Hvn Sleep Pod Reviews (2022 Update) Is HvnSleep Pod Anti-Snoring Device Any Good?

Hvn Sleep Pod Reviews (2022 Update) Is HvnSleep Pod Anti-Snoring Device Any Good?

Sleep apnea describes a breathing disorder experienced during sleep. a considerably large number of persons suffer from this condition. While snoring may not be considered a serious medical disorder by some, it prevents both the person affected and persons sleeping close by from having a good night’s sleep.

The focus of this article is to introduce you to the reader to a revolutionary device, designed to help battle sleep apnea. The device uses TEENS technology and functions as a continuous positive airway pressure device to keep the airway patent during sleep.

The objectives of this article, therefore, include learning about what a Hvn sleep pod is, how to use the device, its working mechanism, features, benefits, pros, and cons, where to buy the device and for how much, customer reviews and frequently asked questions.

Similar to any clinical condition, a proper clinical history is crucial to the institution of an effective treatment method. With snoring problems, most of the people affected at one point or the other have tried their hands on various regimens, both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical with no measurable success.

Most treatment comes from suggestions from family members and friends who may have noticed the sleeping disorder. As for those who are in denial of having the disorder and think of it as something of no significant clinical relevance, it could persist as a lifelong chronic disorder

If you have been searching for a permanent and effective solution to this problem, then, it is safe to say that you may have reached your final bus stop for the search.

Today, the Hvn sleep pod is a highly celebrated device that has successfully brought to an end an age-long problem affecting a significantly large proportion of the population. The device is famous in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world for effectively solving the snoring problem.

While the diagnosis of sleeping apnea can be made at the hospital by the consulting doctor, there are tell-tale signs and symptoms which can be used to self-diagnose the condition. 

Sleep is essential for the body to recover from the day’s stress. Therefore, without a proper night’s sleep as a result of sleep apnea, one of the first noticeable symptoms is fatigue or tiredness during the day, a sign of insufficient rest.

Sleep apnea, depending on the degree, can equally keep you from sleeping at night, a condition known as insomnia. Insomnia is notorious for causing daytime headaches and can also potentiate a lack of interest in activity during the day.

Some of the symptoms of sleep apnea, noticeable to those around individuals who suffer from sleep apnea may also include gasping for air while at sleep, difficult breathing, and loud snoring which sometimes can keep others awake.

Of the symptoms of sleep apnea, the primary focus of the Hvn sleep pod is to help tackle the problem of snoring. So, sit back and learn more about this incredible device.

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What is the Hvn sleep pod

Snoring is one of the findings in individuals who suffer from sleep apnea. The other findings in individuals who suffer from sleep apnea include difficulty breathing while asleep, gasping for air, and insomnia. This condition may be a result of narrowing of the airway during sleep, causing forceful breathing and production of loud snoring noise.

As stated earlier, the treatment of a loud snoring problem is dependent on the underlying cause of the condition. A good clinical history can tell what the underlying cause of sleep apnea or snoring is and help tackle this appropriately.

The possible causes of snoring include both hereditary and non-hereditary causes. Let’s take a look at the none hereditary causes of snoring. 

Regarding the non-hereditary causes of snoring, it is important to note that the use of an Hvn sleep pod is an effective solution even for the non-hereditary cause of snoring. However, attempts should be made at avoiding these practices.

Heavy drinking

One of the most common nonhereditary causes of snoring is alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a mild sedative; its sedative properties were explored in the early days of medicine in surgical practice. Therefore, alcohol causes a deep state of sleep which may cause the individual to snore loudly.

Ideally, individuals who have noticed heavy snoring following alcohol consumption should put the comfort of their partners into consideration and abstain from drinking. Those having the worst night are not usually the ones snoring but those lying next to them who can not be helped even by ear plugs.

The use of a Hvn sleep pod after heavy drinking and anticipated loud snoring during the night which could keep sleep at bay for others is the most considerable thing to do if you are unable to stop such a drinking habit at the moment.

long and stressful day

Hvn sleep pod is recommended for use following a long day. individuals who seldom snore have been noted to do so after having a considerably hectic day, during which they were unable to get some rest.

After an exhausting day, you are most likely to have a fairly different sleeping pattern. Such sleep is usually deeper than the characters’ loss of self-awareness. In this state, the individual is prone to loud snoring from a deep state of unconsciousness. 

The recommended approach to the management of such a snoring disorder includes ensuring getting some rest during the day. however, if you were unable to achieve this, then consider making use of the Hvn sleep pod during such night. This will help spare the ears of your partner from the drumming noise of your snoring and allow for a better night’s rest for both you and others sharing the room.

