Top 10 Hardest Languages to Learn for English Speakers

Top 10 Hardest Languages to Learn for English Speakers

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More than 7100 languages are spoken in the world right now. Some are spoken widely and some are not. If we think about the hardest language in the world, the very first language that comes to our mind is Chinese Mandarin. Although it seems to be the hardest language to learn, it is also the most widely spoken native language all over the world. Following Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese rank second and third place. 

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Top 10 Hardest Languages

After some research, we find that Mandarin Chinese is the hardest language to learn though it is widely spoken all over the world. Then we have Arabic in second place. In the third position, there is Japanese. The fourth and the fifth place has been taken by the Korean and the Vietnamese. To know more top 10 hardest languages to learn read below.

1. Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the toughest language to learn. The writing system is the first reason for being the hardest language to learn. To learn Mandarin, thousands of special characters should be memorized. Its pronunciations are also very hard to learn. It has four tones meaning 1 word in 4 four different tones have their own meanings.

2. Arabic 

Next is the Arabic language, which also ranks in the top 5 most spoken languages in the world. It is a language with non-Latin alphabets and has 28 script letters. Writing and reading in Arabic is done from right to left. Some of the Arabic articulations might also seem unfamiliar and the grammar is very challenging.

3. Japanese 

Japanese is the third toughest language to learn. Over 120 million people speak this language in the world. It has 3 independent writing systems. Sentence structure, dozens of dialects, and thousands of kanji characters make the Japanese language a complex language.

4. Korean

Korean is another tough language to learn. Actually, you can say the trickiest language. Over 75 million people speak this language. Because of sentence structure, complex grammar rules, own alphabet, and pronunciation, it is pretty challenging. Memorizing 24 letters and their proper pronunciation makes it very hard to learn. 

5. Vietnamese

For English speakers, this language to learn will be very difficult. Around 95 million people speak this language. It has its own vowels, syllables, and system of consonants. Vietnamese is a tonal language. 

6. Thai

It is one of the most difficult languages to learn for Westerners. 60 million people speak this language all over the world. The Thai language consists of 5 vocal tones and has its own alphabets. There are no spaces between the words, letters, and sentences. The Thai alphabet itself consists of 32 vowels, 44 consonants, and 6 diphthongs. 

7. Hungarian

Hungarian grammar is the hardest grammar for English speakers. Around 10.5 million people speak Hungarian as their mother tongue all over the world. It consists of 26 different cases. There are cultural overtones that make it very difficult to learn. 

8. Hindi

Over 528 million people speak the Hindi language. Hindi writing is very difficult. Each character represents a consonant and vowel combination, making it difficult to learn. The pronunciation is very different from any other language. 

9. Russian

Russian is a very famous European language. Over 150 million speakers all over the world speak this language. It is very hard to learn because of the gender system, different grammatical rules, intricate cases, and novel writing systems. It is very easy to make errors in pronunciation and spelling in this language while learning.  

10. Serbian 

Around 7.4 million people speak Serbian all over the world. It is the last one on our list of hardest languages to learn. Its grammatical rules are much more complex than any other language. You will have to learn a new alphabet to learn it. This is even more challenging than the Arabic for English speakers. 


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