Magnesium Breakthrough Reviews: Is It Legit Supplement?

Magnesium Breakthrough Reviews: Is It Legit Supplement?

As we know, magnesium is crucial for our bodies but US soil lacks magnesium; hence many Americans are not getting enough magnesium and due to this reason they are suffering from mood swings, stress, improper sleep, heart problems and many other conditions. 80% Americans do not get adequate magnesium from their diet.

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Magnesium is an essential mineral because it supports 600 different chemical reactions in the body.

Due to low magnesium minerals, people cannot keep their minds focused, have poor sleep, headaches, and other health problems. These stressful signs mean that something is wrong happened in their body and they feel weak. This problem can be solved by taking a sufficient amount of magnesium.

These kinds of issues can be eliminated by Bioptimizer’s Magnesium Breakthrough, taking 2 capsules daily. It is designed with 100% natural ingredients which are safe from side effects.

This Magnesium Breakthrough review discusses all the benefits, side effects and its natural mineral-rich ingredients. Follow us till the end to understand Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement, and how it will work for you in changing your life.

Quick Magnesium Breakthrough Review

Product Name Magnesium Breakthrough
Brand BiOptimizers
Ratings (4.7/5.0)
Product Form Capsules
Dosage Instruction 2 capsules /day
Flavor Natural
Side Effects Not Reported Yet
Net Quantity 60 veggie capsules /bottle
Price $39.25 /bottle
Money-Back Guarantee 60 Days
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What is Magnesium Breakthrough?

Magnesium Breakthrough comprises seven mineral-rich magnesium and vitamin B6 to give you a healthy lifestyle and enhance mental health.

This supplement solves digestion issues, stress, anxiety, blood pressure, insufficient sleep, and other illnesses and provides maximum health benefits.

The creator of Magnesium Breakthrough has mainly focused on types of magnesium that the body needs and gets maximum energy to do daily work without stress. This formula is designed with all-natural ingredients which are safe for health.

This supplement is formulated with a blend of natural proprietary ingredients that no other supplement is provided in the market till today. It will solve all the health issues and boost stamina.

Magnesium Breakthrough benefits are reducing insomnia, recovering mood swings, reducing blood pressure, restoring magnesium levels in the body, supporting muscle recovery, and improving overall health, which no other supplement delivers.

Many people cannot take a proper diet due to work stress or family problems so their magnesium levels decline and make them weak. Bioptimizer Magnesium Breakthrough Capsules are the best remedy for them.

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What is Magnesium?

As Magnesium is the fourth main mineral that is found in the human body. Also, it supports more than 600 chemical reactions in the body that help to maintain muscle mass, support mental health, improve mental health, make bones stronger, give you energy and nourish many other health benefits.

Magnesium is a catalyst that supports the body in processing food, giving you energy and providing proper nutrients to all body organs.

These energy nutrients are essential to improve memory level, make the brain function perfectly, solve stress problem, maintain your blood pressure level, supports cardiovascular, maintain cholesterol level, and give you proper sleep. That is why we can say that magnesium is a vital mineral for the body.

Magnesium also supports building strong bones by converting the food we intake into vitamin D, making bone muscle active. The body does not store magnesium nutrients which we intake within 24 hours. For this purpose, we have to take magnesium pills. These all problems can be solved with Magnesium Breakthrough.

How Does Magnesium Breakthrough Work For All?

This Magnesium Breakthrough is created with 7 forms of magnesium and vitamin B6 which will support sleep routines, enhance the immune system, boost energy levels, lessen stress, improve digestion, and more.

The creator of Magnesium Breakthrough is Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant. They have done lots of research on minerals and finally got the solution to remove chronic conditions and make your life happy.

Then they contact Bioptimizer Company which has many other best supplements on the market. The company strives to give its users the best natural health supplement to improve digestion.

As we all know, 97% of health illnesses will rise due to improper digestion like constipation or stomach bitterness. This problem weakens our body, decreases stamina, and causes other chronic health problems.

Taking one Magnesium Breakthrough pill in the morning will support mental health and reduce stress for the entire day and take another pill in the evening will help your body relax at night and give you proper sleep. These benefits you will get when you divide these pills throughout the daytime but you can take these pills as you want.

Research verifies that taking magnesium tablets on an empty stomach will enable you to absorb magnesium in your body more quickly than taking it with a full stomach. However, some people may face stomach upset; thus, they can take these pills after meals.

Inorganic magnesium salts like chloride, sulfate, oxide, etc., are found in the stomach to absorb magnesium while the stomach is empty. Magnesium salts like citrate, chelate, glycinate, etc., absorb magnesium more readily when taken with food.

