ProDentim Reviews (Real or Fake) Hidden Dangers of Oral Probiotics Exposed 

ProDentim Reviews (Real or Fake) Hidden Dangers of Oral Probiotics Exposed 

ProDentim is an advanced dietary blend offering benefits for oral health. According to the official website, it contains a mixture of different plant-based ingredients, offering vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and antioxidants, maintaining oral health. Regular use of this product helps build the oral microbiome and prevents various dental issues. But can a supplement really provide all these benefits?

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Oral dietary formulas are easily available, but people do not seem to trust them like other dietary blends, mainly because of the less information available. Like diet pills, immunity boosters, and stress and sleep-regulating supplements, dietary supplements are also available for oral health. You can choose any available products after going through the basic details and explaining each one.

To start with, know about ProDentim pills, mainly how they help a person maintain ideal oral health. Please read the complete review to get details on which ingredients are inside it, where to buy ProDentim and who should ideally use it.

ProDentim Reviews

ProDentim is a combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics that are needed to maintain good oral health. Each of the ingredients added has a scientifically proven effect, and this is a non-GMO, gluten, and soy-free product. People with all dietary preferences can use it.

One capsule a day of ProDentim is enough to see noticeable changes in oral health. The nasty bacteria are out, breath becomes fresh, and there are fewer chances of bacterial infections in the mouth. Some ingredients relieve inflammation and pain, which is particularly helpful for people with sensitive gums. They protect the dental enamel and prevent the yellowing and decaying of teeth for any reason. The benefits expand all the way down to the airways, and ProDentim also protects against allergies. Its results are better when followed by dental hygiene practices like brushing teeth, flossing, and keeping your breath fresh with mouthwash.

It comes in a capsular form, and it is easier to take a capsule than apply a serum on the teeth and gums, waiting for it to absorb. Remember ProDentim is a supplement which means it aids in the process of natural healing through dietary ingredients. If a person is already diagnosed with dental disease, relying on the supplement alone will not help, and he needs to consult a dentist. The supplement can be used alongside medicine if there is no potential interaction between these two, and it is usually decided by a doctor and not a personal decision.

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How Does ProDentim Work?

People usually have doubts regarding the work and efficiency of oral dental supplements. It is because the use of supplements is usually related to immunity, weight, or cognition, and the thought of how some ingredients will make your teeth healthy does not sound right. However, it is not true because teeth and gums are body organs and rely on the nutrients from the food to work their best. So whenever the diet undergoes changes, just like other body functions, dental health is also affected and needs a fix.

Aging changes everything, including teeth and gums structure and function. In addition to that, exposure to daily risk factors like chemical exposure, diet, and environmental factors can disturb the oral microbiome. It gives a chance to the nasty bacteria to take over and start affecting the health. Usually, people notice these changes when the damage is already spread, and nothing can help but medicines.

Early care and help can save your teeth and gums from decay. The dental issues are very complicated, painful, and expensive to treat, which makes their treatment challenging. All this is avoidable if you find yourself vulnerable and start using a supplement before the damage spreads. ProDentim offers ingredients with direct benefits for oral health. These ingredients are obtained from common dietary sources, but using them as a supplement ensures high potency and absorption. Besides, using a capsule is easier than planning a whole dental care plan and easy on the pocket, adding more value.

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ProDentim Ingredients

The company has already provided all details on it, following the transparency with the general public. ProDentim is made with natural ingredients, and you can guess it from the ingredients list mentioned on the official website. Furthermore, the manufacturing takes place in the US, under the highest quality standards, to avoid any risks of contamination.

Read the following to know which ingredients are added to this product.

  • Lactobacillus Paracasei: the first ingredient inside is a probiotic strain belonging to the lactic acid family, playing an effective role in nutrient absorption. The addition of this ingredient ensures healthy gums and teeth, and it relieves sinus infections too.
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri: next is another probiotic strain that relieves inflammation and clears the body from toxins and waste materials. This strain helps maintain oral and gut microbiota for better digestion and immunity.
  • lactis BL-04®: do not let this name confuse you, as it is a bacterial strain that works on immunity. It eases digestive distress and maintains healthy respiration and metabolism.
  • BLIS K-12: Next in ProDentim ingredients is another bacteria that improves the entire respiratory system and filters the harmful bacteria inside.
  • BLIS M-18 is a subtype of the streptococcus salivarius that protects the teeth from damage, discoloration, and injuries.
  • Inulin: This ingredient is prebiotic and obtained from different vegetables and fruit sources. It is mainly used for appetite control, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. The reason for adding this product idiot into the dental formula is to support the growth of beneficial bacteria inside the oral cavity.
  • Malic acid: this ingredient is found in different types of berries, wines, and other products made from berries.
  • Dicalcium Phosphate: Next in this ProDentim list is Dicalcium phosphate, a natural weight loss help. It also imposes bone and joint health, making mobility easy.
  • Spearmint: mint or spearmint grows in almost all major parts of the world, and it is used in refreshing products, including toothpaste and mouthwashes too. It can also improve pain and heal infections while enhancing oral health.
  • Peppermint: The last ingredient in the ProDentim formula is peppermint, an anti-inflammatory compound that keeps your mouth fresh and odor-free. It also relieves the signs of digestive issues, improves mood, lowers stress, and enhances the pain response of the body.