Poor sleeping position

One of the most common causes of loud snoring is the position you assume while asleep. This is a diagnosable problem even by the affected individual. All that is needed is to pay closer attention to the position you assumed before sleeping and that in which you found yourself upon waking up.

Individuals who assume the same position and do not roll about, constantly changing position are unlikely to assume a bad position which causes snoring. 

Rather than subscribing to over-the-counter drugs for your snoring problems, make sure this is not a result of a bad sleeping position. Unlike pharmaceutical management, Hvn sleep pod is non pharmaceutical and therefore does not cause side effects seen with the use of drugs.

Aside from the non-hereditary, snoring has also been linked to hereditary causes. Therefore, it is of multifactorial etiology. Whatever the cause may be, hereditary or non-hereditary, the use of the Hvn sleep pod is well indicated in both conditions and will effectively stop the snoring.

The nasal passage as well as the anatomy of the mouth must also be considered as a possible cause of the snoring problem. Nasal congestion by mucous, depending on the severity may cause you not to be able to breathe easily via the nose. In this situation, you are more likely to breathe with the mouth wide open, which may cause loud snoring.

While it is important to have the nasal congestion treatment, in the meantime, the use of the Hvn sleep pod will ensure others do not have to suffer alongside you. 

Sleep deprivation is usually an unpleasant experience. When one is unable to sleep properly as a result of the loud snoring of their partner, this may not be taken lightly and could lead to serious consequences such as divorce.

In order not to become a nuisance to others, a snoring problem must be considered a serious health challenge, and valid steps such as the use of a Hvn sleep pod should be taken to resolve this.

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How to use the Hvn sleep pod

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use Hvn sleep pro

Step 1

Upon arrival, gently unpack the device and confirm the presence of other accessories such as the charger, electrode pads, and user manual.

Step 2

Charge the device using the magnetic charging base

Step 3

Download the sleep app and connect your smartphone through Bluetooth with the device.

Step 4

Apply the pad to a clean dry jaw and ensure it properly adheres to the skin. turn on the Hvn sleep pro before sleeping off. 

Check the record on the app upon waking up in the morning.

Hvn sleep pod working mechanism

Hvn sleep pod is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device with a design focus based on solving snoring problems and providing a better sleeping experience.

So, how does the device work to help those who snore to stop snoring? Once applied to the neck, the device acts intelligently to stimulate the muscles of the neck when the individual begins to snore. So, as soon as the device picks up on the snoring, it automatically begins to stimulate the neck muscles.

The stimulatory action of the device on these group of muscles, in turn, ease breathing and prevent snoring. It is a completely user-friendly device, designed using advanced technology. It equally has a sleek look too.

Considering the psychological impacts of snoring on the snore and others sharing the room, there is a great need for devices such as Hvn sleep pro which will help restore your self-esteem.

Some partners perhaps depending on how tolerable they are may be able to bear such annoying sleeping behavior. However, in most cases, this is not an easy thing to bear and may lead to unexplained hatred or rift in the relationship.

Without a good night’s rest, your partner is likely to wake up cranky and irritable. In such a state, unpleasant words could come out flying from their mouth to you, especially if the previous day was hectic or if they have a busy day ahead.

The claims of this device have come through several validation clinical trials which have proven it to be an effective solution soring problems irrespective of the underlying cause.

There is an overwhelming number of positive comments from its current users across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia as well as other parts of the world.

The high patronage enjoyed by the device can be attributed to several unique features enjoyed by it. Some of these include its effectiveness in curing snoring disorder after a short term of consistent usage, its affordability, and user-friendliness. Some of these features will be considered later in other parts of this article.

Features of Hvn sleep pod

Science and technology have gone far beyond what anyone would have thought to be possible. Today, with the aid of artificial intelligence, devices such as Hvn sleep pods can effectively stop snoring, one of the findings in sleep apnea, and assist the individual in achieving a better night’s rest.

Here are some of the features of the Hvn sleep pod which are its internet popularity and overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.


A considerable degree of comfort is desired while sleeping. So, even though you may be willing to solve your snoring problem, there is still a need for comfort. The portability of the Hvn sleep pod removes all forms of inconvenience during use. 

The device is also crafted and structured in a way that fits perfectly over the neck without causing overbearing pain or discomfort. It will be ironic to have a device designed to help you achieve better sleep, change roles, and cost you sleep.

Uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation technology

This technology allows for electrical stimulation of the neck muscles which brings about the cessation of snoring. Unlike when tapped by someone’s hand, this stimulation does not wake you up, but it is effective enough to stop the snoring.

