5 Quick Tips for Finding the Right Shade of Clip-In Extensions

5 Quick Tips for Finding the Right Shade of Clip-In Extensions

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Undoubtedly, hair is among the most valuable assets for many people worldwide, with several folks investing in high-quality wigs to enhance their look. However, having the best cut, design, and style will not matter if the colors of the extension and your natural hair do not match. The wefts will be evident to the eyes as they won’t blend, failing their very purpose.

Fortunately, the best thing about clip in extensions is that they seamlessly merge with natural hair when you choose the perfect shade and install it properly. They can enhance volume, add style, and help users get through bad hair days with ease.

Those who are yet to buy these variants for the first time will find the following information beneficial. It is a concise list of practical tips to choose the best shade for your natural hair, ensuring the wefts blend beautifully with them.

Ensure the ends match

It is critical to match the hair extensions to the point where your natural hair ends, as this is where the artificial ones continue adding length. If the colors do not match, it will be evident that you are wearing extensions to onlookers. Besides looking out of place, they may mar your overall look.

For instance, if you have naturally blonde hair with some dark shades underneath, you must pick wefts that carry these tones. Ideally, it is advisable to add a bit of every shade of your natural hair to the wigs as it can bring excellent dimensions to your tresses.

Consider toning the extension

Sometimes, you may not find a suitable color match for your locks, making it challenging to hide the clips in the artificial installation. In such cases, you can color the extension and make it compatible with your exact hair shade. However, note that it is best to allow professionals to do this as it requires high-quality toners and expertise to do the task correctly.

If you look for an online retailer who deals in top-quality wigs, the chances of finding the right shade will be higher.

Buy extra wefts

If you are unsure about two different shades and cannot bring yourself to decide which would suit your mane best, consider purchasing both. For example, natural and sunset blonde shades may seem the same to most folks, although they are two different colors. But once you have the extensions in hand, you can try them both on and check which looks more natural.

You can always return the other wig or change the tone to the one that works best for your look. Find trustworthy stores that accept quick returns, provide reasonably-priced or free shipping, and offer guides on how to use and care for your extensions.

Send in pictures of your natural hair

Reputable online stores offer valuable guidance and advice on matching clip in extensions to your natural hair. Part of their process is to collect a few clear pictures from their clients that distinctly depict the color of their tresses. They employ professional stylists who can determine which color and style best suit your look, ensuring your first purchase is hassle-free and memorable.

So, if you are confused by all the endless shades on their website, seeking their help may be the best way forward.

Other things to consider

It is vital to purchase wefts of the most suitable length as they will look most genuine on you, blending exceptionally well with your natural locks. Texture matters, too, with options ranging from poker straight and curly to deeply wavy and voluminous. Moreover, determine if you wish to use natural or synthetic hair extensions, depending on the frequency of use, cost, maintenance requirements, etc.

Finally, the style is pivotal, too, as these features are responsible for enhancing the overall look by a vast margin. For instance, those with thin hair can choose wefts with great volume and bounce, adding excellent mass and dimensions to the hair.

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