Natural Ingredients in Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement

As mentioned in this Magnesium Breakthrough review, this supplement is compressed with 7 forms of magnesium minerals and vitamin B6. These ingredients are briefly defined as under:

Magnesium Chelate: Magnesium Chelate is an essential mineral for the body because it supports muscle growth, recovery, and healing. This mineral will support body cells to absorb magnesium and help electrolyte balance. This is the best health mineral for athletes to recover muscle and make muscle active the entire day.

Magnesium Citrate: This magnesium citrate will primarily help overcome obesity, control hunger, and eliminate migraine. This will absorb in your body to help in arterial immobility reduction, increase metabolism rate to absorb more food and aid in reducing your daily intake.

Magnesium Bisglycinate: This Magnesium Bisglycinate will help solve your excess stomach acid symptoms like heartburn, upset stomach, and improper digestion. The Magnesium Breakthrough will support your nerve and muscle relaxation for the day.

Magnesium Malate: This nutrient is overlooked by many supplements as it is immensely beneficial for the body to fight against depression, migraine, chronic pain, headache, etc. These nutrients also have antioxidant properties that improve your immune system and cardiovascular health.

Magnesium Aspartate: This nutrient will help in maintaining the balance between brain and muscle to enhance cognition and support cardiac beating. It also provides energy to the body like vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B.

Magnesium Taurate: Magnesium Taurate will keep your nerve and cardiovascular health active to improve blood flow in each body organ. This nutrient is mainly for those with hypertension or high blood pressure problems.

Magnesium Orotate: This Magnesium Orotate will solve many health problems like nausea, insomnia, etc. Its primary function is to boost your metabolic rate and give energy to your brain.

All these 7 magnesium nutrients perform many functions in the body like reducing inflammation, giving energy to joints, boosting muscle recovery, and increasing nutrient absorbability.

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is used in Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement as Pyridoxine HCL. Pyridoxine HCL or pyridoxal-5′-phosphate (P5P) is a type of Vitamin B6 used in the supplement to overcome depression and improve cognitive abilities. You may know that vitamin B6 can be found in many foods or fruits such as apples, bananas, eggs, and avocados.

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This supplement will support overcoming magnesium deficits like blood clotting and stress that will disturb your heart health. This heart problem may cause death and other serious health problems.

This Magnesium Breakthrough combined with 7 natural magnesium minerals and vitamin B6, makes this supplement 40% more powerful in fighting stress.

Due to other mental problems, our mood swings can also be cured by this formula. These mood swing issues are largely found in older age who have diabetes.

Magnesium is very important for body hormones to regulate blood sugar function. People with diabetes and blood sugar issues have a magnesium deficiency, so these pills will help them in overcoming this deficiency.

This Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement will give you the energy to do your daily exercise and safeguard muscle from getting damaged.

Sleeping well will enhance the digestion system, which quickly processes the food into protein and provides these protein nutrients to all your body cells.

As vitamin D and magnesium are necessary for bone health, these capsules make your bone stronger.

Recommended Dosages of Magnesium Breakthrough

The company of Magnesium Breakthrough suggests taking 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach or with food (in case you have a stomach upset problem). The dose consumption is also mentioned on the supplement label.

Taking one capsule with an empty tummy in the morning will make your day stress-free. Take another capsule at night before going to sleep to make the body relax and get sound sleep.

Consume 2 doses daily as you want, but it is advised that if you take these doses as instructed by BiOptimizer, you will get maximum benefits from it.

Cost Of Magnesium Breakthrough

The Magnesium Breakthrough supplement is available on Amazon but you can also order it from the official website at a discounted price. In this Magnesium Breakthrough Review, I urge buying it from their official store because of the discount and money-back guarantee.

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The official store of Magnesium Breakthrough offers 3 packages:

  • 1 Bottle Price is $39.95
  • 3 Bottles Price are $99 (gift included)
  • 6 Bottles Price are $182 (gift included)

3-bottle or 6-bottle packages come with free shipping to US and Canadian people only.

Hurry Up, buy it before the prices go up, as it has become the most popular supplement in the US and Canadian markets.

However, if you are worried about whether it will work for you or not that you have 365 days refund policy by the company. You can get a full refund and they will not ask any queries.


In this modern world, every person is stressed so Magnesium Breakthrough will solve your problem and no other product will do like it. Magnesium Breakthrough Capsules contain all the 7 forms of magnesium nutrients that the body wants to relax and make life comfortable.

You can take 2 capsules every day as instructed by the company for 2 to 3 weeks, you start seeing favorable results in your body which will improve your sleeping patterns.

To make your metabolism better, these magnesium nutrients will support blood circulation in the body; you will see a change in your lifestyle. If you are using it for weight loss then include some hyperbolic stretching exercises.

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