The Devotion System Reviews – Is Amy North’s Program Legit? Read Before Buy!

The Devotion System Reviews – Is Amy North’s Program Legit? Read Before Buy!

The Devotion System Reviews: What is The Devotion System? Is Amy north’s online program really effective for women? Learn everything about this program in an unbiased review.

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What is The Devotion System?

The Devotion System is a comprehensive online program created by Amy North to provide women with simple steps, tips, and techniques to make any man fall hard for them and much better, dive into commitment and stay.

It covers men’s psychology, from their thoughts, and the questions of “why’s” women often get insecure about. Dating in the real world is scary, where there may be deception and hooking you into a web of lies, summer flings, and one-night stands.

The Devotion System will equip women with the powerful and necessary tools a woman would only ever need to make the relationship the only thing a man would ever ask for. 

Even those men who would initially say that do not want to be part of any commitment and are just here for a good time will just easily want you and fall heads over heels for you. Spare yourself from another heartbreak.  

Amy North is a relationship coach based in Canada. She mainly works with women – from finding the man of their dreams to keeping an intimate commitment to a relationship for the rest of their lives. 

Besides creating The Devotion System, she has also authored other books that she generously gives out as bonus gifts such as Textual Chemistry, Cheat-proofing Your Relationship, and Finding Love Online.

Amy North can also be found on YouTube with more than 200,000 subscribers and 10 million views. Her experiences throughout her years of being a relationship coach have been collectively reflected in this online program she calls The Devotion System.

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 How does The Devotion System program work?

The Devotion System works based on understanding how the mind of a man works and how we, as women, will know what to say and how should we say it. It contains practical and actionable tactics that women can do to make men love and appreciate them more. 

It uses timeless techniques and those that have been proven to be effective now in the modern dating world such as the Devotion Sequence phrases and approaches that will tap a man on his shoulder and keep him looking at you. 

The Devotion System consists of more than 240 pages split into 3 parts:  

Part 1: Letting Go and Moving On

This is the part of The Devotion System where it focuses on your relationship with yourself above all. It teaches you how to build yourself back and up to let go of those frustrations and insecurities, and left unhealed wounds from the past relationships you thought would have worked. Part 1 will allow you to let go of what keeps you in the past and start your future at love on the right foot. 

 Part 2: Men 101

Part 2 of The Devotion System contains the men’s psychology – what are their thoughts and how it affects their behavior towards you. It explains why men act the way they do and how you, as a woman, respond and behave around them. 

 Part 3: Stages of Love

The last and final part of The Devotion System collectively puts your learning from the first 2 parts as you will now be ready to apply them to make the man of your dreams be devoted to you. 

This contains the relationship advice and answers to your questions, even those you don’t even know you could ask about. The Devotion System like a medical list of signs and symptoms also provides you with possible warning signs for a failing relationship and indicators if a man is not the right man for you.

 Added with the ebook is access to a 13-part video training series and a 3-part adaptive quiz which will help you integrate and apply what you have learned in the program. 

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Amy North’s 3 Simple Steps

And if The Devotion System was not enough. Amy North provides 3 simple steps that most men don’t want you to know: 

Step 1: Forget Everything You Think You Know About Men

The sad truth is that most women haven’t the faintest idea of how the male brain actually works. Physiologically, the human brain has the part called the Limbic system which is in charge of how we process our emotions. This part is larger in women than men making us more in touch with our emotions. In order for men to be more sensitive to and with emotions, we have to be more open in communicating with them in a way that they can actually understand.  

Step 2: Make Him Know You Don’t Need Him

During this stage, you’ll use subtle tactics to make any man go crazy from the very thought of you. All of a sudden, he’ll be the one worrying about you where you’re into him and he’ll fight like a pitbull just to keep you by his side.  

Step 3: Plant a Seed of Devotion in his Mind

To force him to feel a frenzy of positive emotions whenever he’s around you, you need to use the Devotion Sequence explained comprehensively through The Devotion System.  

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Who is The Devotion System for? 

Three groups of women that are most likely to benefit from The Devotion System program are:

  • Those who are single and want to build their confidence in finding love
  • Those who have experienced problems in their relationship and have been heartbroken before
  • And Those who are in a relationship and want to make it better 

Benefits of The Devotion System 

While The Devotion System program would most likely be applicable for the group of women mentioned above, the program would be beneficial in the following ways to all women that love and wants to be loved: 

  •  The Devotion System follows a holistic approach covering self-awareness, men’s psyche, and how to make relationships work for a long time

  • The Devotion System puts emphasis on actual self-improvement as contained in the first main part of the program. It allows self-content and love in all aspects of life.

  • The Devotion System has been written and created to include the most intricate details to explain the concepts of the program

  • The Devotion System keeps an open mind for women to understand men better and how to treat them right. Aside from this, the program also warns women of potential red flags on men and failing relationships 

Because the online program is free for interpretation and each woman may have different points and views about themselves, men, and relationships, some concepts may still be understood and interpreted subjectively depending on the reader. 

The program cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness but is easily dependable and applicable as heard and read from various reviews of women online.  

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Price of The Devotion System:

From $310, Relaunching promo price is only $48.25 – 

only available for a limited time.

Bonus Gifts 

3 Bonus Books namely: Textual Chemistry, Cheat-proofing Your Relationship, and Finding Love Online are also being given away free with The Devotion System when you buy today.

 If combined with their separate prices, the whole program is priced at $394 but is now reduced to much lower over $48 only. You just have to purchase the program, sign up, and get access to all.  

If in any way The Devotion System is not working for you, is not getting you the man of your dreams falling hard head over heels for you on the next 60 days of your purchase, Amy North promises to give all your money-back 100% without asking even one single question. Just send an email and get a 100% refund. 

Since The Devotion System is an online program, it is available immediately after purchasing and signing up through their official website. Say goodbye to unnecessary shipping charges and processes. The program is just waiting for you. 

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How can 1 program make it so easy for a woman to make a man love her for the rest of their lives? It is made easier when a woman keeps an open mind in diving into this program.

The Devotion System makes you understand the dynamics of a relationship, how to keep the fire burning as the married couples always give advice, and how you would better see yourself in the light of relationships, building your self-confidence, and preparing you for the love you deserve. 

Through time-tested techniques of experiences and testimonies to new tips and tricks, love is not so hard to find after all. It will knock on your door by itself and ask you to stay. 

The only question left on the table is are you ready? Are you ready for someone to commit to you? Are you ready to meet the man you are destined for to make him dream and think about you all day long? Watch as a man’s heart melt with the purest form of love and attraction for you through The Devotion System. 

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