Arctos Portable AC Reviews (Yet Another Scam?) Shocking Facts Revealed

Arctos Portable AC Reviews (Yet Another Scam?) Shocking Facts Revealed

Arctos portable AC is a versatile, durable, and popular air cooler that offers you rapid cooling benefits on demand. It helps make your living space cooler with less energy use by providing cool chill air and is the go-to gadget for the harsh summer heat.

Now that you have an idea of what Arctos portable AC is, it begs the question: Is it yet another scam product flooding the market or worth your money and time? Find answers as you read this Arctos Portable AC reviews of the humidifier and air cooler.

Arctos portable AC Reviews

This Arctos portable AC Review will be as detailed as they come. We will cover every aspect of the gadget, from what it is, how it works, where to buy it, and consumer reports of Arctos AC.

Before we get started, and in order to prevent scams, we ensured that all the links contained herein and from the official Arctos website where you can get the portable AC at 55% OFF.

Quick Overview

Brand Arctos
Type Portable AC
Functions Air cooler, Humidifier, and Fan
Energy Use Low
Installation Requirements No
Daily Maintenance Refill Water Tank
Fresh, Cool Air Yes
Noise Level Low
Discount Available 55% OFF
Where to Buy Official Website
Money-Back Guarantee 60 Days
Official Website Click Here

What is Arctos portable AC?

Arctos portable AC, in full, Arctos portable Air Cooler is a lightweight, compact air cooling gadget that provides you will cool air, even on the hottest of days. It is small enough to take it around with you anywhere you go, has a sleek, modern design that fits into the room, and keeps you at the ideal temperature.

Unlike the traditional air conditioners that are bulky, expensive to buy and maintain, and require expert installation and maintenance, Arctos portable AC takes away all these burdens from you. It also works as a regular fan when you’re in the mood for it, serves as a humidifier, is very simple to use, and adds moisture to the air. Simply put, it is arguably the cheapest and easiest way to tackle the summer heat anywhere and anytime.


Forget about everything you’ve read on any Arctos portable AC review to avoid being fed false claims. Right here are the legit specification of this air cooler, so you’re 100% certain of what to expect.

  • It is non-rechargeable as it has no battery and has a dimension of 145 (L) x 165 (W) x 165 (H) mm
  • Arctos AC has a tri-level speed setting: Known as Breeze, Cool and Chill modes in the progressive level of intensity, this portable ac can be adjusted to suit you.
  • Arctos portable AC is NOT an Air Conditioner! But an air cooler.
  • It is powered by a DC5V plug (Included in the package): The Arctos portable AC is not cordless, as you might have thought. It is delivered with a plug, and its input voltage is AC100~120V, DC 5V, 1.5-2.0A.
  • It has a 450 ml water tank capacity: It comes with a water tank that is approximately 2 cups in capacity. Since it is a portable device, this makes sense.
  • Low noise: The device produces low noise while in use. Regardless of what you may have heard in other Arctos portable AC reviews, this is not a noiseless but low-noise air cooler.
  • The vent is adjustable: When you switch position while the device is powered on, you do not necessarily need to move its position. You can just adjust the vent as you like.
  • The filter is replaceable: Found mold on your Arctos ac filter? Don’t fret! It can be easily replaced.
  • Stylish with LED night light: Inside the water curtain chamber, you will find led night light. Cool, right? I know!


How Does the Arctos Portable Ac Work?

Among its several features, the Arctos portable AC stands out in the league of best portable air coolers due to its ease of use, low power usage, and capability to produce chill air quickly.

To use this device, you need three vital components: water, the filter, and the plug. As it leverages hydro chill technology, Arctos Ac reviews water and uses it to generate a cooling effect by adding moisture to the air.

Although the AC can be used for various needs, such as a fan and humidifier, and has varying speeds, to get it to work, you need to power it by plugging it into a wall outlet.

It is not a rechargeable device. But not to worry, though. It is a portable air cooler, not a sophisticated air conditioner, so it utilizes up to 75% less electric energy than air conditioner units.

Follow these three simple steps on how to use your air cooler.

  • Position the unit on a flat, dry surface, connect the power adapter at the port (the back top of the unit), and plug the other end into a wall outlet.
  • Open the drawer, take out the filter, soak it completely in water, then insert it back into the drawer. If you like, you could also place the wet filter in the freezer until frozen.
  • Fill up the water tank with clean water, select the speed setting of your choice, and you’re off to some cool air instantly.

