BEST Cash App Referral Code: CTCJLPG (Free Money!)

BEST Cash App Referral Code: CTCJLPG (Free Money!)

Are you trying to track down the highest bonus available for a Cash App referral code?

Use Cash App referral code: CTCJLPG to get the best sign-up bonus possible, then send $5 to another user for an instant bonus.

There are many Cash App codes available online, however, many of these sources are not legit, simply trying to lure people in with the promise of large sums of free Cash App money.

As a result, many Cash App users are confused as they do not know which referral codes they can use to maximize their referral bonus earnings during sign-up.

Users must know and understand the correct Cash App referral code (a.k.a Cash App free money code) to use, as once you enter a referral code into your app, it is impossible to remove or even change it.

We’ll explain everything you need to know below to help you with all your Cash App questions.

How to Get a Cash App Referral Code Bonus

Cash App Referral Code CTCJLPG
Sign-Up Referral Bonus $5 After You Send $5 to a Friend
Invite Your Friends Bonus $15-$30 After a Friend Sends $5
Get Paid When Instantly to Your Bank Account

There are two ways to get a Cash App referral code bonus, sign-up as a new user and enter a referral code into the app, and refer a new user to the app using your personal referral code.

To get the highest referral bonus for new users, enter the Cash App referral code: CTCJLPG and add your bank account to your Cash App account. 

Then send $5 to any Cash App user within 14 days of redeeming the referral code for Cash App. 

Teenagers may activate the Cash Card instead of adding a bank account.

All Cash App referral codes will give new users a $5 bonus after completing the requirements of sending $5 to another user.

If you refer a friend to Cash App you’ll get an additional $15-$30 for a total of $20-$35.

How to Enter a Referral Code on Cash App

After understanding the referral code, you need to know how you can enter it on your Cash App.

Cash App codes come in the form of seven digits or letters.

Below, we outline the simple steps you can follow to get your Cash App referral bonus.

Step 1: Open Cash App and Tap the Profile Icon

The first step you will take is downloading the app from the Apple Store or Android’s Google Play store.

After installing the app, you will need to create a profile to join Cash App.

The app will ask for basic details such as your phone number and email address, and then you will need to verify your phone number or email address by entering the code sent to you by email or text.

Once you are logged in to your Cash App account, you can visit your profile by tapping on the profile icon.

You will find it in the top right corner of the app screen.

Step 2: Enter Cash App Referral Code: CTCJLPG

Scroll down until you see the “Enter Referral Code” towards the bottom of the screen.

Now enter the Cash App referral code: CTCJLPG

You’ll get an instant $5 bonus after you complete step 3.

If you do not see “Enter Referral Code” this means your account is not eligible for the bonus.

Step 3: Sending $5 to Another Cash App User

You may be wondering why you need to send $5 to another Cash App user?

Well, the reason is that once you complete the transaction, Cash App will send you $5 for using their app and referring another Cash App user.

You will need to link either your bank account or debit card to your Cash App account for this step to work.

Then, you will have to send the $5 to another user within 14 days of entering the Cash App referral code.

A common way to do this is to swap $5 with another Cash App user by sending $5 and having them send the $5 back.

You can then invite your friends with your personal referral code and get an additional $15-$30 referral bonus for each friend.

This is how you complete the Cash App referral code process and earn the corresponding $5 referral bonus.

How to Check the Status of Your Cash App Referral Bonus 

You may want to check the status of your Cash App referral bonus after sending the $5 within 14 days.

You can follow the steps outlined below to see if the app referral worked or not.

  • Tap on the activity screen. The activity screen appears as a clock icon in the top right. It is right next to the profile icon. 
  • You will then scroll to the referral bonus in the activity list.
  • If the status of the referral bonus is labeled pending, it shows that you have not met the Cash App referral program’s requirements. 
  • In many cases, the status will read completed as t is not difficult to meet the requirements. In this case, the bonus will be deposited in your account already.

If you still have issues knowing the status of your referral, you will need to reach out to Cash App customer service for further assistance with the sign-up bonus.

How to Use a Cash App Referral Code

You can use a friend or family member’s Cash App referral code to gain the initial sign-up bonus.

You can also use your own code to earn more free cash bonus opportunities.

Cash App Referral Code Not Working?

In some rare cases, you may get error messages that show the Cash App code is not working.

Instead of being endlessly stressed, you can follow the steps below when the Cash App referral is not working or the Cash App bonus fails. 

Why Your Cash App Invitation Bonus Failed

When you get a Cash App referral link to sign up, you expect to receive a sign-up bonus.

However, there are some reasons why you could receive a cash app not working message.

