.

Given the number of trusted crypto projects we list, you as a trader have a huge pool of opportunities to diversify your crypto portfolio. Being a part of a P2B trading community means being on time for the hottest market updates and arrivals.

P2B for crypto start-ups

Regardless of the scale of your crypto project, P2B will make sure it gets listed successfully and finds new investors. Crowdfunding and listing with us is a safe and insightful journey that will give you an opportunity to enter tier-one exchanges.

What do we do for crypto projects?

  1. Audit and consulting. We will highlight the strongest points of your project and find any problems that might step on the path to success. Together with your project team, we can polish the final product before listing it.
  2. The easy application process for listing. While we treat seriously every project we consider for listing, the process is adjusted to be as convenient for you as possible. Our 24/7 support team can consult you, help you with all the required paperwork, and gently guide you to the listing.
  3. A full set of marketing tools. Our crypto marketing experts make sure a lot of people know about your token and the project’s ecosystem. We boost social media presence, spark conversations, and promote the project literally everywhere ? from e-mail newsletters within the community to social media and influencers.

We also provide you with an IEo and IDO Launchpad that already skyrocketed hundreds of projects, bringing them into the crypto market. P2B offers lower fees and a better crowdfunding experience, supporting you at every stage of the process.

Our goals

Our primary objective is to establish a developed cryptocurrency ecosystem with a wide range of open and successful projects. We’ve created a set of goals and principles that fundamentally aid in achieving them.

  1. Utilizing our knowledge to broaden the cryptocurrency market. The P2B exchange platform will help you during every phase of your cryptocurrency journey, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro. Have the greatest and most valuable trading information as a crypto seller or buyer, and be among the first to learn about brand-new, exciting initiatives.
  2. The vital trait that trust is determines how engaged the platform is. In order to meet our objective of making P2B a welcoming and approachable community, we follow a clear approach that involves educating users about the current state of the market and evaluating projects objectively. Additionally, we accept projects that share our values to have a home here since we feel that everyone deserves the chance to develop, and if a project is listed on P2B, it already has a lot of promise.
  3. We aim for our solutions to be as practical for you. P2B exchange provides a highly user-friendly approach for traders and teams working on cryptocurrency projects to use the network. We offer online meetings with our experts regardless of your time zone.  We can also help you with quick transactions and helpful trading advice if you wish to swap coins profitably in a few clicks.

Join the fastest-growing crypto community ? P2B welcomes everyone who shares our passion for the global crypto ecosystem.

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