How to Get Residence Permit in Portugal: Essential Info to Learn

A residence permit in Portugal for non-EU citizens is an outstanding opportunity to travel across the territories of the EU, opt for a favorable taxation system, and take advantage of other benefits. The program currently available for individuals and businessman is tightly related to investing some money in the development of the local economy. Similar programs can also be found in other countries.

How to Get a Residence Permit in Portugal

Getting a residence permit in Portugal requires going through several essential steps. Before submitting an application to get a temporary residence permit in Portugal, a candidate should obtain comprehensive info on the expenses to cover, documents to provide, and other essential requirements. The experts from Immigrant Invest have collected all the relevant info on the topic, which will be useful to check out, including numbers and facts –

Portugal Temporary Residence Permit Requirements

Portugal residence permit by investment comes with a set of requirements. The primary one is investing money in one of the following:

  • Real estate purchase
  • Investment fund
  • Culture and art

It is also possible to make a capital transfer or open a company. The amount of a transaction depends on the type of investment. For example, the status can be obtained by those who purchase a new property for at least 500 thousand euros.

Buying property in Portugal to get a residence permit is possible for just 280 thousand euros if it is located in a low populated area. Each of the options comes with a range of conditions essential to considering. To avoid making mistakes and ensure that the relevant application will be approved without any issues, candidates are recommended to opt for professional help.

According to the specialists of Immigrant Invest, such a Portuguese program is one of the most favorable in the EU (source – However, it is also recommended to check out other options available.

Other Essential Requirements

Investment according to the requirements is not everything needed to comply with the existing requirements. The other conditions include:

  • Being over 18 years of age.
  • Having a clean criminal record.
  • Having a legal source of income.

Portugal Temporary Residence Permit Benefits

While the program has relatively favorable conditions compared to other similar programs for non-EU nations, the amount of money required is not small, so the program is not affordable for everyone. Therefore, it is essential to clearly understand all the benefits that a person and their family can opt for by joining it.

They include:

  • No need for a visa to travel within the EU and Schengen zones.
  • Being eligible to work in the country.
  • Taking advantage of the local educational system.
  • The ability to use the local healthcare system.
  • Access to unemployment support.
  • Benefiting from a favorable taxation system.


As a holder of a Portugal residence permit card, you can access various amazing benefits that are not available for non-EU citizens. It is a great opportunity for individuals and business owners alike. It is essential to pick the right option for investment to ensure the most benefits. Also, in case of any mistake in the application, the procedure can be delayed. Therefore, hiring a professional team who can help you go through all the peculiarities of such a procedure is highly recommended.

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