Hydrow Wave Review: Is it Worth the Price?

Hydrow Wave Review: Is it Worth the Price?

Are you tired of paying hundreds in gym membership dues annually? Are you tired of having to wait your turn at seemingly every machine in the crowded gym? Are you worried about new viruses being transmitted on dirty machines at the gym?

If so, it’s beyond time to outfit a home gym using that extra space you have in your apartment or home.

Home fitness may have been overrated in the past, but that’s since changed with all of the innovative brands unveiling new products yearly.

The rowing space has seen much of that innovation with brands like Hydrow leading the charge. With these innovative companies, there’s never been a better time to invest in a home workout rowing machine.

While you may have needed to sacrifice the quality of your home workouts in the past, that’s no longer the case.

Nowadays, these workout machines pack a punch and can deliver highly effective rowing workouts in the comfort of your home. There already wasn’t a lot to complain about with Hydrow’s previous rowing offering.

Now, there’s even less.

There is a lot to like about the new Hydrow Wave rowing machine. It easily delivers one of the best value propositions in the marketplace. If you’re in the market for a new rowing machine, this one is likely to catch your eye.

By the end of this review, you’re likely going to want to head to Hydrow’s website and get the Hydrow Wave for yourself. Ready? Buckle up, you’re in for a ‘not so bumpy’ ride with the Hydrow Wave.

What is the Hydrow Wave?

Image: https://www.techawards.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/hydrow-wave.jpg

The Hydrow Wave is the brand Hydrow’s latest offering in the rowing space. It’s officially Hydrow’s second iteration of its award-winning Hydrow series.

It’s essentially Hydrow’s answer to the noticeable gap in the marketplace.

After all, Hydrow’s original machine came in at a very expensive price point. A hefty price point of $2,495 which is not a price many newcomers to rowing would be willing nor able to pay.

In Hydrow’s official press release, it noted that this particular model was designed to solve two of the major issues (space and cost) that stop people from buying a rowing machine and bringing it into their homes

Did they succeed in doing so?

Well, the Hydrow Wave slashes the price of their first iteration by an incredible $1,000. This alone is likely to put the new Wave model into the line of sight of budget-conscious consumers. However, they took it a step further and addressed the space concerns too. The new Wave model has a smaller overall footprint measuring (80in x 19in x 43in).

This is small compared to the original model which measured in at (86in x 25in x 47in). What’s more, the newer model also cuts the weight by a total of 43 pounds as it weighs in at just over 100 pounds (officially 102).

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What Makes it Different From the Original Hydrow?

You are probably thinking that there were significant sacrifices made to the new model to achieve a smaller footprint. After all, how could they possibly sell a Hydrow machine at a whopping $1,000 less than the original while retaining the same exceptional build quality?

Believe it or not, Hydrow not only managed to deliver a similar Hydrow experience with the build quality, but they managed to do so without any noticeable sacrifices.

  • Screen

Yes, the included touchscreen is smaller at only 16 inches compared to the 22 on the original machine. This is a noticeable difference from appearance, but it doesn’t make a noticeable difference in the overall experience. Is this a deal breaker? It depends. If you are someone that is planning on using the machine to relax and watch some Netflix, it could perhaps make a difference. However, if you are getting the machine to do what it’s intended which is to get in an effective rowing workout while enjoying the immerse experience you get with the included screen – not so much.

  • Size

This is where the Hydrow and the Hydrow Wave are vastly different. The CEO said they wanted a machine that was more practical for the average person. This meant designing a machine that could be used in tighter spaces.

The Hydrow Wave achieves this by being a 30% smaller machine compared to the original Hydrow.

Not only that but the new Wave can easily be moved around to fit your space. Previously, you had to dedicate a lot of space to the original Hydrow machine much like a fixed piece of furniture.

The new Wave is designed to seamlessly be integrated into your space as a one-size-fits-all solution. Along with it having a lesser footprint, it also weighs substantially less.

