5 Perfect Diamond Cut Options for Three-Stone Engagement Rings

5 Perfect Diamond Cut Options for Three-Stone Engagement Rings

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A three-stone diamond ring is also called a trilogy or trinity ring. The three diamonds are generally set straight in a row. They are popular in events like marriage, anniversaries, and even for proposals.

A large solitaire diamond band is another classic and versatile piece of jewelry for daily wear. However, three stunning diamond rings allow expressing the unique personality of your loved one sensationally. Trilogy rings are statement rings that can be paired with eternity or plain bands.

The Three-stone rings collection is diverse in styles. There are timeless, modern, vintage-inspired and so much more. Finding a perfect 3-stone engagement ring style suitable to your to-be fiancée is simple.

The symbolism of 3-stone engagement rings

  • Friendship, Love & Fidelity – These are the three building blocks essential for an eternal relationship.
  • Past, Present & Future – Three diamond rings convey a love story that bloomed in the past, is booming at present, and will continue in the future.
  • Mother, Father, & Son – Devoted couples associate the three stones with the Holy Trinity. Each stone represents the Holy Spirit, the father, and the son.

Diamonds are even grown professionally in laboratories. People are skeptical about buying lab-grown diamonds, but the chemical & physical properties are similar to natural mined diamonds. Their shape, color, size, and clarity are similar to natural diamonds.

Visually both look the same and have similar durability and hardness level. The only dissimilarity is that there is no nitrogen in lab-created diamonds, while the natural ones have traces of nitrogen.

Trinity rings offer versatility, beauty, symbolic meaning, and extra bling. Man-made diamonds are around 30% to 40% lower in price than natural diamonds. You cannot detect a difference with the naked eye, as lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and optical properties as their mined counterparts. They are considered more ethical and eco-friendly as no mining process is involved.

5 Diamond cut options for most three-stone diamond rings

1.     Cushion-cut

The cushion cut is a blend of round and contemporary brilliant-cut patterns. The diamond has a rectangular or square shape with curved edges. The rounded corners look like a pillow, so the name ‘Cushion-cut.’

A three stone cushion-cut lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

2.     Princess-cut

In the past, Princess-cut was termed a ‘Profile-cut’. The profile cut has 58 facets but the princess diamond cut, popular today, has 49 facets. It is generally square-shaped with a pyramid profile and sharp edges. It is a regal option to the round brilliant cut. A less rough diamond gets wasted while cutting, so it is an economical choice to round diamonds.

3.     Emerald-cut

The step-cut facets create elongated lines inside the diamond making your finger look slimmer when worn. The surface looks large, stunning, and elegant. Surround the diamond with a band or halo, and the emerald cut’s stunning look is unmatched. Due to the open appearance of the Emerald-cut, any color inside the diamond is visible. Visit Sunny Eden™ to look at the 2ct emerald-cut lab-grown diamond ring collection.

A three stone emerald-cut lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

4.     Baguette-cut

In the art deco era, the baguette cut was favored a lot, but it is made popular again. The step cut in the diamond is slender, elongated, and rectangular. The common length-to-breadth ratio is 5:1. Baguette diamond cuts can be tapered on one side and set in a fan cluster around the center stone. They will appear like frozen icicles offering a vintage look.

5.     Asscher-cut

Asscher cuts are nearly similar to emerald cuts. The obvious difference is they are square and not rectangular. The cut features large steps of square facets with a high crown producing brilliance. Diamond experts refer to Asscher cut diamonds sparkle and shine as an infinite hallway decorated with reflective mirrors.

Styles Choices for Three stone Diamond Rings

  • Shapes

Two shapes princess or round brilliant are popular because they are cut proportionately and symmetrically. Setting the three stones in a ring is easy. If a center diamond is chosen in the shape of a pear, marquise, heart, or oval then carefully choose the side stones.

For example, heart-shaped 1.5ct diamonds match well with marquise side stones, while oval shapes don’t. Tapered baguette cut side stones are a great choice for any shape of diamonds in the center – angular or curved.

  • Quality

The stone quality of all three diamonds must be scrutinized. Consider the diamond’s clarity and carats. Choosing a high-quality center stone but ignoring side stones can result in a mismatch-looking ring. As all three stones are crucial you need to go for the same color category.

For example, mixing D-grade stone with a couple of I-grade side stones creates a mismatch. The two I-grade stones have yellow tints, which will be visible but if you desire that look it is fine; otherwise, avoid it. Choosing D-E-F [colorless] or G-H-I [near to colorless] is fine, but all three stones must have the same quality.

  • Metal

The chosen metal for setting the three diamonds needs to suit your partner’s style. If she gravitates towards warm color tones, then choose rose or yellow gold. If she is attracted to cooler hues, then white gold or platinum is great.

  • Carats

The measuring unit of diamonds is carats. It refers to weight instead of a diamond size. It means that the 4ct diamond is heavier than a 3ct.

One ct. = 0.2 gm. Therefore 1ct round cut diamond measures 6.5mm in diameter. The diamond’s value depends on clarity, cut, color, and carat. Diamonds with the same carats will differ in value.

For that extra passion, you can customize a lab-grown diamond ring at Sunny Eden™Synthetic diamonds cost a lot less than a mined diamond of the same grade. You can even get creative and have a fancy colored diamond made from the carbon extracted from hair and set in the ring. It will make your engagement ring one-of-a-kind.

FAQs and concerns about three-stone engagement rings

1.     Are three-stone engagement rings popular?

A three-stone diamond engagement ring has a strong sentimental meaning because each stone represents something precious, so they have grown in popularity in this fashion-forward era. The 3-stone rings make a statement and are always connected with a love message that people will feel intrigued to ask.

2.     What wedding band looks best with three-stone engagement rings?

For a thin engagement ring choose a thin wedding band. Pave bands are thin including tiny diamonds flushed on the surface. Diamond rings with center stone in square or diamond are hard for rings to flush. However, the spacing will allow the rigid diamond shape to look natural. Eternity wedding bands will even work nicely with rigid-shaped diamonds on the engagement ring.

3.     What should the size of the diamond be for a three-stone ring?

You can choose diamonds of the same size or play with sizes. Keep side stones a little  than a central stone in a channel or pave setting. You can even opt for a larger central stone, which represents your life’s current sweet moments with your partner….so sweet!

A three-stone diamond engagement ring offers versatility in style. Never limit your imagination, but there is a horrible thing called a budget. Choose a variety of cuts including Cushion, Princess, Baguette, Emerald, and Asscher. Never feel concerned about customizing a special design for the most loved person in your life. Proposal rings are chosen with care to express your love. The three stone diamond rings reveal a symbol of eternal love.

Get creative and have three diamonds from hair embedded in the ring or you can choose the antique horizontal diamond setting with a yellow band.

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