These ingredients work well with each other and offer a synergistic effect. None of them can cause a side effect, allergic reaction, or cross-reaction because they are picked after going through the safety check. If you suspect having allergies to a natural ingredient, confirm it with the help of a medical advisor, and do not use this product if the allergy is confirmed.

Guidelines To Use ProDentim Pills

The company has provided all details on using the ProDentim pills in the right way. First, every new user should know about the dosage and then what to avoid while using it. ProDentim comes in a pack of 30 capsules, and the daily dose is only one capsule. There is no fixed time to take this supplement, and it can be taken at any time of the day.

Take one capsule with a glass of water, juice, or shake. Do not use it with malt, caffeine, or any alcoholic drink. The results will only show up when this product is used for at least three months. The natural ingredients are slower than chemical ingredients, but their results are safer and better. So even if they take a little longer to show up, you can continue using them.

Do not overdose at any cost, and avoid taking it with other supplements, medicines, and herbal extracts. Read the complete usage details as mentioned on the official website for more details and information.

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Where to Buy ProDentim? Best Price and Discount Offers

Comparing the prices with other dietary supplements, ProDentim seems an affordable choice. To make it readily available for a larger number of customers, the company is offering a limited-time discount offer. Under this offer, you can buy three or six bottles in one go for a much lower price than per bottle purchase.

Read the following to know the pricing details.

Get one bottle (30-day supply) of ProDentim supplement for $69.00 only

Get three bottles (90-day supply) of ProDentim supplement for $59.99 per bottle only

Get six bottles (180 days supply) of ProDentim supplement for $49.99 per bottle only

Starting from one pack is ideal, but one pack is not enough to show any visible changes in oral health. You need at least three bottles to see the results with your own eyes, so buying a three or six bottle pack is better. Plus, the price decreases with the number of bottles you add to your cart, and there are no delivery charges, so buying a bundle pack is better. The bundle packs come with some bonus items for the customers, including;

Bonus #1 ‘Bad Breath Gone. One Day Detox’ (PDF Book)

Bonus #2 ‘Hollywood White Teeth At Home’ (PDF Book)

ProDentim is only available online, at the official website here, and is not available anywhere else. If you want to proceed, visit the official website to confirm the orders.

The company has clearly explained that it has no dealers or mechanizers. It has not authorized any person or group to sell the ProDentim supplements. The reason is that the company does not want this product to be replicated. Taking control over the sales and purchases gives little to no chance for the scammers to copy this product. The orders are purchased on the website and accepted by the company’s staff. It is confirmed within a few hours, after which the order is dispatched to the customer. The delivery time can be different, but domestic orders take three to five working days to deliver.

The online ordering needs a name, contact number, and an address for the delivery. The company asks for prepayment, and there is no option to pay cash on delivery. Do not worry about adding this information to the website, as it uses the latest tools and technology to keep and protect this data.

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ProDentim Refund Policy

Individual results may vary. The company has a 60-day full money-back guarantee, during which he can get his order money back. If a customer is not happy or satisfied with the progress or using this product seems an impossible task, talk to the customer support team and apply for a refund.

This refund offer applies to all orders, with no minimum requirement. The only limitation is the time, and the company will not accept any refund request received after two months. In addition to that, the refund policy is only applicable to the orders bought from the official website. If you have purchased this product from a random seller or a local store, the company will take no responsibility for it. The refunds are only applicable on the orders with a record in the company database. If there is no entry of an order, it cannot be approved for the refund.

Do not throw the bottles, used or unused, if you intend to apply for a refund later. The company will ask you to return the bottles to complete the refund process. The charges for the return parcel are paid by the customer, and the company does not arrange to pick up or pay for the delivery. Pay attention to this timeline and talk to the company in time. Contact for a refund after this 60-day time will not be accepted, and the company will reject the refund request.

ProDentim International Availability

Due to high demand, ProDentim is now available for international deliveries too, but these delivery locations are limited. Other than the US, it is available in a few countries, and international orders are charged differently for the delivery than domestic orders. The waiting time for the delivery is also different. This additional amount is not a profit to the company but a token of respect to the respective country’s regulations and taxes. According to the official website, ProDentim is available in the following countries.