They include:

  • The referral may not have sent $5 to another Cash App user. This must be done within 14 days of the invitation. If not, the signup bonus will show up as failed.
  • Fraud activities or spam. This is the top cause of failed referrals. This happens when you open many Cash App accounts with various emails and phone numbers or bank information. The app will eventually flag your account, and you will find that the referral bonus reflects as failed. 
  • In other cases, the link you send will not automatically apply to the referral’s account. In such cases, the recipient would have to enter the referral code in their account manually before both of you get the bonus you expect.

If you cannot see the “referral code” field in your account, it means your account is no longer eligible for the referral bonus.

The account is ineligible because once you use the app for transactions, the account is no longer new. 

How to Get Free Money on Cash App Instantly

The referral code from Cash App will not give you all the bonuses you can get with the app.

However, you can get free money on Cash App instantly in the following ways.

Free Cash App Money Giveaways

You can enjoy several giveaways on Twitter and other social media programs as we outline below.

These are legit ways to get free money directly from the official Cash App accounts.


Cash App announces Cash App money giveaways every once in a while on social media accounts such as Twitter.

Therefore, it may be good to follow Cash App accounts on social media.

You will find instruction links, graphics, and videos that show you how to enter these competitions and win. 

However, some of the typical requirements to participate in these giveaways are that the participants must be at least 13 years old and follow the Cash App account on Twitter

Super Cash App Friday Sweepstakes

An example of a giveaway on Twitter is the Super Cash App Friday Sweepstakes.

Users reply to tweets made by Cash App with cash tags.

The marketing team then chooses the winners who will receive the Cash App funds in their accounts.

The sums are usually large and can go as high as $10,000.

The details are on this Twitter link.

Cash App Day

On July 6th, Cash App will be giving away stock, cash, and other prizes to followers on Twitter to celebrate Cash App day.

You can find more details here.

$50 Gas Cash Giveaway

Another popular Cash App giveaway is the $50 gas cash giveaway on Twitter that happened on 18th March 2022 in response to the rising fuel prices.

Here, Cash App is giving away $50 to 500 users for gas.

Like with the Super Cash App Friday Sweepstakes, the participants have to be at least 13 years old, and minors must have consent from their parents.

Find more details here.

While this discount may already have passed, it pays to keep an eye on it as you never know when the next giveaway will go live. 


Cash App also gives away cash on Tiktok.

The participants have to be at least 13 years in any of the 50 states of the United States or within the District of Columbia.

In addition, the participants have to download TikTok and Cash App to participate.

The competitions usually run seasonally for specified amounts of time as stipulated in the social media accounts of Cash App.


If you are an ardent Instagram user, you would be glad to know that Cash App offers giveaways on its official Instagram account.

Ensure that you follow the correct Cash App account and avoid scammers who send you messages claiming to be part of the Cash App Team.

Read the terms and conditions and stay updated with everything the app posts before involving yourself in the giveaway.

Cash App Free Money Code

Many companies online claim there are ways to get free money on Cash App.

However, this is not always true.

The most genuine way to get a Cash App bonus is through the Cash App free money code as known as the Cash App referral code.

There is no difference between a Cash App referral code and a Cash App free money code.

You may see references to these two codes online but know that they are one in the same.

Cash App Promotion Rewards

There are also Cash App Promotion Rewards that you can make use of, including;

  • Cash App Twitch Promotion Rewards

This promotion required users to make a purchase of at least $1, and the maximum bonus you could get was $15.  However, this promotion is now expired.

Users were given the Cash App promo code TWITCH TV to get the $15 bonus.

They had to log in to their Twitch account with their login credentials, go to the Cash App channel and engage with the Twitch extension. 

  • 100 Thieves Cash App promo Code

You can get access to seasonal promotions such as the 100 Thieves-Cash App referral codes.

The last promotion between Cash App and 100 Thieves allowed users to sign up with a referral code and get a bonus.

While the promotion expired, there might be other interesting ones coming up in the future.

Cash Card Boosts (Free Money & Discounts!)

If you are looking for creative ways to save money besides the Cash App referral code, Boosts from Cash App is the answer.

You can save some cash instantly when using your Cash Card at different places, including restaurants, shops, boutiques, coffee shops, and more (it’s like an unlimited source of referral bonus money if you think about it). 

You only need to have your Cash Card, and you will be good to go.

The steps to follow when using your Cash Card are:

  • Go to the Cash App home screen and tap the Cash Card tab 
  • Choose Save with Boost
  • Click on a boost and add it before saving
  • Once the boost is activated, you can complete the transaction with the Cash App Card

You will receive a discount when you apply a Boost.

The amount of discount you get will depend on your location, and you can receive as much as $300 in discounts depending on the number of local stores participating.

