Smarty Security Bulb Review 2022 (Warning!): Don’t Buy Smarty Camera Until You Read This!

Smarty Security Bulb Review 2022 (Warning!): Don’t Buy Smarty Camera Until You Read This!

Overall, Smarty Security Bulb Review has received various feedbacks which are positive. Many customers gave it a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, according to the review of smarty security bulb on trendspickers.

You’ll love to hear this if you are strongly urged to constantly monitor things happening within or around your home. The days of spending a fortune on home surveillance and security systems are fading away. The Smarty Security Bulb has stepped into its place as an affordable surveillance and lighting option for homes.

With the aid of this innovative device, you can keep tabs on what goes on in your home, even while you’re asleep or away. In addition, you can monitor things on your mobile devices.

We can assure you that keeping an eye on things and staying in touch has never been this easy, and you shouldn’t miss out on it. Nevertheless, consider the details of Smarty Security Bulb in this article. Chances are, it’ll make your decision easier.

What is Smarty Security Bulb?

Smarty Security Bulb is an affordable and hugely reliable home surveillance device. Not your regular bulb, even though it can light up a whole room. It’s imbued with a 1080 HD high-resolution camera that can connect directly to your home WiFi. The output can then be viewed on your mobile device.

This revolutionary product gives people who can’t easily afford the existing surveillance system an opportunity to stay in charge of their home security. Therefore, regardless of where you’re, you can quickly keep an eye on things and alert the authorities if there’s a problem.

How Does Smarty Security Bulb Work?

Smarty Security Bulb has a 1080p video resolution camera that can survey an entire environment. This camera can pan up, down, right, and left and is capable of a 360o rotation. You can see what’s happening at your home when you aren’t there through the connection to your mobile device. You can also watch your baby or pets in a different room.


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In addition, this device has an alarm feature that can be activated on your phone to scare intruders away. Even at night, you still get clear footage of your property because of its full-color night vision.

Smarty Security Bulb  – Features

Part of what makes Smarty Security Bulb a user favorite are the multiple features that aid its functionality. The overall design and specific aspects are designed with precision to perform roles that expand the range of benefits.

Features that make Smarty Security Bulb outstanding include:

1.             1080p HD Camera

The 1080p HD camera produces high-quality home videos and provides excellent details viewable on your mobile phone. Since it’s for surveillance, it’s only fitting you get the best video quality that emphasizes even the tiniest details.

2.             360o Pan/Tilt Rotation

Smarty Security Bulb can pan up, down, left, or right to catch every home corner and relay it to you. It is also capable of a 360o rotation to further broaden the range it can capture. This feature allows you to see every corner and miss nothing while away.

3.             Bright Light

As it’s a bulb and takes up a bulb outlet, depending on your choice, this device has four (4) bright lights you can turn on to light up the room. Also, if you detect motion in a particular home part, you can turn on the bulb to get a better view.

4.             Motion Tracking and Real-Time Alerts

Smarty Security Bulb has automatic motion sensors that can pick up movement and follow it till it’s out of range. Once it detects movement, a real-time alert gets sent to your Tuya mobile app. You can decide if that’s an intruder or not.

5.             Alarm Function

Besides detecting motion and sending real-time alerts, Smarty Security Bulb also has an alarm feature. When you get real-time alerts, you could decide to activate this alarm feature to scare away the intruder, whether human or animal.

6.             Full Color Night Vision

Full-color night vision comes on automatically when the sun sets. Its aim is to ensure the continuous transmission of high-quality video coverage of your home.

Although infrared night vision in conventional cameras allows them to transmit videos at night, this device’s full-color night vision is better with higher quality. It uses a supercharged infrared LED to send high-quality videos to your mobile device.

7.             Two Way Audio

The two-way audio allows you to communicate with your family wherever you are. On your mobile device, you can speak to them, and they’ll hear you perfectly through the Smarty Security Bulb. They can equally talk back, and you’ll hear them.

This feature comes very handy when keeping an eye on younger kids or pets, especially when they are up to no good or trying to pull off a dangerous stunt.

8.             WiFi Connection and 64GB Storage

Smarty Security Bulb can connect directly to your home WiFi, giving you access to the recordings through an easy-to-use app. It also has a 64GB memory card that stores your recordings.

Therefore, you may not need to upload to clouds monthly. This serves as an archive you can pull out if you need to resolve a particular security issue or even recover certain information about a specific day at home.

9.             Compatible with Bulb Outlets or Wall Adapter

The design of this device considers the size of standard bulb outlets in the home, so you can easily screw it in and out of one. There’s no need to search for a peculiar bulb outlet it can fit into. You can also plug into an A/C outlet using a special wall adapter.

Benefits of Smarty Security Bulb

Installing Smarty Security Bulb in your home comes with certain advantages, and here are some of them.

1.             Be security Conscious

Smarty Security Bulb keeps an eye on every corner of your home. It pans up, down, left, right, and rotates 360 to capture high-resolution videos of different angles of your home. Accessing this video on your mobile device keeps you in the loop so you can know when things aren’t going right.