This helps you move the rowing machine around as needed or utilize the vertical storage solution that you can add to your machine.

  • Price

The price of the new Wave is so much lower than the original Hydrow that it needs to be noted as a major differentiating factor.

The reason they made the newer model was to make a machine that appealed to a larger audience and a more budget-conscious consumer. Not many people are going to be willing nor able to plop down over $2,000 for a rowing machine when they aren’t serious rowing enthusiasts.

The Hydrow Wave appeals to both newcomers and rowing enthusiasts alike. Incredibly, they manage to deliver the same world-class rowing experience while slashing $1,000 off the original Hydrow’s MSRP.

The new Hydrow Wave starts at a very competitive $1,500.

  • Materials

While you would assume they cut corners in the materials and build quality to slash the price by $1,000 – they didn’t. They managed to slash the price without sacrificing the same superb build quality that the Hydrow is known for.

While the new Wave does use an engineered thermoplastic polymer frame, it’s not noticeably different than the included frame on the original Hydrow.

What’s even more amazing, despite it having a smaller footprint, it delivers the same 375-pound weight capacity [2]. This should go to show how impressive the build quality is for being a much more affordable machine.

The black polycarbonate looks incredibly good and it delivers the same excellent contemporary aesthetics that the original Hydrow offers.

The Wave Live & On Demand Workout Experience

1. Live Workouts

Hydrow offers live workouts that you can use along with the Hydrow Wave. The workouts can be done using both machines equally. These workouts are led by world-class athletes and in real-time while on the water.

They make for a very immersive experience. The lesser 16-inch display does make a difference in the type of experience you are getting in terms of immersiveness.

There is no doubt about that. But the experience is still excellent as the monitor delivers impressive visual quality.

2. On-Demand Workouts

Not everyone has time to schedule their daily lives around live workouts and that’s perfectly fine. Hydrow delivers on-demand workouts that are just as good as live workouts.

You get to choose from a library of over 3,000 workouts to find something that you are interested in. This impressive video collection only grows as more classes get recorded.

You will never be left without athlete-led training videos that you can rely on to get in an effective workout.

3. Immersive Journeys

Much like with the original Hydrow, you get the same immersive journey experience. Like with the other immersive workouts, the smaller screen does impact your experience here.

While the screen delivers the same journey, it’s not going to be as immersive on a 16-inch FHD display versus a 22-inch HD display.

4. On The Mat and Distance Rows

With the Hydrow Wave and a Hydrow subscription, you get the same access to on-the-mat and distance rowing workouts. The only difference being you won’t be able to adjust the monitor nor pivot it for easier on-the-mat workout visibility.

This means you’ll need to position your mat behind the rowing machine to see it while you work out. This is a compromise that you’ll need to make with the more affordable Wave machine.

The original Hydrow features a monitor that adjusts 30 degrees up and down and that pivots 50 degrees left and right for easier viewing during on-the-mat workouts.

Size and Specs

  • The Hydrow Wave has an in-use footprint of (80″ L x 19″ W x 43″ H).
  • The Hydrow Wave has a stored footprint of (26.5″ W x 30″ D x 82″ H).
  • The Hydrow Wave weighs in at 102 pounds.

Specs: The machine features a 16-inch 1080p screen. The monitor does not adjust at all. It can be folded for easier storage and an optional vertical storage accessory can be used with it.

It’s made out of black polycarbonate.

Hydrow Wave Pros & Cons


1. Smaller Footprint

This machine is a design marvel. The fact the designers were able to make a machine that is 30% smaller while retaining the same 375-pound weight capacity is nothing short of amazing.

The machine is much easier to fit in a smaller space whether it be a small apartment or in the corner of a room. You will appreciate the smaller footprint if that was holding you back from getting the original Hydrow.

It’s noticeably smaller.

