How to Repair a Foundation?: A Comprehensive Guide on the Methods, Techniques, and Costs

How to Repair a Foundation?: A Comprehensive Guide on the Methods, Techniques, and Costs

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On a lazy Sunday afternoon, while you were mowing the lawn, you noticed cracks running along the wall going down to the basement. Instantly chills run down your spine. This is the moment you dread the most. Your foundation is damaged, making your house unsafe to live in. What can you do about it? Repair it urgently! But how? You know nothing about it.

Like many other people, you, too, have no idea about what it takes to repair the foundation of a building. Or, how much will it cost you? What caused this damage?

I could go on and on with the endless list of questions, but that’s not only what you want. You want a solution! Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Pinnacle Foundation Repair takes care of all your foundation repair-related concerns.  To give you a broad idea about the subject and the services we offer, we present this comprehensive guide on how to repair a foundation.

What is Foundation Repair?

The act of repairing the damaged foundation causes the structure above to be unstable. It is usually the result of active ground pressure, increased activity or weight on the structure, or when concrete is distressed due to changes in soil moisture.

Identifying Foundation Damage

The symptoms of a damaged foundation appear slowly over some time. You need to watch out for them periodically by checking for the following signs:

  • Cracks in walls
  • Cracked flooring
  • Uneven or bulging floors
  • Misaligned or separating doors and windows from the walls

Methods for Foundation Repair

Broadly we can categorize foundation repair methods into two major categories – slab jacking and piering.

1. Slab jacking

The technique of raising the uneven or tilted concrete slab by injecting a substance into the soil to fill the void creates a leveled surface. Also referred to as mud jacking, concrete lifting, or slab leveling, the method is effective when the foundation has sunk or dislocated from its original position.

Approximately 2” holes are dug around the slab; an expansive solution is poured into these holes that fill and expand in these holes. This creates a leveled surface for the slab to rest on and elevates its position to the original level.

1. Piering or Piling

If you want to repair a foundation with a larger footprint, or you want a stable, permanently repaired foundation, go for piering or piling method. The process involves adding piles or piers to the base of the foundation strengthening its grip on the soil.

There are several different types of piles and piers that you can use to repair the damaged foundation. The variations include pressed concrete piers cast in place, belled piers, steel piers, helical piers, etc. Your choice of the pier will depend on your site condition and requirements. Always ensure the contractor has done quality and safety checks after completion of the repair work.

The Process of Foundation Repair

Now that you are familiar with the basics let us take you through the process of foundation repair.

1. Investigating the Problem

When you first call us at Pinnacle Foundation Repair, our experts will visit your house and thoroughly investigate the problem. After analyzing the problem, we will provide you with an estimate for repair works. If required if also prepare a structural study and feasibility report. If both parties are in agreement, we proceed with the actual repair works.

1. Developing the Plan

Depending on our expert’s analysis of the condition of the foundation and the study of the areas affected, we suggest a suitable option for repairing the foundation. Then we plan the location of the pits(if you adopt slab jacking) or supports (in the case of piers). This plan directs the flow of work on site.

1. Prepping for the Job

Then comes the site preparatory stage, where we lay tarps, remove plants, and clear the ground where supports are to be added.

1. Digging around the House

Next, according to the plan, we demarcate the location of the supports and start digging along the periphery of the house. In the case of slab jacking, the digging of holes is followed by filling using the selected compound, this elevates the foundation and most of the repair work using the jacking method ends here.

1. Lifting the Foundation

Then comes the most crucial step of the piering method which is lifting the house and installing the piers below the foundation. The house is lifted using hydraulic jacks, the piers are inserted and the house is made to rest on these piers.

1. Refilling the Holes

After the installation of the supports, the holes are filled and the foundation is now elevated at a higher than the original level. When it rains the foundation will sink a little and settle at its ideal location.

1. Cleanup and running Safety Checks

The final stage of the process involves running all the safety checks and cleaning the mess caused during the process on site.

Budget for Foundation Repair

The costs and expenses for repairing your damaged foundation will vary drastically depending on the type of method you opt for, the size of your home, the extent of damage, etc. Your expense for repairing a foundation can range from $2000-$15,000 in worse cases.

The Bottom Line

Don’t ignore or delay the process, the crack on the wall or the bulging floor is a hint. Take action today! Let the experts of Pinnacle Foundation Repair help you re-stabilize your home.


1.  What is foundation repair?

Foundation repair is the process of restoring the foundation by stabilizing and elevating the foundation to its original state.

1.  How to identify foundation damage?

Foundation damage can be identified by the signs like cracked flooring or uneven and bugging floors. Cracked walls and disjointed or misaligned doors and windows also indicate foundation damage.

1.  Why is it important to repair the foundation?

A damaged foundation makes the structure unsafe. It is essential to repair it to prolong the structure’s life and make it fit for use.

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