Different Terms and Common Names Used for Various Playground Equipment for Kids

Different Terms and Common Names Used for Various Playground Equipment for Kids

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There have been playgrounds for more than a century. What originally started as a simple sand garden has now fully developed into playgrounds filled with several intricate, themed, and educational, elements. Equipment used in playground nowadays, are safer and composed of more durable materials because of the improvements in standards and technology. A simple slide and a few swings would be entertaining for some kids, but they wouldn’t pique the interest of other kids. That is why now there are so many different options.

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Different Terms for Playground Equipment


Swings are playground equipment which is the most used piece of equipment. Swings often have a seat that is connected to an above frame by a chain or rope. Children can swing all day long if the rope or harness has a sturdy structure and supportive seats.


There aren’t many playgrounds that don’t feature slides of varying sizes or shapes. Children sprint to the top, where they immediately slide down within seconds. Parents prefer tunnel slides because there are no sharp edges. Children adore the spiral slide’s exciting spin. In addition to a more straightforward slide with a straight line, spiral slides are a fun addition.


For kids, merry-go-rounds are a blast. There are a variety of ways to add spinning to your playground, however, the classic one is fun when riding with friends. A small individual spinner can be used by a youngster to spin by themselves. Some offer greater control and safety by allowing children to spin while seated inside a frame.

Spring Rider

A spring rider supports a seat of some sort, frequently in the form of an animal like a horse, using a powerful spring. A child must hold on tightly as the piece of equipment will sway back and forth once they are seated on it. Younger kids often love these kinds of toys quite a bit, however, they might require some help from a parent to do so.


Playground “climber” equipment comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Climbing gear can differ significantly in appearance from one item to the next. This refers to anything that children can climb, as the name would imply. It can be a set of monkey bars, a wall or ladder with handles, or all three.


We want see-saws to be an option on all our playgrounds because we remember what it was like to play on one. The diverse sizes allow toddlers and youngsters to hop on and enjoy the bounce, so it’s not just for older kids.


Tubes are typically placed at ground level so that tiny children can crawl through them from end to end. A little child enjoys the exciting adventure of going through the tube without ever leaving the ground.

There is various other playground equipment with unique features, but the above-mentioned terms are the most installed. Most equipment is traditional, but modified with current trends.

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