How to choose a summer camp for children?

How to choose a summer camp for children?

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Children’s camps are divided into several types: specialized, thematic and multidirectional.

To choose a camp for a child, decide on the purpose of the trip. If you want your child to learn something, choose specialized camps, for example, educational or language. The choice of summer kids camp in Singapore should be approached responsibly, if the goal is to gain strength before the school year, it is better to give preference to health, sports or thematic camps. And if you need to combine study and rest, multi-directional camps are suitable.

  1. Sanatorium camps. In such institutions, school children undergo medical procedures, observe the sleep and nutrition regimen. As a rule, they are sent to such camps on the recommendation of a doctor. Suitable for children with poor health and chronic diseases.
  2. Sports camps. Some specialize in specific sports, but most focus on developing general fitness. Suitable for active children who like to play sports.
  3. Language camps. It is assumed that all activities and communication take place in the studied foreign language. Suitable for students who are fond of languages ??and need conversational practice.
  4. Training camps. They are aimed at deepening knowledge in a specific subject or direction, for example, in the natural sciences or physics and mathematics profile. Often in such camps there is preparation for olympiads, admission to a university. Suitable for who are motivated to study and who have an educational strategy.

Multi-Directional Camps

Here different profiles can be combined. For example, a language camp abroad often includes tourism: children not only learn the language, but also go on excursions and get acquainted with the local culture.

Pros of summer camps

  • A change of scenery. A trip to the camp is an exciting adventure that can give positive emotions for the whole year ahead.
  • In the camp you can make new acquaintances and even find friends. But even if friendship does not work out, the student will in any case pump up communication skills.
  • The development of independence. There will be neither mom and dad, nor grandparents nearby. Counselors, of course, will come to the rescue in a difficult situation, but you will have to cope with everyday tasks on your own.

What to look for when choosing a summer camp


When thinking about which children’s camp to choose, make sure that the institution’s documents are in order. If the organization provides health-improving or educational services, a license for the relevant activity is required.


Specify whether counselors, teachers and educators have the appropriate qualifications and education. Remember that even student counselors must attend a special school or training course before being hired.

Child’s opinion

Focus on the child – it is better to choose a children’s camp based on his hobbies and hobbies. A shy and modest child may feel uncomfortable in a sports camp, where relay races, “Funny Starts” and team competitions are a permanent part of the program. And a child who has gaps in knowledge can feel like a black sheep in a camp with Olympiads and excellent students.

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