Part of its unique design features detects motion. It sends a real-time notification which you can respond to with an alarm to scare off the intruder. Also, this device has a 64GB memory card slot you can use to save recordings. You can revisit them at any time if the need arises.

2.             Monitor Kids and Pets

You can’t be everywhere simultaneously, but Smarty Security Bulb gives you an edge. With it, you can keep an eye on your kids or pets when they’re in a different room from you. You can see when they’re up to no good and can call their attention through the two-way audio perk. You can also speak to them even when they’re not getting into trouble, so they don’t feel alone. It could be fun as well.

3.             Security Light Source

This device has four (4) bright lights that can light up the whole place and serve as a security light. This way, you can have a better view of your surroundings.

How to Use Smarty Security Bulb

Using this device is pretty simple. It’s no different from installing a light bulb in the home. Within a minute, you can be done with screwing it securely into the bulb outlet. Once screwed in, you connect the camera through an easy-to-use app on your phone. Going forward, you can see everything going on at home on your apple or android device.

Pros of Smarty Security Bulb Reviews

  • Gives a wholesome view of every corner of the home.
  • Allows two-way communication between you and those at home.
  • Transmits a high-quality video both during the day and at night.
  • The bright light can illuminate a place properly.
  • Has a 64GB memory card that safely stores your recordings.
  • It’s pretty affordable.
  • Tracks motion.
  • Does not require a battery to function.

Cons of Smarty Security Camera

  • It can only be purchased online, so it’s not available in stores within the country.
  • Due to high demand, quantities available sell off quickly, leaving none behind. So, you need to act fast to secure one or more.

Cost of Smarty Security Bulb

Smarty Security Bulb comes at a surprisingly affordable price, given all it can accomplish. Due to such a price, most people who’d have loved to have surveillance of their home but couldn’t because of cost now have a shot at it.

A single Smarty Security Bulb costs $29 after an instant 50% discount due to an ongoing promo. Purchasing three or more of these devices allows you to save more.

The ongoing promo has a limited duration, so you need to place an order sooner than later to benefit from it.

Where to Purchase Smarty Security Bulb Today

Purchase is made online through this link. To make a purchase, do the following:

Get Smarty Bulb at the Lowest Available Price From the Official Store

  • Fill out a form requiring your name, email, and address, then click on “Activate 50% Off Coupon” to qualify for the 50% discount. This info will also be used to deliver your order, so ensure it’s accurate.
  • A new page appears where you select the quantity you wish to purchase.
  • Make payments through any of your preferred channels.
  • After placing your order, it takes 5-7 business days to have your package delivered.

The manufacturers grant a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee to every purchase. Within this window, you can contact or email their support team if unsatisfied with this product. You can return the Smarty Security Bulb and get a 100% refund, including your shipping fee. So, you run zero risk purchasing this product.

Smarty Security Bulb Customer Reviews

Smarty Security Bulb has been doing fantastic in the market but let’s hear it from some satisfied customers.

James says “This product is easy to set up, produces excellent quality pictures, and the camera views can be preset. It can effectively track a person, even our little dog. The response team is also doing a stellar job. We reached out to them on a Sunday, and they immediately returned to us.”

Charles says “I’d be lying if I said I’m not in love with how convenient it is to set up smarty security bulb. Setting up the app wasn’t stressful either. I had to get a mini SD card for it to record images and videos. I recommend getting this one if you’re looking for a wireless security camera.”

Terry  says “As promised, smarty camera pans up, down, left, right, and goes 360 to create perfect views. The motion sensor is also on fleek, and the device has features you’d only dream of finding in big-name cameras. I can’t also leave out the 64GB SD card slot. I totally recommend this product!”

Frequently Asked Questions About Smarty Security Bulb Review

1. Does this camera work during blackouts?

No, it doesn’t, as it has no batteries and relies solely on consistent power. However, once the light is restored, it immediately swings into action.

2. How long does Smarty Security Bulb last?

This product has a life expectancy of 20 – 30 years but living up to this depends on your ability to use it carefully. Nevertheless, the manufacturers give a 3 years warranty on each purchase so you can return it for a replacement if it gets faulty.

3. How do I download the app?

You can do this by scanning the QR code on the product’s official website. Or you can search “YL LoT” on your phone’s app store.

Smarty Security Bulb Review – Closing Thoughts

Security surveillance hasn’t been this easy and affordable, thanks to technology as explained in this Smarty Security Bulb Review. Now you can monitor things happening at home through your mobile device. This product is imbued with many security perks, including a motion sensor and a real-time alert and alarm system. You can scare intruders off.

Smarty Security Bulb also enables two-way communication between you and folks in order parts of the house. This further enhances the surveillance feature.

Additionally, it’s affordable with juicy discounts and an offer to save more with every additional quantity selected. Home security surveillance is revolutionizing, and you shouldn’t miss out on this fascinating invention.

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