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Best Earwax Removal Kit Reviews 2022 – What is the safe & effective earwax removal on the market? How do you remove stubborn ear wax at home? Learn everything in this review!

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Best Earwax Removal Kit

Earwax is a natural substance that is produced by the glands of your skin and is found in the outer ear of the canal. Earwax is usually yellowish in color and is sticky. 

However, in worst cases, accumulated earwax can look black or dark in color. It tends to harden and create a block in the outer canals of your ears. 

Because of the buildup of earwax, it makes it harder for you to hear and blocks out the vibrations that you should be hearing.

Signs of wax buildup include pain, itching, irritation, the feeling of fullness in the ear, difficulty of hearing, dizziness, ringing in the ear, tinnitus, reflex cough, or hearing loss.

There are numerous ways you can clear your ear wax and some of these are home treatments that are cost-friendly, safe, and easy. 

It is not necessary for a doctor or professional healthcare to be the one to remove the earwax, adults are more than capable of doing the procedures using different earwax removal kits available.

Earwax is produced naturally by both children and adults. While it may be tempting to remove the wax, doing so might cause your child’s ears to get damaged.

It’s recommended to contact a physician if you feel your child has earwax accumulation or a blockage. 

During routine ear exams, your child’s doctor may discover extra wax and remove it as required. 

You should also ask your child’s doctor to examine their ears for wax accumulation if you detect them poking their finger or other things in their ears out of frustration.

In adults, earwax might be an issue. Some individuals may ignore wax accumulation until it causes hearing loss.

In fact, earwax accumulation is the leading cause of conductive hearing loss in older persons. Sounds are muted as a result. A wax obstruction might also be caused by a hearing aid.

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Why do you need an Earwax Removal Kit?

When removing earwax, it is unsafe to use a bobby pin are similar objects. It is not advisable to use sharp objects when removing the earwax. 

Cotton buds are perfect for light everyday cleaning but it does not remove the earwax buildup in the outer canals of your ears. 

You will need an earwax removal kit for more efficient cleaning. There are no current available methods to prevent buildups of earwax but there are methods for safely removing it. 

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Types of Earwax Removal Kits

There are different types of earwax removal kits on the market. You can easily find these sold in local pharmacies or in online stores like Amazon. 

Your choice of which earwax removal kit to use is all up to you. It is best to introduce yourself to the variations of earwax removal kits you can use and choose which works best for you.

Ear Candling:

This type of earwax removal kit has gained popularity through social media platforms. This kit involves the process of placing a hollow candle that is made from a fabric tube soaked in beeswax. 

The ear candle is inserted in your outer ear canal and you are then asked to burn it. When burning, the tube creates a suction force that removes the wax from the ears. 

Unfortunately, recent studies have identified that this traditional way of removing earwax is not safe for the health

Ear Candling also increases the risks of ear infections. It is not as efficient compared to the rest of the earwax removal kits sold on the market today.

Hydrogen Peroxide + Syringe bulbs:

This is one of the safest and most recommended earwax removal kits. It does not need a doctor or healthcare professional for you to use it. 

The hydrogen peroxide works as an earwax softener that can make it easier for the earwax to be removed. 

Once softened, you can use the syringe bulb to extract the earwax. This type of earwax removal kit is available in your local pharmacies and is very affordable too.

Irrigation and Washer Bottle System:

This is a type of earwax removal kit that does not use a syringe or a candle. It uses a simple mechanism using a spray bottle and three disposable tips. 

It is one of the easiest earwax removal kits to use. It does not damage the ears or provide harmful effects on the user. 

This earwax removal kit is also cost-friendly because you don’t have to buy the whole kit when you want to clean your eyes again. 

Instead, it will only require you to purchase the disposable tips it uses.

Ear Drops Removal Aid:

Another earwax removal kit is in the form of ear drops. It is formulated with carbamide peroxide that when dropped to the ear, creates a fizzing and cracking sound with a foamy texture. 

The formula of the ear drops alone is already powerful enough to efficiently clean the earwax buildup in your outer canal.

Home Remedies:

Other home remedies that can also work as an earwax removal kit are baby oil, saline, glycerin, acetic acid, almond oil, mineral oil, and rectified camphor oil. 

These ingredients are easily found at home and there are tons of videos and articles demonstrating to you how to properly remove the earwax buildup

In full transparency, these home remedies are actually not equally effective when compared to earwax removal kits that can be purchased.

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When to Contact a Doctor?

When you have used an earwax removal kit but were not able to do it successfully or if you have used the earwax removal kit but there is still the feeling of discomfort or pain, these can be symptoms of earwax blocked in worse conditions. 

Some of the signs you need to contact a doctor are:

  • the feeling of fullness in the ear
  • earache
  • reduced or muffled hearing
  • hearing loss
  • pain in the middle ear
  • impaired hearing
  • wet ear
  • fluid drainage
  • inflammation

If you notice any of these symptoms happening to you, you might be experiencing ear infections. 

It is best to make an appointment and consult your healthcare professional about this to prevent worsening conditions. 

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How often should I clean my ears?

According to studies, it is recommended to have your ears thoroughly cleaned every 6 to 12 months, depending on your environment or skin. 

Earwax conditions might not be as bad when compared to other people because it depends on their lifestyle and environment. Just to be sure, it’s best to use earwax removal kits once or twice a year.

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What earwax removal kit to use?

Removing your earwax is easy however, with all the different products that work as an earwax removal kit, it can be hard to choose which one works best for you. 

We suggest checking and reading more about the type of earwax removal kit you want to use before purchasing.

There are a number of videos that show how each earwax removal kit was used. It is best to study the procedure first and compare it to the rest of the available earwax removal kits. 

This is best for each person who has a preference. While some prefer just using ear drops, some might also prefer the irrigation system. 

This is because the methods of each earwax removal kit are different from one another. It is best to choose the earwax removal kit that you are most comfortable with.

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