Direct Deposit Boost

Cash App offers you a chance to deposit paychecks and tax returns using your routing number and account.

As an account owner, you can receive up to $25,000 for a single direct deposit and can transact deposits of up to $50,000 in a day.

Your funds will be available as soon as you get them.

You will need to set up a direct payroll deposit for the bonus when you make deposits of $300 and more. 

This will qualify you for a boost of $50-$100 depending on what boost is available on your personal Cash App account.

This boost is not always available and you will need to check your account to see if it’s active for you.

All Boosts

The boosts you can earn include the Cash Card Boosts, Direct Deposit Boosts, and various retail boosts that include a discount for making purchases at specific brands.

Added to the bonuses you receive for signing up with a particular referral code and those you get from referring others to the site with your referral link and code, you can make a good amount of money transacting on the Cash App.

How to Earn All Cash App Bonuses

Below is an overview of how you can earn all the referral bonuses that we have discussed so far:

  • The first bonus you will receive will be when you download Cash App and register a new account. Your bonus will be deposited when you send $5 within the first 14 days of registration. You need to have a linked debit card and the referral link of a current user to get the bonus. 
  • You will also earn a $15 to $30 bonus when referring family and friends with your Cash App referral code. This code is unique to your account and can be sent to as many people as possible.
  • You can earn a discount using your Cash Card. You will have to set up your card to enable boosts so you get discounts with different merchants just as you would if you were using a debit card.
  • You can also earn some cash from popular Cash App Giveaways on social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Ensure you follow their accounts and keep checking as you never know when they will set up the next giveaway.
  • You will also qualify for $50 to $100 boost bonuses if you set up direct payroll deposits and make $300 or more deposits to your Cash App account. 

How Does the Cash App Referral Program Work?

You can refer people so they can sign up for a Cash App account.

We give you the details below.

Cash App Invite Friends Get $15

Once you have used a referral link and code for your own and sent $5, you will get your bonus.

However, the fun does not end there.

You have only just begun, as you can now use your referral code to have as many people as possible register with your Cash App referral code.

There are no limits, so you can send the referral code to as many contacts as possible and repeat the process until you are sure that you have exhausted your options.

You will continue receiving your bonuses as the users also send their $5 transactions to the following user.

Here are some tips to ensure that your Cash App invites earn you the money you deserve.

  • We recommend that you only send money to people you know.
  • Do not push people to download Cash App if they do not want to.
  • Avoid the temptation of creating multiple Cash App accounts.
  • Don’t spam your Cash App referral code online.

Cash App Referral Program Requirements

Below we outline the requirements for the Referral Program to Work in your favor:

  • You must download Cash App from either the Play Store or App Store.
  • Next, you must complete the signup process and enter the referral code before your first transaction. In this way, you will earn the maximum bonus offered by Cash App. 
  • You will also need to add $5 to your debit or credit card, after which you will be required to send a minimum of $5 to another user within 14 days of signing up and entering the referral bonus. If you meet this requirement, you will earn a bonus. However, if 14 days pass before you send them $5, you will lose your chance at getting the bonus even if you eventually send the $% to someone. Ensure you only send your money to a person you know. 

How Many Friends Can You Invite?

After successfully entering the referral code you received from your friend or family and getting the much-coveted bonus, you still have a chance to make money.

This time, you will be using your own referral code and link for this purpose. 

Thankfully, the app allows you to refer as many people as possible, so there are no limits.

What is a Referral Code on Cash App?

Your Cash App referral code is a seven-character code found on your account.

You can use your referral code to refer friends to the Cash App platform.

In return, you will receive a bonus of $5 for every successful referral.

In some cases, you could get up to $30 as a bonus, depending on your location, account status, and other factors. 

You can use a friend’s Cash App code to get a bonus to join the Cash App platform as a new user.

However, you can do more with your own code as the app allows you to send unlimited referrals to their platform.

Where is My Cash App Referral Code?

You will find your personal Cash App referral code in your Cash App account.

These codes usually allow users to receive $15 or $30 when they refer friends to join Cash App.

However, your Cash App referral code may earn you a different amount since these codes are randomly assigned depending on your location, account status, and other factors.

In addition, the Cash App referral code is not explicitly stated on the app.

Instead, you will find it where there is a text phrase that says something along the lines of “Invite friends, Get $30.”

If you are searching for your Cash App referral code, you will need to tap on the text phrase as we have explained above, and try sending the referral link to your contact’s phone or email address.

Typically, the referral code is the last part of the referral link.

For example, this Cash App referral link has the referral code “CTCJLPG” shown at the end of the hyperlink. 

Once, someone enters your personal Cash App referral code and they send $5 using the app, they will automatically receive the referral bonus.

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