Depending on the mood of the person sleeping next to you, a snorer could be tapped mildly or shaken vigorously to stop them from sleeping. When this happens, the tap will likely cause your eyes to become wide open and for sleep to continue to elude you.

So, rather than have an upset partner hit you had in the middle of the night as a result of hyper annoying loud snoring, it is more efficient to make use of Hvn sleep pro, which will stimulate your neck through electrical nerve signals but will not cause you to wake up.

Advanced sound recognition

Before pushing out the snoring sound, the device, which is designed with an advanced artificial intelligence technology can stop this from happening. Hvn sleep pod can therefore effectively serve as your sleep, partner. Unlike your human partner, this will not angrily tap you to stop snoring and will not wake you up from sleep.

When asked what the brain needs the most between sleep and food, what will be your answer? While some may favor food oversleeping, the brain needs rest to function properly as much as it needs food.

Your mood, level of comprehension, attention, intelligence, interest in activities, and other aspects of your personality is considerably affected by the quality of night sleep.

Sleep apnea reduces the quality of night sleep. if characterized by loud snoring, it equally compromises the sleep of others. interventional steps such as Hvn sleep pod do not involve the use of medications of any sort and are not invasive.

Mobile app

Hvn sleep pod has an app available on the apple store for iOS users and on play for android users. Goes by the name sleeps. The user-friendly manual of the Hvn sleep pod also contains a link for downloading the app. So, what is the essence of the app?

With the app installed on your phone, you will be apple to keep track of your sleep pattern and compare the current pattern with the former day’s pattern to analyze the progress made thus far.

While using the Hvn sleep pod, some may be doubtful about its therapeutic powers and may constantly wonder about their progress. There is, therefore, a need to learn about how close you are to completely treat your snoring problem. This made the manufacturers of the Hvn sleep pod come up with this app which allows you to have access to the record of your sleep pattern.

Bluetooth connection

Hvn sleep pod can be connected wirelessly over Bluetooth with your phone. With this connection, the sleepers app can be synchronized with the device to have updated data on your sleep pattern. The Bluetooth connection is seamless and hassle-free without needing numerous attempts.

Magnetic charging base

Charging of the device can be done virtually through its magnetic charging base. This allows you to be able to charge the device from where ever you are and at any time.

The electrode patch used on the skin of the neck is highly adhesive and will not fall off while asleep. This is a very important feature as many persons, especially those who snore tend to roll about at night, assuming various kinds of positions. 

The patch is equally hypoallergic and will not cause a skin rash or any other allergic skin reaction. It sits comfortably on the neck without creating incontinence, discomfort, or pain.

Pros and cons of Hvn sleep pod


  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • Portable
  • Overwhelming customer reviews
  • 50% discount offer
  • 30 days refund policy


  • not available in all countries of the world
  • limited stocks
  • not suitable for toddlers and infants


Where to buy the Hvn sleep pod and for how much

Hvn sleep pod is readily available at the official website of the manufacturer where it can be ordered. To make an order, you are simply required to enter some of your biodata such as name, email, and address. Payment can be made through various methods including the use of credit cards.

The company offers a 30 days warranty policy which allows a dissatisfied customer to return the product for a full refund or replacement. The product has to be unused and its original package and should be returned within 30 days after purchase.

Here Is the price breakdown based on the current 50% discount 

1 Hvn sleep pod $119.99

2 Hvn sleep pod $269.98

3 Hvn sleep pod $ 239.98

4 Hvn sleep pod $ 329.97

Although there is a retail shop out there where the product is also been marketed, the benefits of ordering directly from the official website include product quality assurance, discount offers, and a return policy.

Customer reviews of Hvn sleep pod

“Happy to buy the Hvn sleep pod for my husband. He has stopped snoring since using it and he said that it is comfortable and everything is easy to use. Highly recommend the product!”

Sophie Omaha, NE

“I bought this item recently and I can see how effective it is just after one day of use. It improved my sleep quite a bit. I feel better when waking up”

David S. 

Los Angeles, CA

“The most effective anti-snoring equipment I ever used. I was using two different kinds of anti-snoring products and they both didn’t work for me. My friend told me about the Hvn sleep pod so I tried it and now I love it. Great product for anti-snoring and bringing comfort to sleep!”

William R.

Albany, NY


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There is a limit to how long your partner can endure or cope with your loud snoring habit. Get a Hvn sleep pod today at an affordable cost and begin the journey of restoring your self-esteem.

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