How to increase your profit with an online ordering system for restaurants

How to increase your profit with an online ordering system for restaurants

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The booming growth of online food deliveries during the Covid-19 pandemic is historical. It’s simply a game changer for the business. According to, in the US alone, 60% of consumers order delivery once a week, with 31% using third-party delivery services at least two times a week. One third of online food orders start at a minimum of $50.

Does it sound tempting already?

If so far you’ve preferred selling the traditional way, you might feel intimidated by this whole online delivery method. However, for successful entrepreneurship you have to keep up with the trends and even be on top of these, meeting your clients with improved services.

Therefore, how do you get online and make more profit as a restaurant owner?

Food delivery has just gotten easier

The key, as shown by recent trends, is to introduce an online ordering system: the faster your clients reach you, the more successful you will be. So, if you are a restaurant owner, in this article you will discover the benefits of an online ordering system and how impactful it can be for your business. Gain visibility and expand your client list with an online ordering system for your restaurant, alongside a good restaurant website builder and Social Media optimization. That’s what is going to help you right now.

5 great benefits of having an online ordering system

We love ordering food at home: it’s simple, rewarding and, in many cases, it’s fast. If we do it via an app instead of picking up the phone and calling the restaurant, it gets even easier. The most successful restaurants of the world have already implemented an online ordering system and reap the benefits of its countless advantages. So… why should it be any different for you?

1. Expanding your visibility instantly

Your online presence should be your main visibility source in 2022. Forget about tiresome and expensive advertising. In any case, if your business is of recent date, it may be hard to compete against the existing entrepreneurs that already have a good reputation and seniority on the market.

2. Managing the ordering process with more ease

Placing your orders on paper could be not only harmful, but may also lead to errors, such as tangled or forgotten orders. Of course, these are only a few examples and you can avoid them by choosing to use a free ordering app/system, with a simple setup. With it, you can update your restaurant menu anytime, with great ease and without relying on someone to do it for you. Plus, you can add irresistible promos to attract new customers and retain old ones, as well as drive customers to increase cart value. Paired with an efficient restaurant menu builder, with a simple and fast checkout that enables customers to place food orders in just a few moments, it can leave your competitors behind and tremendously boost your online sales.

On the other hand, an online ordering system will help you prevent losing clients for such reasons and also help you showcase the variety of discounts or/and dishes available.

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3. Increasing your orders

When you are new in town, restaurant promotions, discounts or gifts could attract more people to place an order. Taking orders only by phone or directly at the restaurant reception may be an inconvenient because the line is sometimes busy or the serving space is limited. On the other hand, an online ordering system will help you prevent losing clients for such reasons and also help you showcase the variety of discounts or/and dishes available.

4. No more waiting and no delays!

Some people cannot even stand to wait for 5 minutes for their food. Do you think you can make those your clients? Sure you can. Unbelievable as it may sound, it is now possible to eliminate all waiting. It’s GloriaFood that helps you do that. The restaurant pre-ordering app enables clients to place an order ahead of its due time – for example they can order now and opt to receive their food tomorrow, exactly at the time set for their lunch break. It’s a most useful feature that simply cancels all waiting times and all annoying delays. Food is ready when your customers are ready. The app is really easy to set up – simply fill in your restaurant profile, add the Order button to your website (it is highly visible and appealing), download the order-taking app on your phone and you can receive orders within minutes. You can watch a step-by-step video by searching “Free Online Ordering System for Restaurants by GloriaFood” on Youtube.

5. A more pleasant experience for everyone 

Hungry customers dread waiting – we’ve all been there. Unfortunately, most people tend to get hungry at about the same time, every day. There are certainly very crowded hours. You need an ordering platform that can be accessed at any given time – e.g. orders can be placed at midnight for the breakfast ahead. Thus, your team will know the times in advance and will know how to handle and prioritize each customer. In turn, customers will be pleased with such approach – they will no longer have to wait until their order gets processed. Instead, they can be sure to have the meal at the time they decided. With GloriaFood app one may also book a table ahead and choose what they’ll be eating, let’s say, the next day at 9:30.

Tips and tricks to grow your restaurant profit with an ordering app

Already decided to integrate an ordering app? That’s great! Let us show you other tips and tricks that you can use to achieve amazing results.

  • Stay connected

In order to never miss an order, stay connected and keep your app open at all times. Each order needs to be confirmed. Also, keep this recommendation in mind if you choose GloriaFood: for your convenience and for flawless functioning, it’s best to access it from a smartphone or a tablet.

  • Offer different payment solutions

Not everyone likes to pay cash on delivery in 2022. Clients may have a preference on how to make the payment, so you need to meet their needs. Make sure you use well known payment processors and offer transparency concerning all the costs involved.

  • Don’t forget about commercial promotions

Marketing is an important tool for your progress. A good way to do this is to introduce special offers with regularity, for new and old clients that will use the ordering system: free meals or drinks, 1+1 promotion, 20% off discounts etc. With GloriaFood you can add multiple promos at the top of your menu with mouth-watering images, thus making it easier for customers to order more and increase cart value. In addition, with GloriaFood you have access to a wide range of stock photos, so you can keep on making your menu attractive. Remember to use an image for every food item that you add to your menu.

  • Use flyers in creative ways

Your business can draw even more customers if you make use of the flyer templates provided by GloriaFood. It would be a great idea to place these in your delivery bags or alongside takeaway orders. Clients might share their meal with someone or find themselves in a group of friends. Thus, your advertising could easily reach more people. Always think of people’s habits. Flyers should be spread intensely within the restaurant’s area, but you may also take these to the neighboring areas. Keep on spreading the word, as some people love to explore the city and find new gems. Make sure you’re using recycled paper.

That being said, remember that a satisfied customer could lead to dozens or hundreds of new ones. Thus, every lead is a precious one. Therefore, improve your success by taking into consideration all the tips given today.

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