United Kingdom (Price £58 per bottle plus international shipping and tax)

Australia (Price AUD 100.20 per bottle plus international shipping and tax)

Canada (Price CAD 89.11 per bottle plus international shipping and tax)

New Zealand (Price NZD 111.00 per bottle plus international shipping and tax)

Here’s the link to place your order for international deliveries.

The availability of ProDentim is limited to the official website only and even for international locations; it cannot be purchased through random local sellers. It is also not available on Amazon, and the company advises not to trust anyone for its purchase. Buying from the official website guarantees the original product, and you can enjoy the discounts/offers by the company. Sellers do not work under the company, so that they may charge differently. Besides, there is no money-back guarantee on these random purchases, and the company only accepts the orders sold and dispatched through the website.

Pros & Cons Of ProDentim Oral Probiotic

If you are not into reading long paragraphs, read the following list of pros and cons of the ProDentim supplement.


  • 100% natural formulation and risk-free ingredients
  • Improves oral health and prevents disease progression
  • Balances beneficial and harmful bacteria inside the mouth
  • Refreshes the breath and prevents bad odor
  • Enhances immunity and overall health
  • Affordable price, discounts and money-back offer


  • Individual results may vary
  • Results may be slow in some users
  • Not suitable for underage people
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use it
  • Limited availability

ProDentim Reviews- Conclusion

To sum up, ProDentim is a trusted option that improves dental health and keeps the gums, tongue, and teeth disease-free. It is made from premium natural ingredients, with no doubt about their quality and safety. Based on the research evidence, it appears these ingredients are true to their promises, so the chances of this product working are very high.

The official website states it contains different dietary blends of probiotics, and other natural ingredients, that are behind all the benefits. These ingredients are obtained from trusted sources, and there are no genetically modified ingredients in it. No fillers, toxins, or chemicals are inside it, so this product is safe for everyone.

For now, it is available for a discounted price, and there is an option to buy bundle packs too. You can get these bottles by paying much less than the actual price, with free delivery and bonus items. This information helps build trust in ProDentim pills, making it appear a legit help.

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ProDentim Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some additional information on ProDentim oral health pills. Read till the end before deciding on purchasing it.

Can Children Use ProDentim Pills?

ProDentim supplement is created for adult users only, and it is not advised for any younger user. A person should be at least 18 years old to use this product; ideally, people in their 30s and 40s should use it. Although there is no prescription required for its purchase, the fair usage policy applies to everyone.

When To Expect Results From ProDentim?

The results can take different times in different users, but they start showing within a few weeks of usage. They become more prominent with time, and the best results may take three to six months. People with gums or teeth diseases may take an even longer time to show the results, but this product has no side effects; hence it can be used for long.

Is ProDentim Safe For Everyone?

Usually, dietary supplements are created for people suffering from primary symptoms only and not diagnosed with actual diseases. ProDentim does not treat any medical condition and only offers a supplemental effect. If you are diagnosed with a medical condition, get its treatment first and decide on using the supplement later. Also, talk to your doctor about it in detail and do not use it if he does not recommend it.

Can You Combine ProDentim With Other Supplements?

ProDentim works independently and does not need any other supplement to work. Combining it with any other product may not be a safe choice because sometimes ingredients intermingle and cause interactions with each other. These reactions can be mild or intense, depending upon which products you have used. When used as per instructions, there are no side effects of it, and you can combine it with other products if your doctor approves.

Can You Use ProDentim In Place Of Toothpaste/Mouthwash?

ProDentim is a dietary supplement, while mouthwashes and toothpaste are cleaning products. These two cannot be compared because they target the body differently. Using a supplement is nowhere similar to dental hygiene practices. For the best results, combine the use of the supplement with a daily dental cleaning.

ProDentim Safety And Risks

ProDentim has thousands of happy customers, and its popularity is proof that people are highly satisfied with their experiences. This supplement is made from plant-based ingredients, which fill in for the nutritional deficiency caused by poor dietary routines. You can improve your oral health by changing your dietary and lifestyle habits too, but using supplements accelerates these efforts and shows results in less time. None of these customers have experienced a side effect, which means this product is safe to use.

The side effects of ProDentim depend upon its usage of it. If a user is overdosing on this supplement, mixing it with other supplements and medicines, or using it with alcohol, there are high chances of side effects. Use only product, supplement, or medicine at one time and avoid undesirable effects.

This product is only suitable for adult users and is not suitable for people below 18 years of age. It Is also not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Patients with underlying conditions such as heart diseases, metabolic disorders, and hypertension should avoid taking supplements. If you are not sure about using one, talk to the nearest healthcare unit to get more details on supplement safety.

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