2. Same Sleek Appearance and Build Quality

You would think they may have needed to cut some corners when it came to both the aesthetics and build quality.

I’m happy to report that they didn’t. You get the same modern aesthetic present in the more expensive and robust Hydrow rowing machine.

The Wave features a sleek black frame that isn’t going to be an eye sore in your room.

3. Quiet Operation

This is a big concern of a lot of people interested in at-home machines in general. This is especially true when it comes to a rowing machine.

A lot of the reasonably priced rowing machines in the marketplace are obnoxiously loud. This is primarily because they use lesser quality materials or air resistance which creates a lot of noise.

The Hydrow Wave features electromagnetic breaking along with polyester webbing and a custom-designed spring assembly to ensure whisper-quiet operation.

This alone is reason enough to consider buying this rowing machine if you have thin walls or you are worried about a loud machine that is going to disrupt people nearby.

4. Performance

There is no worrying about the rowing experience or the performance of the machine not equaling the premium experience you get with the original Hydrow.

The new Wave model features the same patented electromagnetic draw mechanism with the same 50-300 with 104 specifications [2]. It also allows for the same easy foot bed adjustment for a more comfortable operation.

The difference in performance comes with it only having a 2-roller and 2-idler system for operation rather than the 10-roller system found in the original Hydrow.


1. Add On For Vertical Storage

Pretty much the only con of the Wave is the same con we have for the Hydrow.

The vertical storage accessory is so useful and it increases the practicality of the Hydrow rowing machine so much that it’s almost a must-have accessory for anyone.

Having to purchase this accessory in addition to the machine is annoying and it should be bundled in for the best Hydrow space-saving experience.

2. Monitor Size

This could be a con for some. It’s likely not going to bother you if you’re used to smaller-sized tablets or if you haven’t already used the original Hydrow rowing machine.

If you are going from using the original machine and you pivot to using the Wave, the monitor size difference can be jarring. Outside of that niche scenario, it’s not going to be an issue.

Who Should Consider Wave?

  • Price Was Holding You Back

If you are someone that wanted to get into rowing and experience all of the benefits that rowing has to offer, the Hydrow Wave was designed for you. This new machine is competitively priced making it easily one of the best “bang for your buck” values in the marketplace.

  • You Don’t Have Space

If you are someone that doesn’t have a lot of usable space for your at-home workout equipment, the Hydrow Wave can deliver a professional rowing workout without forcing you to rearrange your entire living space.

The machine is designed to be increasingly practical for those without sufficient space for dedicated home workout equipment.

Not everyone has an extra room or space they can dedicate purely to workout equipment and that’s fine. That’s exactly why the Hydrow Wave was introduced to the marketplace – for people like you.

  • You Want The Same Excellent Hydrow Experience

Hydrow did a great job of mimicking the same experience you get with the more expensive model. The entire experience is not noticeably different whatsoever.

How Much Does it Cost

The Hydrow Wave rower starts at $1,495. You can opt for the Essentials package for $1,560 and get the Works Package for $1,895. The optional (not for us) vertical anchor accessory will run you $190.

*Price current at time of publication – see current Wave price at Hydrow website


Ultimately, this is the best rowing machine for its respective price point in the marketplace. It’s arguably the best value in the entire at-home workout market.

It delivers 95% of the experience that you get with the original rowing machine while slashing a whopping $1,000 off the price.

It’s a no-brainer for someone interested in getting into rowing and it’s even got the performance to satisfy serious rowers with no noticeable gap in performance-based specifications.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy The Hydrow Wave

  1. It delivers 95% of the experience as the original Hydrow rowing machine at around 60% of the original price.
  2. You get to leverage Hydrow’s All-Access membership the same as you would with the original Hydrow machine.
  3. It’s 30% smaller than the original Hydrow and weighs significantly less.
  4. It features the same weight capacity limit as the original machine.
  5. It’s got the same sleek aesthetic and it can be folded for easy storage and to accommodate your space.

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