Safety Precautions When Using Arctos Portable Ac

To prevent incidents from occurring, such as breaking your Arctos unit, getting an electric shock, etc., there are safety measures to take while using the portable AC, and they are:

  • Always keep the unit on a clean, flat, and dry surface when filled with water to prevent spillage when tilted.
  • Suppose you are transporting it while filled with water, ensure that the base (is parallel) faces the ground.
  • If you notice mold on the filter, you need to stop using it and get a replacement.
  • Keep the unit empty, and the filter dry if you don’t intend on using your Arctos Portable AC for an ample period of time.

Pros of Arctos AC

Here are some of the pros of using the Arctos portable AC

  • It can serve as a fan, humidifier, and air cooler: You can choose the specific mode you want
  • Starts to cool the air quickly: You do not need to wait long for the cool air to hit you. Arctos uses a technology that provides cool air in a matter of seconds.
  • Doesn’t require bogus installation cost: For an air cooler device that is already so pocket-friendly, you do not need to incur additional costs on installation.
  • The speed can be adjusted as you wish: There are three-speed controls, Breeze, Cool, and Chill.
  • It can easily be carried from one spot or area to another, thanks to the lightweight and portable size.
  • Produces extremely low noise: About to study, see a movie or have some shut-eye, you don’t have to worry about loud noises coming from your Arctos AC.
  • It has a movable vent for your pleasure
  • It is more cost-friendly than air conditioners
  • Its low power use saves you on your electricity bills



  • Unlike the traditional air conditioner, the Arctos portable air cooler cannot cool an entire room. Do not get your hopes high. However, it can cool small spaces and whoever it’s directed at.
  • Refilling the water tank could be a hassle sometimes.
  • It is not rechargeable.
  • There are very limited quantities available on the official website.
  • Arctos AC may only be purchased on its website.

Arctos AC in Canada and US

Manufactured by skilled, seasoned engineers at Arctos, the portable ac ships near and wide. Upon successfully placing your order, you will be communicated via email with your order confirmation and estimated delivery time. Just be sure to order on the official Arctos website to ensure you get the right product at your doorstep.

Where to Buy Arctos Portable AC

(Arctos portable AC Review Price)

You may be wondering where to buy Arctos portable AC so that you do not get scammed or delivered a knockoff that doesn’t work. Well, your best bet is to buy directly from the official manufacturers on the Arctos AC website. Clicking on any official website link on this page will take you securely to order.

At the time of this Arctos portable AC Review, here are the unit packages available:

  • One unit of Arctos portable AC Cooler for 89.99 USD.
  • Two units of Arctos portable AC Cooler for 179.98 USD.
  • Three units for 201.99 USD.
  • Four units available for 246.99 USD.


Arctos Portable Ac Reviews Consumer Reports

What are customers around the world and on the internet saying about the air cooler?

Geoff L. from Shreveport, LA, USA, said – “I used to sleep with a fan beside my bed, but I found it to be too loud! If I was reading beforehand, the breeze was always bothersome. The Arctos Portable AC unit gives me all the cold air I could ask for, but without all the hassles of my old fan. It’s great.”

Larissa B. from Toronto, Canada, said – “I bought this as a present for my dad who has a tiny workroom for his rock polishing projects. He loves it. Now he can do what he loves for longer because he’s more comfortable.”

RYAN D. from Saginaw, MI, USA, said – “I enjoy the heat, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming inside on the hottest days, even with the blinds closed shut. I love the Arctos Portable AC. Although it’s easy to move around, I prefer it right next to my reading chair. Keeps me happy.”

What Does Arctos AC Offer?

In the conclusion of this Arctos Portable AC review, you can easily answer the question, What Does Arctos AC Offer? I bet you’d say it offers convenience, comfort, and value for your money. The heat could be very frustrating, and what could be worse is trying to keep the entire house cool. The bills will skyrocket, and what about if you need to do something in a room without an installed air conditioner?

Arctos portable AC can be transported to any room and even used outdoors. It cools you fast and brings our clean, fresh air. You should order it today on the official online store. And if you end up not being satisfied with your purchase, there is a 60-day complete money-back guarantee with no questions asked.


All content, including text and graphics displayed on this page, is strictly for general information purposes only. Arctos AC manufacturers have no hand in its creation, and information may be subject to change without prior notification to readers.

The Arctos AC is an air-cooling unit for personal cooling space, not an air conditioner for the entire room. It promises to serve you personified cooling experience throughout the summertime.

Visit the Arctos portable AC company website with the links attached on this page to verify recent data before buying Arctos AC.

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